Something For The Weekend? When I Think Of You – Janet Jackson

A little something to get you dancing this weekend.

Something For The Weekend
When I Think Of You – Janet Jackson

Year Released: 1986

Peak chart positions


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This is what’s got me dancing this weekend. Why not join me?

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15 thoughts on “Something For The Weekend? When I Think Of You – Janet Jackson

  1. I thought, I knew all the releases of Janet Jackson during the 80s but this one was new to me. Thanks for sharing and have a nice weekend, Hugh.

    1. I’m glad to have bought it to you then, Erika. My favourite of all her tracks.

      Hope you’re staying safe with all those floods in your part of the world? Take care.

      1. And I totally understand why you like it that much!
        Thank you for asking, Hugh. We are fine. But only 45 minutes towards central Switzerland the flooddings begin. It is crazy.

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