Something For The Weekend? Firework – Katy Perry

A little something to get you dancing this weekend.

Something For The Weekend
Katy Perry – Firework

Year Released: 2010

Peak chart positions


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This is what’s got me dancing this weekend. Why not join me?

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Author: Hugh W. Roberts

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25 thoughts

  1. Typically I’m not too fond of Katy Perry, but this one is awesome. The video is also superb.

        1. We are still standing Hugh . Good for us . Words aren’t perfect but this song gets our meaning .

          Thank you for your support as ever💜

    1. I think the video and the words to this song are amazing, Clive. They send out a message that goes a long way in helping many people who lack self-confidence. I especially love the story of the girl by the swimming pool. I got goosebumps listening while watching the video.

    1. Wow! I’m impressed how a song got you to a concert, Jim. I hope you all enjoyed it? I think it’s an incredible song. The words have a great message and are amazing. The video is also wonderful. Makes you feel good.

      1. that’s what attracted me to the song – the words. I also think they have a great message. The show was a disappointment; I don’t know most of her work, and I just kept waiting for Firework. Unfortunately, it was the last show of the night…

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