Something For The Weekend? In The Navy – Village People

A little something to get you dancing this weekend.

Something For The Weekend
In The Navy – Village People
In The Navy – Village People

Year Released: 1979

Peak chart positions


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20 thoughts on “Something For The Weekend? In The Navy – Village People

    1. Yes, it was a tough choice to make as to which one of the two to play today, Pete. However, given how many copies it sold worldwide, it seems most of the population likes it too.

    1. As I said to Clive, I’ve never enjoyed the comedy of Billy Connolly, Willow. My partner doesn’t like Rowan Atkinson, so I guess we all have our ‘lemon’s (as I call them). 😁

        1. No, not at all. Willow. I’ve just never liked the comedy of Billy Connolly. But, given that the record sold millions of copies, I think it shows how much it was liked. And I still enjoy it when it gets played on the radio.

  1. Blimey, Hugh, this is one of those records that demonstrated how bad chart music had become by the late Seventies! I preferred Billy Connolly’s take on it tbh 😂

    1. Billy Connolly killed this song, Clive. I blame it all on him. I’ve never been able to watch him. Max Boyce was far better. But, being Welsh, I would say that. 😁

      1. I think he gave it exactly what it deserved! And being neutral, my vote would go to him over Max Boyce every time. Sorry 😂

    1. Grrrr, don’t you just hate it when the video does not play? I’ve added another one, Jim. If it doesn’t play in your part of the world, then at least you know the song.

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