Something For The Weekend? I Heard A Rumour – Bananarama

A little something to get you dancing this weekend.

Something For The Weekend
Bananarama – I Heard A Rumour

Year Released: 1987

Peak chart positions


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This is what’s got me dancing this weekend. Why not join me?

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16 thoughts on “Something For The Weekend? I Heard A Rumour – Bananarama

  1. I think 1987 must be the year I was taken aboard an alien spaceship Hugh as I haven’t heard this one before.. Or maybe as I hadn’t been married too long then I was still hearing all my own music. And yet, a quick reminder of that year tells me I hard and enjoyed. T’Pau, The Bee Gees, Rick Astley, Whitney Houston, Starship, Ben E King, George Michael and Aretha Franklin (RIP to both) and even Boy George doing his version f an old Ken Boothe song I love. Of course the aliens might have had a radio?
    Huge Hugs

    1. Lol, it’s probably not as well known as some of their other hits, David. Between 1982 and 1989, they had nine top 10 hits in the UK, although this one made the top 10 in the USA – a far harder nut to crack when it comes to British female groups getting in the singles charts.
      Weekend hugs to you.

    1. The girls always had great fun making the videos to their hit singles, Clive. It never mattered that they were one of the most successful British girl groups. And they are still going strong and were touring until the pandemic struck.

      1. You can see that, Hugh, and it’s always good to see a band enjoying themselves. I didn’t realise they were still going: I guess the dance moves are a little more sedate now…

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