Playing With The Dog #WordlessWednesday #Photography

Wordless Wednesday – Allow your photo(s) to tell the story.

Photo of a Welsh Cardigan Corgi in a field with a tennis ball in its mouth.
Playing With The Dog

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32 thoughts on “Playing With The Dog #WordlessWednesday #Photography

    1. When we got our oldest Corgi 10 years ago, they were a vulnerable breed in the UK. That year, only 96 pups born in the UK. Although no longer on the vulnerable breeds list, they are not far off it.

    1. Austin loves chasing and fetching his tennis ball, Terri. Whereas Toby gets fed up with chasing a ball after a few minutes. But they both love going out for walks and play. I think I live for these moments too.

        1. When he was younger, Toby loves chasing empty kitchen and toilet rolls. He even used to chase two rolled-up socks. Now it seems to be all about ‘gentle pace’ with him. I’m with him on that.

  1. Oh my goodness Hugh – how adorable is he?!??! I have a very good friend on Kiawah who adores corgis and has had several including Monty, her current pup. I shall forward this one to her.

    1. This is Austin, Tina. He’s four years old. We have another corgi, Toby, who is 10 this year. They are so loyal and loving but have different personalities. Such a shame that corgis are a dying breed in the UK. Thank you so much for sharing the picture of Austin with your friend.

    1. Austin lives for playing fetch with a tennis ball. That ball is more important to him than food. He would play all day chasing and fetching. Whereas Toby is like Maya and gets fed up after a few throws.

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