Spring Green #WordlessWednesday #Photography

Wordless Wednesday – Allow your photo(s) to tell the story.

Venus Flytrap
Eyes of the cat
Tree Moss

Linking to The Sunday Stills Photo Challenge hosted by Terri Webster Schrandt: Theme: Spring Green

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28 thoughts on “Spring Green #WordlessWednesday #Photography

  1. Children’s book, nothing! Hugh. The Venus Fly Trap sounds like your next spooky story! What a fun post! Next week is the theme of Sunday Stills is “Respect the Cat” on my blog. Your green-eyed statue would be a perfect fit. 🙂

    1. It would have been perfect for the challenge, Marsha. I’m allergic to cats so don’t have any pictures of real ones. I have to stay well clear of them. They seem to like me, though.

    1. I don’t know anyone who has grown a Venus flytrap, Diana. In fact, I’ve never seen the seeds for them either. But they have to come from somewhere. I wonder if you’re advised to wear some thick gardening gloves when planting them?

  2. Wonder if it’s weird to say I love tree moss, Hugh? I always think it a sign of clean air. The cat would have freaked our daughter’s dog out – much as the Venus Fly Trap does me. LOL x

  3. Spring has certainly sprung, Hugh, if the green gleam in the cat’s eyes are any indication! What lovely greens! Forgive this if I already mentioned it, but I’m commenting today from inside our new home!

    1. Congratulations, Terri. That’s marvellous news. Hope your first night was good. When we moved to our current new home (5 years ago next month), we slept well the first night. I remember thinking about how dark it was. Previously, we’d always lived in the centre of a town or city. Do you already have wifi, or are you using your phone for a wifi signal?

      1. Thank you, Hugh! We did sleep well our first night, even on the airmattress. It is dark here too, being rural. Only the distant lights of far away neighbors gave us some. Deer walked by the last two mornings. No wifi yet but yes, I’m using the phone data to comment and read!

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