Something For The Weekend? Laura Branigan – Gloria

A little something to get you dancing around the house this weekend.

Laura Branigan – Gloria

Year Released: 1982

Peak chart positions


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41 thoughts on “Something For The Weekend? Laura Branigan – Gloria

      1. I’m that bit older, so for me it was the 60s and the early to mid 70s, but I guess we all have our favourite times. You’ll enjoy Sky Arts at 9pm tonight 😊

        1. It’s available on Freeview if you don’t have Sky or Now TV. As long as it’s in your area, of course. Fingers crossed!

        2. It’s on Ch 11 here. Hope you can receive it, as I know not all Freeview programmes are available in all areas 🤞

        3. Now there’s a bonus! I have BT TV but that isn’t part of my package – I get it through Now TV instead. So much to watch!

        1. What a shame you can’t view it. I expect it will happen with some of the other videos I have lined up for this feature. But hopefully, some of them will play for you. I hope so.

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