Something For The Weekend? Leif Garrett – I Was Made For Dancin’

A little something to get you dancing around the house this weekend.

Something For The Weekend?
Leif Garrett – I Was Made For Dancin’

Release date: 1978

Highest chart positions


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44 thoughts on “Something For The Weekend? Leif Garrett – I Was Made For Dancin’

  1. I remember this song very well Hugh it was played a great deal in the latter part of 1979 when I was living in Wales and the radio was my only entertainment as I was working in a hotel and rarely finished much before midnight.. I remember dancing around to it in my little flat.. great share..xxhugs

    1. Such happy memories, Sally. I often look back and think of those times as the good old days. 1978 saw me on the verge of a life-changing event. And this song acts as a great reminder.

      1. No, Hugh, I always had two left feet! And I was more into folk and rock music than disco and pop. It made for some interesting discussions with my now ex-wife, as we only had a narrow range in common in our musical tastes!

        1. Your comment reminds me of the Top of the Pops 1978 programme on BBC2 last night, which compared how appearing on the show was viewed differently by performers and how they treated the programme, Clive. Did you watch it? If not, it’s an interesting look back at how the show was produced. Leif wasn’t on it, but I was amazed by some of the acts that were. It was a great look back. I was more into disco that rock music.

        2. I didn’t see the programme but will seek it out. I’d probably given up watching it much in those days, though – it was the Old Grey Whistle Test for me 😊

      1. Yes indeed they are great and a few of them still singing! As for Liam and Noel I don’t think they were ever “in the mood for dancing” unless it was on eachother’s heads 🤣💜💜

  2. That song was new to me – and the video really reflects a lot of the end of 70s culture trends – not just in music hits but those clothes too

    1. Oh, yes, I agree. I wish I still had my flares and platform shoes. When I look at what vintage clothes buyers will pay for them now, I’d be able to buy myself a whole new wardrobe.

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