Steps #WordlessWednesday #Photography

Wordless Wednesday – Allow your photo(s) to tell the story.

Leafy steps
Spiral steps

Linking to the Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #136: Theme: Subjects starting with the letter ‘S’

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55 thoughts on “Steps #WordlessWednesday #Photography

  1. These photos are so eerie yet so beautiful, especially that winding staircase.
    The picture with those leaves look amazing too, wonderful colour contrast!
    Great job!!

  2. Hi, Hugh. This is a great idea for the challenge. You’re the first one to think of stairs! I especially like that first shot–the colors and the atmosphere.

    1. I’m glad I’ve come up with something not already thought of, Patti. These kind of challenges are always great to be part of. I love being challenged to come up with something nobody else thinks of.
      Thanks so much.

  3. Hugh, I will have to go with the spiral one as it has a hand railing and will be easier for me to use and get to the top and as mentioned in another comment, those slippery leaves will not work for me and I may just land at the bottom time and time again.

    1. Those autumn leaves lead to somewhere back in time — the spiral ones to a time where time does not exist. I’m getting lots of creative ideas for stories from all these comments.

  4. Oh I love these photos, Hugh! We don’t see stone spiral stairs here (certainly not like the one in your photo)! And the leaves on the steps remind me so much of delightful Fall days. Wonderful, dear Hugh, and stories indeed! Cher xoxoxo

    1. Thank you, Cher. The spiral stairs are in a park not far from where I live. I was rather shocked to have discovered them. Many lost souls at the top, though, because whoever climbs those steps can never come back down.

      1. Are they, Hugh? Yes, that would be a shock to suddenly discover them close to where you live. Say, I wonder if the two staircases could be related in a story with what you brilliantly mentioned! Someone carefully walks down the leaf-covered stairs, only to be led directly up the spiral stairs, with nowhere to turn! 😉 Hhhmmmm….. Cher xoxoxo

  5. Both quite strange but I would choose the spiral. The stairs don’t appear to go anywhere and I would slip on those wet leaves. The spiral at least has a rail to hang onto, a lot less steps than many of the spiral steps I have climbed in my life and it might be a good view.

    1. The stories those steps could tell just from the people who have walked up them, Judith. There’s no coming back once you climb the spiral one, though. In fact, walk up that one, and there’s never an ending.

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