How To Find And Use The Secret Button On Your iPhone

Did you know that the Apple iPhone has a secret button that most owners see every day, but didn’t know existed?

Where is the secret button?

It’s the Apple logo on the back on your iPhone.

How To Find And Use The Secret Button On Your iPhone

How do I setup and use the Apple logo as a button?

Follow these simple instructions to activate the button and set it up for a function you want quick access to on your iPhone. For these instructions, I’m going to set it up to get instant access to the control centre on my iPhone.

Note: Will only work on the iPhone 8 and later models.

  • Ensure you have the latest version of IOS (at the time of writing this post, IOS 14.4).
  • Click on Settings
Click on Settings
  • Click on Accessibility
Click on Accessibility
  • Click on Touch
Click on Touch
  • Click on Back Tap (to turn it on).
Back Tap
  • Click on Double or Triple Tap
Double or triple tap
  • Chose which function you want to open when tapping the Apple logo. You can choose one for double tapping and another function when triple tapping the logo. In my case, I’m choosing Control Centre when double tapping the Apple logo.
Select which function you want to assign to the button
  • The Apple logo button is now set up to work when double or triple tapping on it. Here’s what I see after double tapping the Apple logo on the back of my iPhone.
Control Centre
  • This also works if you have a silicone protective cover on your iPhone (like I do).

Do you know who has access to the details on your iPhone and iPad? Check out Rob’s post, Privacy Review, on his blog – Rob’s Tech Talk.

Any questions about this post? Don’t hesitate to leave them in the comments section.

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49 thoughts on “How To Find And Use The Secret Button On Your iPhone

  1. Hi Hugh Thank you so much for linking this to #Senisal. I love reading your tips. I tried this as instructed and now as some of the others also mentioned, need to decide which of the choices to link to. Thank you again for sharing.

  2. You are a wealth of information Hugh! Now I just have to decide which function I need instant access to. I wish I could teach it to make coffee. 😁

  3. Hi Hugh, That is a great tip and one that I’ll use. I like to use and answer my phone using the speaker. Is there a setting with the back tap to make this selection?

  4. As a guy who doesn’t have the intuitive sense that many others have regarding technology, I appreciate posts such as this one. Your step-by-step instructions are always easy to follow, Hugh.

    1. Thank you for the great feedback on my ‘How To’ posts, Pete. When I draft them, I always ask myself if I’d understand them first before publishing them. That way, I hope that will mean that all of the readers can follow the instructions. I think screenshots also help. Nothing worse than following instructions, getting stuck, and there is no screenshot to help out.

  5. Hi, Hugh – I love discovering new tricks for my phone. I have a Samsung so I don’t believe that I have a similar logo button as you described here. But I did recently discover how to easily voice activate my phone camera. Now, I only need to say ‘cheese’ and my camera takes a photo. Game. Changer! 😀

    1. Yours and Ritu’s comment makes me feel I’m in with the kids regarding technology, Erika. They’ll probably already know about this little secret I revealed about the Apple logo on the back of the iPhone. If they don’t, then I’m going to tell myself that I’m supercool. 😎

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