This Is Why You Need To Enter The Sue Vincent Rodeo Classic Competition

This competition has now closed.

Are you looking for a chance to win $100? Then the Sue Vincent Rodeo Classic is looking for you.

The Sue Vincent Rodeo Classic

The Sue Vincent Rodeo Classic is happening NOW at the Carrot Ranch!

Writers will have the opportunity to support Sue Vincent, a stalwart centre of our blogging community, as well as compete for a $100 prize! Click here to find out why we’re supporting Sue.

We’re trying to make this the biggest writers’ Rodeo yet and celebrate Sue Vincent’s work and writing in the process.

How do I enter the competition?

On the competition page, you’ll find a beautiful photo from Sue which is the prompt for the competition.

Write a flash fiction story of 99 words or a poem of 99 syllables – no more, no less – based on the prompt photo.

Go to the competition page and complete the entry form. You can submit up to two entries for the contest.

All entries will be anonymised – so everyone’s on an equal playing field.

Closing date for entries is midnight on Friday 19th February, 2021.

That’s not all

There are many ways to participate in the rodeo. Every Rodeo has multiple events, and the Sue Vincent Rodeo Classic is no different. In addition to participating in the contest and donating to the cause, we have multiple events you can participate in!

  • The Sue Vincent Reblog Barrel Race – Check out Sue’s website or the website she shares with Stuart France. Find a poem, essay, or photo that speaks to you, and re-blog it. Feel free to include links to the contest and make sure to include a comment on the re-blog!
  • The Great Book Parade – Buy and read one of Sue’s books. If you’re feeling adventurous, leave a review or publish it on your blog! Click here to view and buy Sue’s books.
  • The Comment Riding Contest – The prize for this one is a fuzzy good feeling and the sharing of community. Like and/or comment on Sue’s posts, whether new or old.
  • Snack Stands – Share the contest on other social media such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, or others! You can definitely follow Sue Vincent on Twitter.
  • The Prize Ceremony – Winners will be announced on March 21st, 2021 over at the Carrot Ranch blog. It could be you, but even if not, come see what Sue’s prompt invoked.

Who is Sue Vincent?

#author #authors #writer #blogger
Author, Writer and Blogger, Sue Vincent

Sue Vincent is one of those special bloggers that inspires people all over the world. Readers have long been galvanised by her posts about mythology, ancient ruins, medieval churches, and her daily midnight haiku.

Even more have participated in and grown as a result of her writephoto challenge prompts. In fact, some of my own short stories were written with the help of some of the prompts Sue published on her blog. She even inspired me to write about man-eating sheep!

Any questions?

Don’t hesitate to leave them in the comments section.

Good luck to everyone that enters the competition.

Copyright © 2021 – All rights reserved.

Author: Hugh W. Roberts

My name is Hugh. I live in the city of Swansea, South Wales, in the United Kingdom. My blog covers a wide range of subjects, the most popular of which are my blogging tips posts. If you have any questions about blogging or anything else, please contact me by clicking on the 'Contact Hugh' button on the menu bar. Click on the 'Meet Hugh' button on the menu bar of my blog to learn more about me and my blog.

20 thoughts

        1. Yes, I’m so pleased that I was a part of the Bloggers Bash while it was going. I got to meet some wonderful people. Such a shame we had to fold it, but who knows? It might come back one day.

    1. It is, isn’t it, Marje? This is an incredible example of the blogging and writing communities’ power helping one of their own.

      Good luck with your entry for the competition. I haven’t written mine yet, but I have an outline in my head.

  1. Hugh, what a wonderful way to show Sue how much we blog followers care about her. I hesitate to try a 99 word flash fiction or write poem. But, I just bought her book, “Notes From a Small Dog.” It’s so good Ani is her companion. Dogs are a great comfort in times of need. Prays 🙏 for Sue. 💘🎶 Christine

    1. Thank you for buying one of Sue’s books and for joining the event, Christine. I’m sure you’ll enjoy the book.

      As an owner of two dogs, I know how important they are in our lives. They give us love, loyalty and lots of fun.

      1. Hugh, thank you for responding to my comment. The book should arrive in a few weeks from the UK. Ani is an incredible dog. And she has quite a connection to him. He has a sense of what she is going through, and stays by her side to protect & support. I remember Sue’s blog posts about Ani. A few years ago I featured one of her sunsets & short bio. Ani was included. Will you be posting the rodeo update news? And how Sue is doing? 🙏🎶Christine

        1. Oh, I always respond to all comments, Christine, unless they’re too short to respond to.

          Yes, I’ll be linking back to the outcome of the rodeo and announcements of the competition winners. Sue is publishing updates on her blog of her journey with cancer. So it’s probably the best place for you to find out how she is doing. However, I have no doubt that some of my future posts will include this event and how Sue is doing.

          Have a lovely weekend, Christine.

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