How To Get Your Short Story In Front Of A New Audience

Marsha Ingrao (who blogs at Always Write) is looking for writers, authors and bloggers to submit their unpublished short stories to her so that she can feature them in a new feature on her blog.

Image credit: Marsha Ingrao

Story Chat

Not only will your short story be put in front a new audience, but Marsha will follow up with another blog post that sums up all the comments and feedback your story gets. So you and your story will get double the promotion.

Two Stories Have Already Been Featured

I was honoured to be the first to get a story featured. Marsha kindly followed up with a post that summed up the comments and what people thought was going on in my story. The discussions were an amazing experience and I gained a lot of excellent feedback on my writing. As the author, I also joined in with the discussions and responded to the comments that were left.

Click the following link to read the follow-up post.

Story chat: The People Under The Stairs

If you’d like to submit a short story to feature on Story Chat, click here for full details.

And while you’re there, check out Marsha’s own story, ‘Jenny’s Bumpy Start,’ which is the second story to feature on Story Chat. Join in the discussion and meet other bloggers, writers and authors.

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