Monthly Wrap-Up – November 2020

Did you miss any of these?

Monthly Wrap-Up – November 2020

  • Is it only humans that save lives?

Livesavers #flashfiction

  • What are your eyes drawn to in the attached photo?

Journey #WordlessWednesday #photography

  • Do you know what lurks under the stairs? Join a readers’ discussion and share your thoughts on what’s happening in my new short story ‘The People Under The Stairs.’

Reblog: The People Under The Stairs

  • What signal will you give when you’re ready to go?

Avocado On Toast #flashfiction

  • Now there’s a new way to connect your Twitter account to your WordPress blog. Read on for more information.

How To Connect Your Twitter Account To Your WordPress Blog via The New WordPress Dashboard

  • Guest blog post of the month – Graeme Cumming shares a true story about important lessons he leaned from his father. to my blog.

Not Stupid Today – A Guest Blog True Story And Guest Blog Post By Graeme Cumming

  • When do you start putting up Christmas decorations?

Advent Sunday – Have Any Of Your Christmas Decorations Come Out Yet?

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