Monthly Wrap-Up – October 2020

Did you miss any of these?

Monthly Wrap-Up – October 2020

  • It was a Saturday like any other Saturday, but this one was the day my life changed forever.

True Stories: Gay Memories: The Day My Life Changed

  • He’d been promised gold, but all he found was a dusty trail. But where did it lead?

Gold Dust #flashfiction

  • What did you unexpectedly find on a recent walk?

A Kind Of Grape #WordlessWednesday #photography

  • Did you know that you can unsubscribe anyone from following your WordPress blog? Read on for more information.

How To Unsubscribe Somebody From Following Your WordPress Blog #FlashbackFriday

  • Have you discovered any of these hidden options and functions on your WordPress blog?

8 Things You May Not Know You Can Do On The Posts Page Of A WordPress Blog

  • What have you recently homegrown?

A Kind Of Pumpkin #Wordless Wednesday #photography

  • Looking to save yourself some time when writing and editing blog posts on WordPress? Read on.

How To Add A Reusable Block To A WordPress Blog Using The Block Editor #FlashbackFriday

  • Guest blogger James M. Lane shares a true story about an accident that changed his life. When I read his story, it made me stop and think about the accidents I’ve had and whether they changed my life. Has an accident changed your life?

My Accident: A Life-Changing Experience – A True Story And Guest Blog Post By James M. Lane

  • Can you help Herbert by answering his questions?

Vacuuming #flashfiction

  • How many of my happy, hiding places can you spot in my photo?

My Happy Hiding Place #WordlessWednesday #photography

  • Guest Blogger Victoria Zigler shares some true stories of supernatural encounters she has experienced, including one about a missing bath plug. Have you had any strange, supernatural encounters?

Supernatural Encounters: True Stories And A Guest Blog Post By Victoria Zigler

  • When was the last time you updated the ‘about me’ page on your blog? Don’t have one? This is why you should create one now.

Why Every Blogger Should Have An ‘About Me’ Page On Their Blog #FlashbackFriday

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