Supernatural Encounters – True Stories And A Guest Blog Post By Victoria Zigler @VictoriaZigler

I’m delighted to welcome Victoria (Tori) Zigler to my blog today.

After reading an interview with Victoria on the blog of Teri Pollen, I invited her to write a guest post about some of the encounters she has had with the supernatural.

Supernatural Encounters by Victoria Zigler

With it being Halloween week, Victoria’s post had me thinking about a ghostly encounter I once had. However, nothing as strange as the missing bath plug in one of Victoria’s stories.

Perhaps Victoria’s post will encourage you to share your true stories of supernatural encounters?

I see dead people.

Sorry.  I couldn’t resist.  I’ve wanted an excuse to use that line since I first saw “The Sixth Sense” many years ago.  But it is the truth, so I hope you’ll forgive me for indulging myself.

Anyway, it’s not just people.  It’s animals too.

Well, technically, these days I don’t ‘see’ them, because I lost my eyesight more than a decade ago to Congenital Glaucoma.  But I saw them when I still had vision, and I still hear and feel things.

👻 👻 👻 👻

I’ve lived in several places where unexplained shadows, cold spots, and footsteps, were frequent occurrences, and whispered words from unknown speakers could be heard at times.  Things you can dismiss as being other people in the house if you don’t live alone, but aren’t so easily dismissed when you’re home alone.

Like when you’re writing at 3:00am-  again – and realize that couldn’t have been your husband who just walked up behind  you, because you can hear his snoring coming from the bedroom, and it couldn’t have been the dog either, because the dog is that fluffy warm lump on your feet.

Or you’re taking advantage of everyone else still being asleep in the early morning to have a shower, and hear someone telling you to hurry up because the dog needs out.  So you rush to finish – wondering why they can’t take her – only to discover when you emerge from the bathroom that the only living being awake besides you is the dog in question, waiting impatiently by the door to go out.

Yeah.  Those kinds of things.

It would take too long to detail everything, and I doubt I could recall them all anyhow.  But, I’ve had some less subtle experiences, which I’m going to tell you about.

To clarify: the first three experiences that follow happened when I still had my eyesight.

🎃 🎃 🎃 🎃

The first started when I was maybe ten years old, and we had moved in to the house we were in fairly recently.

I woke to find my bedroom colder than usual, and a little girl in red in the room.  She looked about six, with dark hair.  She walked around the room a little, as though examining my stuff, and then disappeared.  Moments later, the temperature in the room returned to normal.

I saw her several times during the years I lived in that house, and tried to talk to her, but – though I called her my friend, and thought of her as ‘Tabitha’ – she never so much as acknowledged me.

When I foolishly mentioned her to some children from my class, they teased me and said she was an imaginary friend.  They did it so much I started to think they were right.

Until I heard my Nan telling someone about the little dark haired girl in red she’d seen several times running through the living room and starting up the stairs before vanishing.  I’d never described the girl I called Tabitha to anyone, but Nan described her perfectly, and I knew it had to be the same little girl.  When I told my Nan, she agreed.

🕷 🕷 🕷 🕷

The second was in the same house, happened a few years after my first ‘Tabitha’ visit, but only happened once.

I walked out of the bathroom one night, and standing in front of me was a little boy in a sailor suit.  He smiled, turned, and started walking away.  He’d only taken a couple of steps when he vanished.

I never saw him again, and to my knowledge nobody else saw him at all.

🧙‍♀️ 🧙‍♀️ 🧙‍♀️ 🧙‍♀️

The third happened in the flat I lived in when I first moved out of my parents’ house.

I put the plug in the bath, leaving the water running, before heading to the bedroom to fetch my pyjamas.  When I got back to the bathroom, the plug was gone.  It had literally disappeared.

The plughole was empty, it wasn’t attached to the chain that usually attaches them to the bath (not surprisingly, since the chain had snapped before this) and it wasn’t on the side of the bath near the tap (which is where I’d kept the plug since its chain snapped, so where it would have been if I hadn’t put it in after all).

After searching the bathroom for several minutes, I gave up and fetched the kitchen sink’s plug for my bath.  It didn’t fit right, so I had to hold it until the water was deep enough that water pressure would keep it there, and had to be careful not to knock it with my foot, but it allowed me to have my bath.

For the next several days I searched for that plug.  My Mam even came to help me look.  We searched the entire flat, but it was nowhere to be found.

Until three weeks later, when it was suddenly back in the bath.

I lived alone in the flat, and nobody could have gotten in without my knowledge.  Plus, why would someone break in to steal my plug? Especially since I had much better things to steal.

👹 👹 👹 👹

I’ve also had visits from two of the petkids I’ve lost – the two I was most closely bonded with when they were alive.

The first was my Oriental cat, Chance.  I felt him jump on my bed one night the Halloween two years after he died… Felt the weight of him beside me on the bed.  Heard his purr.  Felt his silky soft fur rub against my hand.  And then he was gone.

I had a similar visit from my Westie, Kero, two Halloweens after he died.

It’s like my boys wanted to say one final, “Goodbye,” to me before they moved on.

Bio – Victoria Zigler

Victoria Zigler is a blind vegan poet and children’s author who was born and raised in the Black Mountains of Wales, UK, and is now living on the South-East coast of England, UK, with her hubby, chinchilla, Westie, Cavapoo, and Hermann’s Tortoise.

Victoria – or Tori, if you prefer – has been writing since she knew how, and describes herself as a combination of Hermione Granger and Luna Lovegood from the Harry Potter books: Hermione’s thirst for knowledge and love of books, combined with Luna’s wandering mind and alternative way of looking at the world. 

Victoria has a wide variety of interests, designed to exercise both the creative and logical sides of her brain, and dabbles in them at random depending on what she feels like doing at any given time.

To date, Victoria has published nine poetry books and 46 children’s books, with more planned for the future.  She makes her books available in multiple eBook formats, as well as in both paperback and audio. She’s also contributed a story to the sci-fi and fantasy anthology Wyrd Worlds II, which is available in eBook only.

Additionally, Tori’s Hermann’s Tortoise, Artemis, was featured in both the Magnificent Pets Colouring Book For Children and the Magnificent Pets Mandala Colouring Book For Adults, which are available via Praise My Pet.

Author, writer and blogger, Victoria (Tori) Zigler

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My thanks to Victoria for writing this guest post and sharing her true stories with us.

If you have any questions or comments for Victoria, please leave them in the comments section. She’d be delighted to hear from you.

Have you had any supernatural encounters? Get in touch with me if you’d like to share them by way of a guest post here on my blog.

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53 thoughts on “Supernatural Encounters – True Stories And A Guest Blog Post By Victoria Zigler @VictoriaZigler

        1. I had a cat that shared your dog’s name, though I spelled it with an “i” ending: Topsi. She was named for the Topsy in the Topsy and Tim books, but I think I first read those in Welsh, and was positive it was spelled T-O-P-S-I, so that’s how it got spelled.

  1. Lovely to see Tori here Hugh and sharing her experiences…Myself I haven’t seen ghosts or apparitions but I do have thoughts and have predicted or known about accidents and then they happen…Be well and stay safe 🙂

    1. Glad you enjoyed the post, Sally. You’re right: I wasn’t scared. I just didn’t feel like there was any need to be. Even with the plug thing, I was more irritated at the inconvenience than anything. Maybe just instincts telling me I was safe? I know when Chance and Kero came to visit it was instincts: I just knew it was my boy, knew he meant me no harm, and knew there was no reason to be afraid. I think it was something like that with the other stuff… I just knew they didn’t mean me harm, so I wasn’t scared.

  2. Hi Victoria! Many thanks to Hugh who featured you on his blog! Those are indeed some strange, supernatural events, whether sighted or visually impaired! Your experiences remind me of lyrics from Pink Floyd’s “Comfortably Numb” — “When I was a child, I caught a fleeting glimpse, out of the corner of my eye. I turned to look but it was gone, I cannot put my finger on it now, the child is grown, the dream is gone.” I admire your imagination and ability to share your paranormal experiences!

  3. Hi Victoria, thank you for sharing your stories. And Hugh, thank you for having Victoria a guest on your blog.

    Yes, I have had supernatural encounters. The majority has been animals, a few people but mostly animals. As first it was always about my personal pets. Later I volunteered at a no-kill animal shelter.

    I spent time with the big dogs in the back. There were approximately 45 dogs. These big guys were hard to adopt out because of their breed, size, or health issues. Either people didn’t want them, or weren’t allowed to have them where they lived. My job was to spend as much time as possible with each dog there. (I did a little mundane cleaning but mostly loving on the dogs.) So I eventually got to know each dog and their personalities.

    One day I was in the yard with one of the dogs and heard an unfamiliar bark. Yes, I even knew all of the dog’s barks the same way a pet owner knows their dog’s bark. This bark was different. And it came from a location where that particular section had only 7 dogs. The other section was a long row with more dogs. At first I thought a new arrival had come in. Then I forgot about it. This happened the next day, and the next. There was no new dog, and it finally dawned on me that this “strange new bark” was happening more frequently. So I went to look where the barking had come from and the only dogs there were the ones that were always there, no new arrival. Besides, the employees would have told me if there was one.

    So at lunchtime I told the ladies that worked there. I felt funny saying anything because I thought they would think I was a nut case, or they wouldn’t believe me. However, they were aware of this invisible barking dog. They each shared their own stories about this dog. There were a few interesting stories. This little dog that none of us could see but did have experiences with seemed playful.

    A few months later I had let two dogs that were kennel mates out of the kennel to go play in the yard. I was hosing down the kennel and facing the yard. Something came up behind me and nudged me. The way a dog would. I turned around expecting to see a smallish size dog but nothing was there. I know I felt it. So I peeked through the dog door between the outside kennel, and the inside kennel. There was nothing there, that I could see. I wasn’t afraid. I felt bad for the little dog with no one to play with.

    At that time the shelter had been there for 30 years. So over those many years there were dogs, cats and even a horse that had passed away.

  4. Those are really spooky stories. I haven’t had any encounters like that. I’m pleased Victoria got to use that line from the Sixth sense though. It’s pretty cool.

  5. Very very interesting. Your are a very sensitive person, Victoria. I had many visions or dreams which came true. And I have “the wire” to the other souls. But I am more having pictures or thoughts in my head instead of seeing something with my physical eyes.
    But there was one encounter when I was 9. I was rather frightened when a knocking at my window did not stop in the middle of the night. My parents were not at home and when I looked towards the window, I saw two shiny eyes. The knocking continued and I was terrified. Finally, it stopped and I saw a creature walking away. I ran downstairs to my grandma but she did not believe me. Then my parents came home and did not believe me either. My father went outside and checked the grass because it had just snowed… but no footprints. From that night on I woke up every night in the winter season for two years. Whenever I woke up, I was shaking from fear. A medium once told me that it was my guardian angel, trying to contact me because we made a deal … but I doubt that. I am sure, I would have noticed his loving energy which I do feel now.

      1. Yes, it unfortunately is. I don’t care as an adult but as a terrified child it was even harder. Thank you for giving us the chance to talk about our experiecnes, Victoria!

  6. The stories about your furkids just warms my heart, Tori. I still believe Shadow, our cat who passed six years ago, visits me every now and then. I’ll feel him jump on the bed and snuggle beside me, thinking it’s Bond, our current cat, but then when I put my hand out, Bond’s not there. Shadow was a special cat – we used to joke that he spread the love because he made his rounds in the house to spend time with all of us.

  7. Thank you, Hugh, for introducing us to another blogger and writer. I did have an experience with what I called a ghost or spirit. Perhaps someday, I’ll write a short story about the encounter.

    1. Thanks, Cathy. Maybe yours have, but you didn’t know it?

      As far as I’m aware, it’s only those two who came back to visit. None of the others seem to have done so. But my boys were special to me in life, so if any of them were going to then I’m not surprised it was them.

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