Reblog: Blogging Etiquette: How do you ask someone to view your blog?

Sharing the posts of other bloggers

Are you familiar with these types of comments?

  • Great blog.
  • Great post.
  • Great blog. Please check out my blog and give me some feedback at…
  • Excellent story.
  • Great tips.
  • I loved reading this.
  • You have a great blog. Check out mine at…

I could go on, but what I’m getting at are those types of comments that add no value whatsoever to what you’ve written and published. Nor do these comments give any proof that the person leaving them has actually read the post.

After leaving a comment on one of my recent posts, I invited James, who blogs at Perfect Manifesto, to leave me a link to one of his blog posts where he investigated these types of comments and how he deals with them.

You can check out James’ post by clicking the link below.

Blogging Etiquette: How do you ask someone to view your blog?

While there, check out some of James’ other posts too.

Check James’ ‘About’ page by clicking here.

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