How To Edit An Image In The WordPress Media Library

If you read my recent blog post How To Access And Use The WordPress Free Photo Library, you’ll know that adding images to blog posts plays an important part in driving more traffic to your blog.

Blog posts containing images are 70% more likely to get read than blog posts than contain no images.  

WordPress now offers its users lots of free photo editing tools.

Today, I’m going to share some of the basic photo editing tools you can use in the media library of your blog.

How to edit an image in your WordPress media library

Let’s get started. 

  • Choose a photo from your media library and click on the edit button.
Choose a photo and click ‘edit’
  • On the next page, click on Edit Image.
Click on ‘Edit Image’
  • Underneath the photo, you’ll see three editing options – RotateCrop and Flip.
Options available


  • Rotate the image in an anticlockwise direction by clicking on the rotate button.
  • Click the Done button (in the bottom right corner) to save any changes. 
Save changes by clicking on the Done button
  • Clicking the ‘rotate’ button four times will return the photo to its original position.


  • The crop button offers five options – OriginalSquare16:94:33:2. These are all ways at which you can resize a photo.
Click on the Crop button to reveal cropping options
  • In the image below, you’ll see what part of the photo is highlighted when I chose the ‘Square‘ option. 
The Square option

Perfect for the Square Photography challenge hosted by Becky at The Life of B. 

  • By clicking and holding down your mouse button inside the highlighted area, you’ll be able to move the highlighted area around. 
  • Click the Done button to save any changes. 
  • Click the Reset button to return the photo to its original size. You can also do this by clicking on the Crop button and select Original.

Give the different cropping options a try to see what they do to the photo you’re trying them out on.  


  • This button flips your photo to its reverse/mirror image.
  • Click the Done button to save any changes. 

Chris, The Story Reading Ape’s Blog, also has details of some more photo editing tools available through the WordPress media library. Click here for details.

There are lots of other photo editing options available in the various photo/image blocks of the Gutenberg block editor. We’ll look at them in future posts.


  • WordPress offers some basic photo editing tools in it’s media library.
  • The photo editing tools in the media library are easy to use.
  • The photo editing tools shown in this post are freely available to all WordPress users.
  • Cropping your images will resize them.
  • The ‘cropping’ option offers five different options.
  • Remember to save changes by clicking on the ‘Done’ button.
  • All photos can be restored to their original sizes.

Do you have any questions regarding these basic photo editing tools?

  • Please leave your questions in the comments section and I will get back to you.

My thanks to Toby and Austin for modelling for this tutorial.

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Where do you get the images from that you use on your blog posts? Have you discovered the WordPress free photo library?

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  1. Well I’m back Hugh – Happiness Engineer Nissa really delved into the problem and offered this info … I do think I may have added photos and not used them, but did not delete them right away because I thought two photos were similar, but to ensure I did not delete the one I wanted, I did not delete right then. But there is no way there are that many unattached photos. That’s not possible and I would say it was “Wordless Wednesday” which I’ve been doing since March of this year … but I am still doing one line of text (Wordless Wednesday – allow your photo(s) to tell the story). So they are not deemed “unattached” I would not think. So I wrote back and asked if it is better to go through the entire blog (nearly 1,500 posts, although I did not use as many photos the first four years)? Also I said that I thought if I wanted to add more photos to my media library, eventually it would require adding more space to my blog site, not necessarily deleting old photos? Here is that they wrote. I wrote back after work, so likely Nissa may not still be there or another Happiness Engineer will respond. The link Nissa gave me, is just a shortcut to the media library and does not say it is attached to anything.


    Hi there,

    Well, I guess it is okay to close this help ticket, however, I want to ensure you saw the original e-mail, which I sent which is below and I am re-attaching a screenshot to show you. I have cleared the cache on my Google Chrome browsers and also on two Firefox browsers – I use two different laptops … I only use Firefox for writing posts. If we can’t resolve it, I will understand and will send you any more links of blogs that I come across. Thank you for your efforts to date. – Linda Schaub

    To clarify, the images are loading in the post itself, but not when you try to view the images in your media library?

    There are a couple things that can impact the ability of the media library to generate a preview for an image, and it’s typically related to the format of the files in question—either due to them not conforming with the normal image standards or due to corruption during upload. Both of which can happen sometimes.

    In checking to see if this was the case, I was initially able to load the three images directly, but noticed that as they continued to load, the images would then error out. This indicates to me the files might be corrupted.

    Here are the direct links to the images you mentioned where you can try loading them on your end:

    After this, I started a process on our end that attempts to fix links to attachments that aren’t loading in posts correctly. That can take a while depending on the number of items in your media—and you have quite a few. But, there’s a chance that it may help.

    Another thing that might help is removing images from your media library that aren’t live on the site. You can view and delete any “unattached” media files (files that are not part of a post or page) in the WP-Admin version of the media library using the “filter” options at the top of the page.
    It looks like you have 3,648 items in your media library that aren’t actually live on the site, so there’s a chance that the sheer number of items is bogging down the media library’s ability to preview images as you browse. The main media library view you’re using tries to load previews for every file as your browse through, and that’s a very resource intensive process. Even on my machine, it took quite a while for me to browse your media library. On older computers, there’s a good chance that it might fail to load previews. In which case, removing unnecessary media files will help speed up browsing your media library.

    If any of that doesn’t make sense, you continue to have trouble with other posts etc. Let us know. We’re happy to help 🙂


    Happiness Engineer @ | Automattic
    Pronouns: she/her/hers

    For free daily live demos on how to get started with your site, including audience Q&A, visit for details on webinar topics, schedule, and registration.

    1. Hi Linda,

      Thank you for keeping me updated.

      I’m more inclined to believe that the links to the original photos have somehow become broken. When you have some time, I’d recommend that you delete the images in question from your media library, reload them, and try adding them to the post again.

      ‘Unattached’ media files is a new one on me. This suggests to me that there is a correct way to load images into a media library and then on to a post. But I wonder what that right method is? It’s something definitely worth looking into. When I get some time, I’ll have a try on my media library and see what results I get. Given that I’ve recently deleted a lot of old posts from my blog, I should have lots of images showing as unattached which I can then delete.

      Thanks again for keeping me updated.

      1. You’re welcome Hugh and this is the most comprehensive answer I have received to date and I thanked her profusely. It appears from the message that WordPress is doing some type of diagnostic at their end to determine the problem – did you get that impression from Nissa’s e-mail too?

        I went into my media library – I could not tell if something was “attached” to an e-mail or not but I know I do not have that many photos just loaded into the library –
        that is why I questioned the Wordless Wednesday, but even then it would not be 100 … for example, yesterday I had a lot of photos, but there is the Wordless Wednesday tagline, so it’s not an empty post.

        I did tell Nissa that I very rarely load photos into my media library,m then retrieve them from there. The only time I retrieve prior photos is when I do my occasional “Friday Frivolity” or “Tuesday Musings” feature and then I go to the media library for the photo and insert it. The rest of the time, I add each photo into my draft post from my computer. She has not responded to my e-mail as of now – I will keep you updated. – Linda

      2. Hi Hugh – Another e-mail from WordPress. If the links do not work, I can send to your e-mail address if you would like.

        I’m confused here because I always thought if I needed more space on my blog down the line, I would simple get more space. I am not going to try this trial as I don’t really think I need a business platform.

        I wrote back this Happiness Engineer and said I would like to dwell on her e-mail a little longer so please don’t close out the help ticket yet. I said I’ve not even done plug-ins on my blog. I am somewhat computer savvy, having worked from home nearly a decade now and working in a small office (just my boss and I) and needing to learn how to troubleshoot and/or work with the computer guy being offsite, after years of working in a large office where you simply called “the computer guy” and your problem was resolved. I said I would be willing to pay for this to be done as I’d be devastated if I did something drastic to my blog which I consider a labor of love. Am I the only person who loads each photo directly from the computer into their draft blog post using “insert image, select, insert”? I know you are dragging them from your picture file – I insert from my picture file because I use a lot of photos most of the time and put them in a dated file folder, and that folder is often subdivided by topic, especially if it’s a long post. If I uploaded into the media file, I cannot see my photo as easily. Here is the reply I received below:
        Desiree F (Automattic)

        Jul 23, 2020, 4:29 PM UTC

        Hi Linda,

        I am pretty sure since I have a tagline for Wordless Wednesday within the post, that these photos are not deemed unattached?

        Good to know. If you first upload media file to the library, and then afterward add it to a post or page, it would be considered Unattached. (see guide for more info). Only if the image is uploaded directly to the page/post is it considered Attached. In this sense, you may want to manually remove media items that you know you’re not using.

        At the business plan level, there are plugins that can clean out unused items from media libraries, such as We have a 30-day refund policy on business plans if you wanted to try an upgrade. You can also export all of your media before making any changes at Tools > Export.

        Happiness Engineer

        1. Hi Linda,

          I’ve been doing some investigations with my own WordPress media library and believe I’ve discovered a few things.

          First of all, when the Happiness Engineers you’ve been dealing with say ‘attached’ or ‘unattached’, I believe they are talking about an image being attached or not attached to a particular blog post. I don’t think it has anything to do with being connected to emails or any other documents. In the media library, there is an option to filter out all ‘unattached images.’ To me, those are images not attached to any blog posts and, therefore, not being used. However, when I performed the filtering of unattached images in my media library, the results showed some images that I know were on live blog posts. For example, the image on my last blog post was showing as ‘unattached’ in the results. I contacted the Happiness Engineers and asked if there was a correct way of attaching images to blog posts so that the image shows as ‘attached.’ I told them that I attach an image by inserting the image block and then dragging the image to the block. The image then appears in the media library.

          They told me that this is the correct way to attach an image but are at a loss as to why the images on my last two posts were showing as ‘unattached’ when I attached them via the image block. They’ve asked if they can set up a test post on my blog to perform some checks with images. Of course, I have agreed to that and am waiting for them to get back to me.

          In the meantime, I really don’t know why the last Happiness Engineer who contacted you has asked you to consider moving to a business plan to get more media space. To free up space in the media library, the best option is to delete any images from it that are no longer being used. And the best way to do this is by using the ‘unattached’ filtering option that WordPress offers. However, as I’ve discovered, there seems to be a problem with the filleting option which WordPress is now looking into for me.

          Of course, after filtering out and deleting any unused images from your media library, you still discover you need more space, then looking at other WordPress plans that give you more media space comes into play.

        2. Hi Hugh – I was on WordPress very early this morning as I had an eye doctor appointment so did not want to linger here and risk being late. This is interesting and I am wondering if there is some type of bug as to the Block Editor and you/me and many others transitioning from Classic Editor to the Block Editor, so that if we started with the Block Editor from the beginning, we would not experience the problem. Did you feel comfortable doing the filtering for unattached images. I am so worried I will hit a stray key or do something and do some damage to my blog site. For that reason I asked if it could be repaired by WordPress and I would pay rather than chance I did anything wrong. They have replied to me below.

          I do agree with you as to not going to a business plan – I can’t ever imagine having that much content to warrant a professional business plan subscription. I would just take the larger space when need be. That will be awhile before needed. I will be interested to see what they will discover after analyzing your site. Since I have interacted with several WP Happiness Engineers, there is a chance you could have one of them – perhaps they will associate the two problems. I am tempted to take the time to go through the entire blog site to see if there are any missing photos, but I am thinking it would be just as easy to review the media library, because the screenshots showed the images in the media library looking the same as in the blog post … just gray image that says image and the name I gave to it. I will keep you apprised of what I hear at my end. I have written to the Happiness Engineer and said I will look into this idea. – Linda
          May I suggest purchasing a wordpress quick start session. Quick Start sessions are 45-minute one-on-one conversations between you and one of our website building experts. They know WordPress inside out and will help you achieve your goals. During your Quick Start, a Happiness Engineer will offer pro advice on everything you need to resolve your issues. Quick Start Support Sessions give you a way to talk to one of our Happiness Engineers via a screen share with audio.

          This will be a one off payment of USD $49.00 for a dedicated sit down and screen-share session with a wordpress expert for 45 minutes. This I believe is more cost efficient for you and suits your need of a one off dedicate expert support to resolve the issue that you have.

          Thank You,
          Jude Chandu

        3. I think the quick start session may be worth considering, Linda. That way, you’ll be able to show the problem with the missing images to the Happiness Engineer so they can see themselves what you’re referring to.

          There’s no need to purchase a business plan because all WordPress users can free up space in the media library by deleting images that are no longer being used. It should be a simple task (when it works). However, as I’ve discovered there is a problem with filtering unattached images, and WordPress are now aware of the problem. Here’s what they said to me.

          Following our chat earlier, I’ve been running a few tests on your site, and also on some test sites of my own. It looks like the issue of the images not attaching to their posts is a more general bug, it’s not exclusive to your site.

          As such, I’m working on filing a report with our developers, but I wanted to update you briefly to let you know that we’re still looking into the bug.

          For the time being, it looks like the default behaviour with the block editor is that even when uploading images via image blocks, they’ll end up being unattached.


          They can’t tell me how long it will be before they start working on a fix, but at least they are now aware of the problem. The ticket remains open, and they have promised to let me know as soon as the issue is resolved. I’ll let you know when that happens.

        4. Thank you Hugh – so perhaps it is a general bug as they suggest and this is what affected me too. I am going to consider doing the consult then because I would like to know the problem, but am reluctant to do any damage to my site. It is good that WP is aware of the problem. I’m glad I reached out to you which in turn made you, a more tech savvy person than me, do some additional sleuthing. Have a good weekend Hugh.

  2. Hi Hugh – I am following up briefly to tell you that we still have not resolved the disappearing photo issue. (Like you, I believe it will not be resolved simply by clearing the browser cache.) However I did clear the Firefox browser cache on both laptops – I use Firefox only for writing posts and nothing else. So I did this – the photos are still missing. I had to get my boss off to a short vacation and he has been in touch with me on/off for three days for a pending problem. I don’t want to mess up anything so I can’t remote in, but did relay that info to WordPress. They will wait to hear from me. I didn’t want you think I “dropped off the map” as I promised to keep you apprised. – Linda

      1. You’re welcome Hugh. I didn’t want to keep you out of the loop but I’d not found a “cure” yet either . I heard back from a different H.E. – he has made this suggestion (below), although this particular post with the missing photos was from December 2018 and before I used the Block Editor. I actually never load my photos into the media area first. I keep them in a picture folder on my computer and often have so many pics that I subdivide them for each post. I then add them after I move my text from Notepad to WordPress to write the post. In my text that I move over I use “markers” to tell me what photos I will use. This is since I use so many photos as I take them to recreate the walk I took. When I was on the Classic Editor, I placed all the photos into the draft post and then introduced the text … then moved the photos and text around within the post. I can’t do that with the Block Editor.

        This is their latest suggestion:
        Hi Linda,

        I will keep you in the loop – should I do this survey or wait til the end?

        You can answer the survey later. And note that should the ticket get auto-closed by the system, you’ll still be able to reply to it, it’ll create a new thread but we’ll still be able to follow-up.

        If you some photos still aren’t showing in the posts, it’ll be helpful if you can send us some screenshots.

        If some photos don’t load in the media library, try accessing it from the WP Admin dashboard.

        Best, Support

        1. It’s an important question he asks, Linda. As there are two paths to the media library through the dashboard of our blogs, I think he wants to know which route you use. As I use the block editor, I now drag images directly to the block on the post. From there, they get automatically uploaded to my media library. If I then need to access the image, I go through the WP Admin route to get to the library.

          Screenshots are always very helpful, so I’d recommend you try and send him some of the missing photos from the post and the ghosted out images in the media library.

        2. Hi Hugh – I have not done the “drag and drop” technique simply because I don’t know if I don’t hold my finger on the mouse long enough, since I always lose the image halfway there. I use Shutterfly storage for my photos and if I want to drag and drop to upload photos, I have the same issue. So I just select the photos and add them that way. I seem to remember in WordPress that you could mass upload photos from your picture files. I don’t think that is possible now. I never load to Media and then access the photos that way. I load them one at a time right into the blog post since I’ve been the Block Editor.

          I was a little confused why he wanted me to add screenshot images of the missing photos as I had done that in my initial e-mail. I didn’t want to reply “I did that already” as that sounds insulting. I guess I could simply reply with the same images and say that “perhaps these got lost in the e-mail thread?” I will do that Hugh. The problem is you are not always dealing with the same tech.

        3. Will do Hugh. I am going to try deleting the cache of other browsers this weekend. Then I’ll report the outcome as to missing photos to WordPress. Have a good weekend.

        4. Hi Hugh – We have had a stormy day today –
          I cleared one more browser only – I try to stay off the computer. Same issue as to the photos. Interestingly, in trying to catch up on Reader today, I was reading a post of a fellow blogger (Anne) and noticed a similar couple of posts showed up that was before I started following her. So, I read them – the second one is missing an image. Just wrote her about it. Now Anne got started blogging when her niece gave her a WordPress subscription. This was after Anne retired, so it’s not been more than four years. Anne’s niece is a WP Happiness Engineer. I don’t know if she’ll reach out to Chrissie or not to ask about this or will reach out to WordPress. I just sent Anne an e-mail; we chat off the blog. But evidently, I’m not the only one – that in itself may be significant. Here’s Anne’s post from 2017 about her grandson who is now in culinary arts college.

        5. Well now the image is there – I apologize Hugh. It was not a photo, just an image – but the other blogger went into the post, so perhaps she refreshed it?

        6. I guess it depends on whether she downloaded the image straight to her WordPress media library, or whether she downloaded it to her computer first and then to her media library. Both would have different URL addresses. The problem with downloading images straight to our media libraries is that if the link breaks, then the image won’t show up. We then have to find the image again from where we downloaded it and download the new link. It’s still very much a mystery to me, Linda. I’m hoping the Happiness Engineers will come up with the answer.

        7. Hi Hugh – I’m popping on here to tell you that I heard back from WP and I’m guessing that Anne is like me and downloads photos from her phone or camera onto her computer and then uploads to the media library. I say this because she says she and her husband go thru all the photos taken in a particular year at year end. Anne writes mostly about family – she has a big family, and since she and her husband retired four or five years ago, they have family and friends coming to visit or they are going to visit them. A lot of her followers are family – this way they have an idea of what is going on with Anne and John. Well, I wrote WordPress back to say that I should have taken a screenshot of Anne’s blog post from 2017 because I alerted her, she had no problems and when I returned the photo was there, so to disregard my earlier e-mail (which I forwarded in the second e-mail. This is the response I got … I think I am back to square one as they consider the matter resolved.

          Foysal Ahmed (Automattic)

          Jul 20, 2020, 12:25 PM UTC

          Hi Linda,

          Well since I wrote this message, my blogging friend went into her post and the picture was there. I went back to get a screenshot and it was there – I had to write back. I should have taken a screenshot, but perhaps when Anne went into the post, it refreshed it.

          Thanks for letting us know about that.

          As the issue has been fixed, I am marking this as resolved. But feel free to get back to us if you have any follow-up questions.

          Foysal A.

          Happiness Engineer @

        8. Hi Hugh – we are thinking alike. I figured they’d close the ticket after that e-mail, so I forwarded my original e-mail and screenshots and said I was forwarding in case the original thread was no longer available. I hope they check it out – I’ve not heard yet as of 8:00 p.m. our time.

  3. Hi, Hugh – This is a very timely post. I am currently struggling with trying to reduce my media storage on my WP blog. I had a friend suggest that I resize past photos directly in WP. That was fairly easy to do. Sadly, after resizing all of my 2016 images, I ended up using MORE memory, instead of reducing the memory used. Several other bloggers have suggested that I write to you for potential solutions on reducing my media storage. I did contact WP happiness engineers who simply suggested that I delete old photos, resize outside of WP, and reload them if desired. Do you have any other magical solutions for this (she says with fingers crossed)!

    1. I have four good suggestions for increasing the storage space in your media library, Donna. However, you may not like all that I’m about to suggest.

      1. Delete old blog posts that are no longer getting any views or that are out of date. Once you delete them, ensure you then go to the media library of your blog and delete the images that were on those posts.
      2. Delete images from old posts which are no longer getting any views by going to your media library and deleting them from there. Those posts will then only display text.
      3. Delete all resized images from the media library.
      4. Move any videos from your media library to YouTube. Videos and gifs take up a huge amount of space. Placing them on YouTube and adding a link to them on the post will save you lots of space.

      I hope that helps.

  4. Hi Hugh, thanks for sharing this useful information about how to edit photos in the WordPress media library. I was wondering, do you happen to know if there are plugins that equip WordPress with more advanced editing abilities? Wishing you a great day!

    1. Hi Debbie, I’m not aware of any plugins that add more photo editing tools to a WordPress blog. However, some of the gallery and image blocks in the Gutenberg editor do have more photo and image editing tools. I’ll be covering them in future blog posts.

      WordPress does offer a range of photo gallery plugins, but I’ve never tried any of them.

      1. There are mixed reviews of the new Gutenberg editor, I recently had to upgrade and try it myself on one of the blogs I’m working on. I actually found it useful although it seemed to load slower than other editors, including third party editors. What’s your favorite WordPress editor?

        1. Definitely the Gutenberg editor. It’s taken blogging to a whole new level. I think posts written with it are far better to look at than those written using the classic editor. You can tell the difference straight away. Placement of images and text look a whole lot better. Plus, it has some cool tools that the Classic editor does not have.

        2. Thanks for your reply. I will stick with the Gutenberg editor as well, although it’s always fun to play around with other options available. Beware of the Gutenberg beta version though, the are 1 star ratings are triple the amount as the 5 star ratings. Just so you don’t run into issues.

        3. Wasn’t the Beta version the very first version that WordPress asked users to try out when they launched Gutenberg? I believe it was back ion 2018. I know a couple of bloggers who were road testing that version and reporting to WordPress of any bugs, faults or improvements. I’m using the up-to-date version, which does have a few flaws, but I still think it is far superior to the classic editor.

        4. Beta testing for Gutenberg is always available. In order to participate you can search for Gutenberg under plugins and dowload, you guessed it, the Gutenberg plugin. The current beta version is 8.5.1 and the latest update was release yesterday. When searching for Gutenberg you will also see a large amount of block add-ons that may have your interest. Have fun!

  5. Hi Hugh – I was going to ask WordPress this question, but since you have done this tutorial on photos, I am going to ask you first. I know in the past that you have suggested returning to old posts done on the Classic Editor and updating to the Block Editor. I have not done that yet- I have 1,480 posts as of today. I have been using the Gutenberg Editor since April 14, 2019. Here is my question. Two times I have searched for a prior blog post to send to someone, in conjunction with a post I published or maybe one of theirs. The first time I searched for a link and found photos missing. I jotted down that link and intended to send it to WP, but misplaced the link. I thought it was an oddity, wanted to correct it, etc. Last week I searched for a link to send to someone and this post had missing photos. I am still on Windows 7 – we have not converted at work yet (I work from home). I thought it was because I was on Windows 7, but it is not. I checked the link in various browsers – still the same. I sent it to the blogger and said “if you’re on Windows 10, please see if you get photos?” She did not either. So I am stymied. Here is the older blog posts so you can see what I mean, if you could take a look. I looked to see if anyone asked you this question today, but they did not. I scrolled through my media content and the three pictures in this post just say A, B, and C, respectively. The image is dark gray and says “image”. Have any other followers asked you this before? Thanks in advance for any help Hugh.

    1. The only reason I can think of that the photos are missing from the post is that the links to them have broken, Linda. It does happen sometimes and is one of the reasons why I mention in posts to check links on the home page and the ‘about’ page on a blog. For no reasons, links can suddenly break and need fixing. I check the links on my about page at least once every three months because I know nobody likes clicking on a link to discover that it’s broken.

      If the photos are still in your WordPress media library, have you tried adding them to the post again? It may just work. Otherwise, delete them from your media library and upload them again. Then try adding them to the post. If these suggestions do not work, I’m afraid it’s something for the WordPress Happiness engineers to take a look at.

      1. Hello Hugh – Thank you for your response and suggestions as well. It was disconcerting finding this post with missing photos (even though admittedly many of the photos were likely similar). Since it happened one other time, then this time, I began to wonder just how many other instances there were.

        The pictures were in the media library but gray/ghosted with the word “image” just like they appeared in the actual post. They were my own photos, so it was not a copyright issue nor were they stock photos. My concern was the photos I loaded while on the Classic Editor through April 2019 might disappear due to the conversion – whew, that would be scary. I began this blog in 2013 primarily to write about walking and it has morphed into a nature blog with many photos, especially the last few years.

        I do have the photos and posts from Day #1 on a flash drive. If you should want to write on this problem for one of your “help posts” I took photos of how this displays and will be happy to send them to you, either by uploading the photos to my gallery or using your blog e-mail address. Thank you for your insight Hugh. -Linda

        1. I still have blog posts written using the classic editor that contain photos and have not encountered the same problem, Linda (I haven’t converted all my posts to Gutenberg, just the most popular ones). As all your photos are stored in your WordPress media library, I don’t think it matters which editor you are using or used to use.

          Did the suggestions in my last comment work, or have you not tried them out yet? I’d be interested in knowing the outcome and what the Happiness Engineers say if you have to contact them. I’ve never heard of the problem before, so it’s a new one on me.

        2. I knew you said you were in the process of converting your old posts, but it was a formidable task as you have so many posts. Luckily for me I never used photos much the first two years. I can’t figure out what would have converted them to ghosted photos? They were all uploaded the same time when I wrote that post.

          I have not tried to reload the images from the flash drive as I wanted to leave the photos and post as is to contact the Happiness Engineers. I was going to do that today after work, but we had a bad storm so I shut down my computer. I will definitely let you know what I find out Hugh. My fear is that it will keep happening and wiping out past posts. I had thought it was just my computer or browser, but the other blogger confirmed the missing photos as well.

        3. Same here when I viewed the post, Linda. I could not see the images, so I’d be surprised if it was anything to do with which browser the post is being viewed on.

          I look forward to hearing what WordPress have to say about why it’s happening.

        4. I will let you know what they say Hugh. I have three browsers I use, and for the last three months I use Firefox just for creating my posts. I figured it was an outdated browser at first.

        5. I have written them Hugh and we’ll see what they say – hopefully we learn the problem. I told them I did a search on the “help topics” too. I figured I’d include the fact that I tried multiple browsers and when I had the trouble with the posts not publishing in Reader, they suggested I switch to Firefox as it was the most compatible browser ( I just looked and Firefox may be used on a Mac). I keep it dedicated for writing posts only – nothing more. I am hoping it is not my theme. I am running a theme from 2010 (Twenty Ten theme), so I hope they are not going to say I have to get a new theme/retool my site. I also have done nothing with plug-ins either, so hope it is not that. I set the blog up in 2013 and have not done a lot to enhance it except put in some widgets and add a gallery of favorite photos. We will be going to Windows 10 at work – the Windows 10 laptop has been here at the house for 13 months and I update it occasionally and I am amazed how my blog displays on the bigger screen – it is a 19 inch screen laptop as opposed to a 16-inch screen laptop I am using now … it makes the blog display so differently (not in a favorable way – all stretched out/distorted looking). I will have to research whether I can adjust how it looks on the computer or on the blog site and do some tweaks on that eventually.

        6. I recall a blogger informing me that my blog was not displaying correctly on her device. As well as contacting WordPress about it, I also wrote a post and asked other readers if they were experiencing any problems with the way my blog was displaying. WordPress confirmed there was nothing wrong with the way my blog was showing and none of those who responded to the post said they were experiencing problems either. In the end, we put it down to some of the software on the device the blogger was using not being updated. To this day, I’m not sure if it fixed the problem, but she hasn’t since told me that she’s experiencing any problems when viewing my blog.

          I checked, and the theme you’re using is Gutenberg friendly. However, themes can often develop bugs that only affect those using the theme. Once WordPress know of any bugs, they’re pretty good at getting them fixed.

        7. Hello Hugh – I have not heard from WordPress yet. I don’t own a smartphone so I don’t know how my blog displays on a phone – I am using a flip phone. I remember WordPress sending out a post that they had made the posts friendly to mobile users. I asked a friend if anything changed for her, as she only views the posts on her phone – she said no difference, but she is an e-mail subscriber, and not in the WordPress family.

          Thank you for checking to see if my theme is Gutenberg friendly – that is something I never thought to do. I see many bloggers using the Twenty Ten theme – it was fairly easy, so that if why I used it. I’m glad I don’t have to change anything regarding the theme.

          I’ve always been pleased with WordPress Happiness Engineers. They have tweaked Gutenberg a lot since I got on this editor in April 2019. Originally, I cut-and-pasted directly from Microsoft Word into the post – all of a sudden, if I put justify for each paragraph, it did not justify in the published post for some reason. I like the justified margin so I reached out to the H.E. and asked why? And why suddenly? They suggested I draft right in WordPress or cut-and-paste to Notepad which corrects any formatting errors and then cut-and-paste from Notepad to my draft. That works. But it never shows up as justified in the draft … that was not always the case … if I selected “justify” it looked justified in the draft. So I always use preview to see if I missed a justification and to ensure everything displays okay. So I press preview and I get a 404 message at least 3/4s of the time. So then I have to go to another browser (any browser but the preferred browser Firefox) and it works and I can preview without a problem. Go figure. I didn’t tell them as I have a workaround – I figure I’ll only bother them if there is no workaround.

          It sure is hot here this morning – we have a stormy day on tap which will hopefully erase this heat wave. I am an avid walker and it’s tough to walk in this humidity. I have, in the past, walked in a large grocery store to get my steps in, but these days, the less I mix and mingle with people the better. Have a good day Hugh.

        8. Hi Hugh – WordPress has replied to my question and has a suggestion. I will cut-and-paste it below. I did reply to Alejandro and asked if clearing my browser cache would affect two posts I have scheduled for next week. I think not as it would be on their server but will await to hear what he says – (thinking you probably know the answer to that question). I won’t do this until the weekend.
          AVS (Automattic)

          Jul 10, 2020, 11:32 AM UTC

          Hi Linda,

          Thank for all the detailed information you’ve provided 🙂

          As you have already tried with different browsers, please try the following steps.

          You may want to try clearing your browser cache to see if this has an effect on the images you’re not seeing. We have instructions here on how to do this:

          Once you clear your browser cache, you’ll want to restart your browser then log back into and try to access the media library again.

          If you still experience this issue, make sure you are using a supported browser and that the browser is fully up-to-date. There’s more information on this at the link I provided as well.

          Hope this helps, please let us know!


          Happiness Engineer | Automattic

        9. Given that others visiting that post also can not see the images (and will be using different browsers), I’d be surprised if this fixes the problem, Linda. But who knows? It’s worth a try.

        10. I thought that as well Hugh … perhaps I should have told him I use two different laptops. This old one I am on now, 11 years old, works perfectly but missing some keys. I should have just bought a pop-in keyboard, but I use a wireless keyboard for it. I recently started using Firefox just dedicated to writing posts so there is no browsing history except on/off to do a post. He did write me back and say that previously scheduled posts would not be affected by clearing the cache as it is on their server. I was pretty sure that was true, but since I had two posts pending, I thought I should ask. I will let you know, but I am skeptical as well. I have the Windows 10 laptop to be used for work when our computer guy ever configures it to remote into the office (it’s been 13 months) … maybe I will try going on there this weekend as well to see how it displays – I do not think it is a browser issue.

  6. Hi Hugh, thank you for this. I’ve looked at some of my old images – they’re all quite large. If I change them now, I’m thinking it will change the format on a page and I won’t know where to find the exact pages I’ve used them on – to correct this.

    Hope this makes sense 😉 Caz

    1. Hi, Caz. If you’re not sure which posts they are one, I’d leave them alone. If like me, and you occasionally update old blog posts (when linking to them or republishing them), you can make any changes then. However, the WordPress media library also adds a ‘download’ date to each image, so that could help you when looking for posts that contain a specific image.

  7. Thank you, Hugh, for this tip. I usually reduce the size of my images before adding them to my post. It may be quicker to do the size reduction in WordPress.

    1. I’d go with whatever you’re currently doing, Natalie, or maybe switch between the two. As somebody who does not do much editing of photos and images, I tend to use the tools WordPress offers, but I am aware that other editing software provides a lot more choices. WordPress has a lot of catching up to do, but these basic editing tools will probably suit a lot of users (like myself). However, its good to see that WordPress is adding more options to the various photo and gallery blocks.

    1. Even adding one photo or image will result in giving your post a boost. It seems images and photos not only make posts more inviting to read but help break up all the text so making it a more enjoyable read. And the best thing is that adding an image to a post is easy to do.

    1. Hi Michael, the photo editing tools I featured in this post are available on both the Gutenberg and Classic editors. There is also a classic editor block on Gutenberg. Similar to the classic editor, but with lots of improvements and bonus features. By the beginning of next year, the classic editor will only be available through the block editor, so it may be worth you checking it out (if you haven’t already done so).

        1. I was fearful of the Gutenberg editor when I first decided to take a look at it, Michael. However, after watching and reading a few tutorials on how it worked, and practising using it on a test post in my draft folder, I soon got used to it. Now it’s like a best friend I could never be without.

        2. Thats true, Hugh! But we have a very loosy internet connection, and this way the Ajax-Scripts not always are loading as the are in need for using the Gutenberg editor.

        3. Sounds like you need an engineer to check out your internet connections, Michael. I hope you manage to sort it out before the basic classic editor is retired by WordPress. I’d hate to think you’d no longer be able to use WordPress.

        4. Not really Hugh. Its a logistic problem of our officials. There is only one big cable from our village to the next bigger system point. Most traffic is managed over GSM, without LTE.

    1. Yes, all the images and photos you use on your WordPress blog are stored in the media library. WordPress also offers a free photo library to all its users. It contains hundreds of free images and photos. I covered details in a previous post, of which I added a link to in this post. I was amazed by how many users never knew the free photo library existed.

    1. Thank you, Sam. It does take some time getting used to the block editor. If not already done so, I’d recommend you read and watch some tutorials on how to use the block editor. Also, set up a test post in your draft folder where you can play around with the various elements. The more practice, the more use you’ll get to the editor. Of course, there is also the classic block within the Gutenberg editor, similar to the classic editor but with vast improvements. Maybe give it a whirl.

  8. When I started blogging in December, and changed the size of the photo, the writing would adjust so that I could have a photo left or right with the writing along side. That meant that every picture I used did not have to be large, but could be a smaller size. I tend to use 4-6 photos per post, that I hope will illustrate the point. I use as many of my own photos as I can but I am not a photographer. And because my blog is memoir, I do use some of my 1950’s black and whites. Other than my own stuff, I use a lot of photos from Pexels. I haven’t settled on one specific image that people might identify with my blog, but generally use one of my beach pictures. I realize that this is more general sharing that pictures. However, now if I try to align text next to a picture it buts up right against it, with no space. It may be that I started with the Classic Editor in December and now using Block editor but I am not sure.

    1. I’ll be covering in more details on how to change the size of photos and images using the block editor in future posts, but it’s probably a good idea to check out all the various gallery and image blocks that are available. With the block editor, you can also drag a photo directly onto a post and move it around if you’re not happy with its position. When doing so, the position of text around the image is also alined. I’d recommend that you set up a draft post on your blog and play around with the various blocks within it.

      For those who prefer the classic editor, there is also the ‘classic block’. I know of some bloggers who use the classic block when adding photos and images to a post because they still prefer the way images and photos are added to posts via the classic editor. I’d recommend you play around with the classic block and see what it has to offer. Given that WordPress is retiring the classic editor soon, the classic editor block will still be available. I’ve heard there are differences between the classic editor and the classic block editor, but that they work along similar lines.

      1. Thank you so much! Thank you for answering in such detail. How wonderful for all the bloggers that read your work that you care so much about educating and helping us be our “better blogger selves.” I will try those suggestions. Best, Michele

  9. Awesome, Hugh! I didn’t know about the image editor in this form. I’m really loving the changes in WordPress. Thanks so much for sharing, as always. Stay safe!

    1. These tools are very basic, Natalie, but they’re a great starting point before moving on to more challenging software when editing images and photos.

      Hope you, too, are well. Stay safe.

      1. Cheers, Hugh! I use Photoshop and Canva for creating graphics, but this resize WordPress editor is a huge bonus and makes the process of resizing for web so much easier. Thanks again for another awesome share. You rock!

  10. I usually just have one image per post, using that image both in the header as well as at the top of my post. I have not tried WP editing tools, maybe for today’s post I’ll give them a shot. Thanks for the tutorial.

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