Strange Pairings #flashfiction

May 28, 2020, prompt: In 99 words (no more, no less), write a story using two words that contradict. Examples include champagne and hard-rock; rosemary and sewage; duck down and firecrackers; sleep and square-dancing. Use one of these or make up your own. Go where the prompt leads!

Image credit: Charli Mills

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If he still had feelings in his legs, why could he not see what was holding them down?

Doug’s attention was then diverted to the picture that had fallen off the wall earlier. It rang like a telephone.


Two floors below, Mike watched in astonishment as floorboards rose towards the face of his other-self.

“I wonder if the floorboards taste better with ketchup on them?” asked the face on the ceiling.


Before turning to run from danger, the floorboards beneath the woman began to rise. Gasping, Sophie watched as a bathtub and a toaster came up through the floor.

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Written in response to the 99-word flash fiction challenge hosted by Charli Mills at the Carrot Ranch.

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Copyright © 2020 – All rights reserved.

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21 thoughts on “Strange Pairings #flashfiction

  1. Omg, what a fantastical story Hugh, it’s bizzaroland lol. I can’t even imagine how you could end this story. No doubts it will be a twisted tantalizer. 🙂 xx

    1. I know, it’s all gone rather bizarre, hasn’t it, Debby? My ending is ready. Now I just need the perfect prompt. However, I may just finish this little story off myself.

    1. Great to hear, Liesbet. Yes, I have the ending ready. Now I just need the right prompt to be able to publish it. If nothing comes along, I’ll go ahead and publish the ending anyway.

  2. You certainly got those contradictions contradicting, Hugh. This is a strange story. Where will Charli’s prompt lead next? That’s what we’re waiting to see.

    1. I’m hoping Charli is going to come up with a prompt that I can use to finish the story, Norah. I have the ending ready. Now I just need that prompt. My fingers are crossed.

        1. I believe there is no such thing as an ending, Norah. It’s just the point at which we decide to leave the story. That’s what I like to think anyway.

        2. That’s what ‘they’ say about our lives, isn’t it, Hugh? We step into the history and then we step out, but the story keeps on going.

    1. I think they’re in a strictly ‘no smoking’ hotel, Terri. We’ll soon find out. The story is almost at its end. Now I need to wait for Charli to publish the right prompt for the ending. Fingers crossed.

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