How To Unsubscribe Somebody From Following Your WordPress Blog

You may wonder why any blogger would want to unsubscribe somebody from following their blog. However, there are genuine reasons why some people want to do this.

For example, there may be a blogger who is horrified that one of the managers from their office has subscribed. Or a member of the family has found your blog where you share some intense feelings about family and friends.

Unsubscribing people from your blog is easy to do.

Why do people follow blogs?

Isn’t it because they enjoy reading the content? Not necessarily.

When I first started to blog, I began asking why some people wanted to follow me. For example, why was a womenswear company and a blog that sold coach holidays following my blog?

At the time, I was not writing and publishing any blogging or social media tips, so I could not understand what interest they had in my content.

They never ‘liked’ or left comments on any of my blog posts, yet I was still conscious that they were lurking in the background as if waiting for the right moment to pounce on me. 

Some of them may have been playing the ‘follow you, so you follow me’ game, but I soon realised that all they wanted was to try and sell me something.

At the time, I was delighted with watching the number of followers increase, but there may be occasions when you want to unsubscribe somebody from following your WordPress blog.    

Here’s how to do it.

  • On the dashboard of your blog, go to Manage and click on People.
Click on Manage and then on People
  • Click on Followers 
Click on the Followers button
  • Find the person you want to unsubscribe from your blog and click on the Remove button next to their name.
Click on the Remove button
  • You’ll get a message asking you to confirm that you want to continue with the unsubscription. Click on the remove button in the message to confirm.   
  • You can also do the same for email followers.
Click on the Email Followers button

There is nothing stopping people from still viewing your blog and trying to subscribe again, but you’ll get a notification if they try and subscribe. 

By unsubscribing them from your blog, they will get no notifications that you have published any new blog posts. Nor will they know that you have unsubscribed them from your blog. 

Is there anything else to consider?

Yes. Remember too, that after unsubscribing somebody from your blog, you may also like to do the same with your social media accounts.

This is especially important if any new blog posts you publish are instantly shared to your social media accounts.     

Of course, if you do have reasons for not wanting certain people finding your blog or social media accounts, it’s probably a better idea to use a pseudonym and not to publish any photos of yourself on your blog or on your social media accounts.

You can also block people from leaving comments. My blog post Is Your Blog Under Attack? explains how to do this.

Banner for the blog post Is Your Blog Under Attack?
Click on the above image to view the post.

These days, because I publish a lot of blogging and social media tips, I’m not so concerned who follows my blog anymore. However, I will remove or block anyone who keeps trying to sell me something I don’t want or need.


  • There are genuine reasons why people want to unsubscribe somebody from following their blog.
  • Follow the steps in this post to unsubscribe people from following your blog.
  • Remember to do the same on your social media accounts.
  • Just as when you unfollow somebodies blog, people you unsubscribe do not get notified that you have unsubscribed them. 
  • Unsubscribing somebody does not mean they can no longer view your blog, but they will stop receiving notifications of any new blog posts you publish.
  • Consider using a pseudonym on both your blog and your social media accounts if you don’t want anyone to know your real identity.
  • Block users you do not want to receive any comments from.  

What about you?

  • Did you know you can unsubscribe individuals from following your blog?
  • Are there any reasons why you would unsubscribe somebody from following your blog? 
  • Have you ever unsubscribed or blocked someone from following your blog or leaving comments? 

Join the discussion by leaving me a comment that I can respond to with more than just a ‘thank you.’

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Author: Hugh W. Roberts

My name is Hugh. I live in the city of Swansea, South Wales, in the United Kingdom. My blog covers a wide range of subjects, the most popular of which are my blogging tips posts. If you have any questions about blogging or anything else, please contact me by clicking on the 'Contact Hugh' button on the menu bar. Click on the 'Meet Hugh' button on the menu bar of my blog to learn more about me and my blog.

99 thoughts

  1. Thanks for this great tip Hugh. Good to know if we unsubscribe someone, they won’t know about it. Now, if there was just a cure for being able to unsubscribe from blogs I no longer wish to follow. You know when you get email notification of blogs and at the bottom it says we can unsubscribe from following this blog. Well I click on it, takes me to the ‘reader’ management page and never shows the blog I want to unsubscribe from. I have blogs I haven’t visited in years still coming in weekly because of no option. I’ve even reported it as spam, trying anything. Yet, they still come into my mail. I think that’s very Big Brotherish! 🙂

    1. That’s very strange, Debby. I unfollow blogs from the ‘Manage Follow Sites’ page on the dashboard of my blog. I recently wrote about it in my recent post ‘Is This Really The Number One Reason Why people Unfollow A Blog?’

      It works, as after unfollowing the blog from that page, I don’t get any more email notifications of new blog posts published by the blogger I’ve unfollowed. Now, I’m not sure if you have the same page on your blog (because you’re self-hosted) but try this method if you do. Otherwise, try blocking the site altogether. It must be very frustrating still getting all those emails from the blogs you have unsubscribed from. Have you asked the company who hosts your blog if they can help? Let me know how you get on.

      1. Thanks Hugh. Yes, I do go to the reader to ‘unfollow’. but these darn blogs that keep coming in AREN’T LISTED in the reader in my ‘blogs I follow’ list. Go figure! Yet the emails keep coming. 😦

        1. I think you need to ask for some help from the company that hosts your blog, Debby. There has to be an error somewhere that is causing the emails to still come through. It’s worth asking them, just to get rid of those emails.

  2. Hi Hugh…I have one problem it is a strange address all letters and numbers but it won’t let me remove it as soon as I do it pops up again…They must have linked in some way to my blog…???

    1. Oh, dear. This sounds like something you need to report to WordPress, Carol. My fingers are crossed that this person has not somehow hacked into your blog. Please keep us informed what you find out.

    2. I found the same situation with three of these! Thanks again for demonstrating how to do this, Hugh. I removed a LOT of fishy vitamin “businesses,” many of whom I’ve seen in my spam comments.

  3. A useful tip..Thank you, Hugh I will most certainly be using it as I have had a few followers lately different names but the layout of the blog is the same always a great recipe and one I would love to read but underneath in red is always the same link to where I do not wish to be taken having clicked it once…Thank you, Hugh…

      1. I know…Hugh so tedious at times but it must be done so I appreciate knowing how …Thank you…Yes, luckily… WP have sorted it for me…it freaked me out a bit…but as soon as I saw letter and numbers I knew it was something….Thats why I like wordpress and stick with them…Thank you, Hugh …Be well and stay safe 🙂

        1. Glad to hear the WordPress Happiness engineers sorted the problem out for you, Carol. They’re a great bunch. Have always been very helpful when I’ve contacted them.

  4. I’ve often wondered if it was possible … it seemed counter-intuitive that you wouldn’t be able to … and now I know! … just have to bookmark this post so I remember how to do it should the need arise! 🙂

  5. Thanks for sharing this information, Hugh. I’ve known for a while that it’s possible for bloggers to unsubscribe email followers because I’ve had to the it once. (The subscriber kept spamming my blog with irrelevant comments.)

    What I didn’t know was that we could unsubscribe WordPress followers. Thankfully, I don’t have a reason to do that to any of my followers right now. But who knows what the future might bring?

    1. Glad to hear it, Obinna, although I don’t know when you last checked the list of your followers. It’s always worth checking it out, just in case the odd spammer has fallen through the net. I was quite shocked by what I found when I last checked out my ‘follower’ list. From now on, I’ll be checking out new followers more closely and unsubscribing them if it obvious it’s a spam follower.

      1. You’re right. The spammer might be on my list of followers, and I can’t afford to let that happen. I’ll definitey check my follower list for spammers the moment I get the chance. Thank you, Hugh.

  6. I’ve only been blogging for a little over a year, but I’ve never had any bad experiences. A slightly different issue is leaving someone else’s blog. I don’t typically do that, but I wonder if others feel the way I do. Some bloggers have such a large volume of posts each day that it can get a bit overwhelming.

    1. No, I never feel guilty for unfollowing a blog, Pete. If it’s no longer publishing content I’m interested in reading or is publishing too many blog posts a day, then I will unfollow. Some I will try and catch up with on the WP Reader, but it depends on whether I have time or not. I’ve gone through the ‘blogging making me feel overwhelmed’ stage, and it’s not something I ever want to return to again. Blogging should always be about the ‘fun’ and enjoyment. If it makes us feel guilty, stressed, overwhelmed, or starts becoming a chore, then it’s time to change the way we’re doing it. So never feel guilty for unfollowing a blog. Keep on enjoying it.

  7. Your info is always helpful, Hugh. I do have a question. Have you ever read that when one of these strange sources is following your blog that somehow they are tacking on to your readership and hurting your numbers with Google? I thought I read this at one time yet when I’ve asked WP support they say it is no worry to have them follow. Any insight you can provide would be helpful and appreciated. Thank you.

    1. I’ve not heard of that, but I do know that some of these spam followers will try and engage with those who have left comments on your blog posts. They usually do this by pressing ‘like’ on the comment so that the person who left the comment gets a notification that their comment has been liked. Some of those who left comments may be tempted to check out the profile or site of the person who left the like and may end up clicking on links that can infect their computer with any form of software viruses. Some of the sites may also be sites trying to sell loans, vitamins, or any manner of stuff that many of us do not want. I even had one follower which turned out to be a massage parlour in India! That’s not the kind of follower I want ‘liking’ comments on my blog posts, so I unsubscribed them from following my blog.

      I hope that helps, but please feel free to ask any further questions.

  8. I wish I had known this when the one follower with the ghastly thumbnail image landed on my blog’s widget list! This is great, Hugh, thank you for sharing the step-by-step for the process!! I do get a random group of followers from various businesses, but I never see them nor do they ever engage with my blog, that I am aware of.

    1. They may not be engaging with you, Terri, but they may be trying to engage with the people who leave you comments. I often get notifications that ‘somebody’ has ‘liked’ some of the comments I have left on other blogs and wonder why they’ve ‘liked’ so many. Some of these have been from what I would call ‘spam’ followers.

      I only discovered the ‘unsubscribe’ feature recently. I think it’s been available for some time, but I’ve never heard much about it. I think it’s definitely useful to know about and have already used it.

  9. I remove people from my blog, if I think they aren’t a person, or their content seems a bit. I generally do it when I see I have a new follower. I visit their site and try to gauge. I might sit on it for a week or so before I remove.

    I get some crazy followers sometimes and I just don’t like knowing that they are there, so i remove, and I might add their URL to the block thing ( I can’t remember where that is now, WP keep making improvements (not complaining) but cant recall where that is )

    Great post as always.

    1. There are definitely lots of spambot followers out there. Many scroll through the comments sections of blogs, leaving a ‘like’ on most of the comments. That way, some of those who left comments will get a notification that the ‘spammer’ has ‘liked’ their post and may be tempted to check out their blog.

      The other blog post I mentioned in this post “Is Your Blog Under Attack?” has a section on blocking users. Check it out if you need a reminder on how to block users.

  10. Thank you very much for another great tip Hugh! Hope i will remember after re-opening my blog. Since May 2018 with the GDPR – and work here – itsible to to, because some Cookies are not named enough, and and some special “friends” here would have a pleasure sending me a law suit.;-( Hope you enjoyed the bank holiday and stay save. Michael

  11. Excellent advice as ever, Hugh – I’ve often wondered if it was possible to unsubscribe people you’d rather not have following your blog, and now I know! 🙂

  12. Good to know! I get followers all the time who make me wonder why the heck they are following my blog (I don’t follow back so I suspect they go away after a while). I haven’t yet removed them because they seem rather harmless but it’s nice to know that I can if they ever become a nuisance.

    1. Not all of them will go away. Many of these strange followers (especially those trying to sell something you don’t want) will scroll the comments sections of your blog posts and press the ‘like’ button on as many comments as possible. That way, some of those who left comments will get notified that their comment has been liked and may be tempted to click on the Gravatar and be taken to a site they don’t particularly want to see. It’s definitely worth considering unsubscribing these followers from your blog and to keep unsubscribing them if they keep trying to subscribe. They’ll soon get fed up and move on.

  13. I don’t know if I ever thought of unsubscribing someone. I simply blocked two blogs so far. Unsubscribing them would be the first easy way to hold them on a distance without them knowing you did it. Good tip, Hugh!

    1. Blocking them is excellent as they can not leave any comments, but unsubscribing them means they’ll also stop receiving any notifications that you’ve published new blog posts, Erika. It’s defiantly worth thinking about.

  14. Thank you, Hugh, for another handy tips. I just removed one who was not quite welcome. I was a guest posting something about personal finance and reblogged to my blog, I got many investors, financial advisers followed and wanted to sell me their programs. So I removed them.

    1. Oh dear, I’ve heard of that kind of thing happening before, Miriam. I’m always a little wary of somebody inviting me to write a guest blog who has never so much as contacted me or left me any comments before. That might sound being a little too cautious, but one never knows.

      1. I thought that person invited me to write a guest post, but he actually wanted to write a post and post on my blog. After I checked him out, I told him I only invite guests, but not accepting requests yet!!

        1. I get guest posts requests almost every day for my blog, Miriam. Unformtaunaly, most of them want to include affiliated links into their posts or links that lead to dodgy websites. If they’ve never contacted me before or left me any comments, then I either say no, or say, yes, but that I charge £100 per post. I’ve yet to hear back from any of them.

  15. Thank you Hugh. I have only had a couple of sketchy followers, yet I did not feel comfortable. Like you say “lurking in the background.” I have blocked the occasional comment in my spam when someone was obviously selling something. I did not know about blocking a follower. Thank you, again.

    1. You’re welcome, Erica. I think most bloggers have at least a couple of followers they’d rather not be following them. If they don’t, then I recommend they take a closer look at their ‘followers’ list and check who’s there. I’m glad there’s a way of getting rid of them.

  16. Thanks Hugh, another handy lesson. Yes I had discovered how to do this and every now and then remove a few; usually someone selling vitamin pills or advertising dental services in the USA… or a realtor in the USA. WHY I wonder? The vitamin pills are usually back following within a day!

    1. You’ve given us some great examples of who we can unsubscribe from following our blogs, Janet. I agree that some are soon back, but keep on unsubscribing them and they’ll quickly get the message. I do this a lot on Twitter. I call it Twitter Bingo.

    1. I don’t think a lot of bloggers know they can do this, Esther. Check out who’s following your blog and get rid of those holiday companies, loan sharks, real-estate agents and vitamin pills sellers. They’re usually easy to spot.

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