How To Unsubscribe Somebody From Following Your WordPress Blog

You may wonder why any blogger would want to unsubscribe somebody from following their blog. However, there are genuine reasons why some people want to do this.

For example, there may be a blogger who is horrified that one of the managers from their office has subscribed. Or a member of the family has found your blog where you share some intense feelings about family and friends.

Unsubscribing people from your blog is easy to do.

Why do people follow blogs?

Isn’t it because they enjoy reading the content? Not necessarily.

When I first started to blog, I began asking why some people wanted to follow me. For example, why was a womenswear company and a blog that sold coach holidays following my blog?

At the time, I was not writing and publishing any blogging or social media tips, so I could not understand what interest they had in my content.

They never ‘liked’ or left comments on any of my blog posts, yet I was still conscious that they were lurking in the background as if waiting for the right moment to pounce on me. 

Some of them may have been playing the ‘follow you, so you follow me’ game, but I soon realised that all they wanted was to try and sell me something.

At the time, I was delighted with watching the number of followers increase, but there may be occasions when you want to unsubscribe somebody from following your WordPress blog.    

Here’s how to do it.

  • On the dashboard of your blog, go to Manage and click on People.
Click on Manage and then on People
  • Click on Followers 
Click on the Followers button
  • Find the person you want to unsubscribe from your blog and click on the Remove button next to their name.
Click on the Remove button
  • You’ll get a message asking you to confirm that you want to continue with the unsubscription. Click on the remove button in the message to confirm.   
  • You can also do the same for email followers.
Click on the Email Followers button

There is nothing stopping people from still viewing your blog and trying to subscribe again, but you’ll get a notification if they try and subscribe. 

By unsubscribing them from your blog, they will get no notifications that you have published any new blog posts. Nor will they know that you have unsubscribed them from your blog. 

Is there anything else to consider?

Yes. Remember too, that after unsubscribing somebody from your blog, you may also like to do the same with your social media accounts.

This is especially important if any new blog posts you publish are instantly shared to your social media accounts.     

Of course, if you do have reasons for not wanting certain people finding your blog or social media accounts, it’s probably a better idea to use a pseudonym and not to publish any photos of yourself on your blog or on your social media accounts.

You can also block people from leaving comments. My blog post Is Your Blog Under Attack? explains how to do this.

Banner for the blog post Is Your Blog Under Attack?
Click on the above image to view the post.

These days, because I publish a lot of blogging and social media tips, I’m not so concerned who follows my blog anymore. However, I will remove or block anyone who keeps trying to sell me something I don’t want or need.


  • There are genuine reasons why people want to unsubscribe somebody from following their blog.
  • Follow the steps in this post to unsubscribe people from following your blog.
  • Remember to do the same on your social media accounts.
  • Just as when you unfollow somebodies blog, people you unsubscribe do not get notified that you have unsubscribed them. 
  • Unsubscribing somebody does not mean they can no longer view your blog, but they will stop receiving notifications of any new blog posts you publish.
  • Consider using a pseudonym on both your blog and your social media accounts if you don’t want anyone to know your real identity.
  • Block users you do not want to receive any comments from.  

What about you?

  • Did you know you can unsubscribe individuals from following your blog?
  • Are there any reasons why you would unsubscribe somebody from following your blog? 
  • Have you ever unsubscribed or blocked someone from following your blog or leaving comments? 

Join the discussion by leaving me a comment that I can respond to with more than just a ‘thank you.’

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93 thoughts on “How To Unsubscribe Somebody From Following Your WordPress Blog

  1. lol First thing I saw was my name and photo….and thought you were going to remove me 😊
    I’ve used this feature many times when I’ve had ‘seedy looking’ characters follow. Sounds picky doesn’t it – it’s a public blog so they are able to read/comment if they want but I’d rather them not.

    1. No, you were my demo for this tutorial, Cathy. I’m still following your blog.

      I’ve unsubscribed a few people from following my blog, but more because of the nasty comments they tried leaving.

    1. It’s more about how to unsubscribe somebody from following your blog rather than just hitting the ‘unfollow’ button because you no longer enjoy the content, Robbie. I haven’t unsubscribed many followers from my blog, but I know a few bloggers who have.

        1. I’ve unfollowed hundreds of blogs in my time, Robbie. At one stage, I was following over 500. It got very overwhelming and took the fun out of blogging for me. It may have been because, at first, I followed whoever followed me. Now I’m careful before I decide whether to follow a blog or not. Now I’m following around 130. That seems to be a good balance for me. About every six months, I also unfollow any blogs that have not published any new content in over a year.

  2. Hi Hugh, This is an interesting post. I’ve heard that some people unsubscribe e-mail followers who don’t open their e-mails. To be honest now I can’t remember why they do it, maybe rankings? When you stop someone from following does it automatically stop them from being able to leave comments too? Or is this two separate things?

    As you may, or may not remember I still don’t have a blog. But maybe someday. In the mean time I do like learning as much as I can about blogging. I appreciate the time you take to help.

    Be well.

    1. Hi Lea. You got me wondering how somebody would know if an email subscriber had opened an email or not. I have email subscribers but have no idea how to check if they’ve opened the emails to my blog posts. Maybe you’re referring to whether the email subscriber has clicked the ‘like’ button or left a comment on a post as a way of knowing if the email has been read?

      In answer to your question, when you unsubscribe somebody from following your blog, they can still leave comments on posts. All unsubscribing does is to stop them being informed that you’ve published a new blog post. As far as I’m aware, the only way to stop anybody leaving comments on your posts is to not approve their comments. However, today, I may have found another way to block users leaving comments (watch out for an upcoming post with details).

      Take care, and stay safe.

      1. Now you’ve got my curiosity Hugh.

        If I figure out why people do that I’ll come back here and let you know. I follow two blogs and get e-mails from them. They are connected to each other, same owner two different topics. I was having issues with my e-mails and laptop so I hadn’t opened e-mails from them for probably two months or so. When I was able to get back to my e-mails shortly afterwards I got an e-mail from them asking if I still wanted to receive e-mails from them.

        1. They may have sent you those emails because of the new data protection laws that came into force, Lea. Then again, they may well have been tidying up their email subscription lists and checking who wanted to still receive emails. If it was the latter, that’s a nice thing to do. Given how many emails most of us now get daily, I guess it helps cut down the number we get. All those emails can often get too overwhelming.

    1. Thank you, Eileen. Same here. And I think I’ve just discovered a way to block users from leaving comments (if and when they ever get nasty and turn into a troll). I’ll reveal all in an upcoming post.

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