Monthly Wrap-Up – May 2020

Did You Miss Any Of These?

  • Continuing the story of Doug, Sophie and Mike created from writing prompts set by Charli Mills.

Crack #flashfiction

  • Where do you get the images from that you use on your blog posts? Have you discovered the WordPress free photo library?

How To Access And Use The WordPress Free Photo Library

  • Can you guess what these strange objects are?

Strange Objects #WordlessWednesday #photography

  • Join Petunia and Fred on the balcony of the cruise ship they are on. What could possibly go wrong while taking in the view?

Cruising #flashfiction #3LineTales

  • A journey on the London underground takes Grace Simmons to an annual encounter at Aldwych Station on the same date every year. However, with the prospect of further meetings never being able to take place, Grace must ensure that this final meeting is one where she and a ghost will never part.

Last Train To Aldwych – A Short Story For VE Day

  • This is what I do to ensure my blog is safe and secure from internet hackers, trolls and other threats.

Is Your Blog Under Attack?

  • Continuing the story of Doug, Sophie and Mike created from writing prompts set by Charli Mills.

Danger #flashfiction

  • Does blogging make you feel guilty or stress you out? This is how I changed the way I blogged so that I could stop worrying about feeling guilty or getting stressed out about blogging.

How To Stop Feeling Guilty Or Stressed Out About Blogging

  • What does your silhouette look like?

Silhouette #WordlessWednesday #photography

  • The ‘About me’ page of a blog is one of the most visited pages of any blog. This is why every blogger should have one. But what information should it contain?

Why Every Blogger Should Have Am About Me Page On Their Blog

Would you trust this clock with telling you the correct time?

Tik Tock #WordlessWednesday #photography

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