Tik Tock #WordlessWednesday #photography

Wordless Wednesday – Allow your photo(s) to tell the story.

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32 thoughts on “Tik Tock #WordlessWednesday #photography

    1. Those arms only moved when the clock struck thirteen o’clock, Liesbet. Behind the middle door were the movements of the clock. If you tickled them, the clock giggled.

    1. We’re still in strict lockdown in Wales, Willow, so we’ve not ben anywhere. We’re not even allowed to travel in a car to exercise (unlike in England). We’re also still not able to meet one person from another household outside. My fingers are crossed that some restrictions will be lifted tomorrow, but I’m happy to also stay as we are if it means we’re saving lives.

      1. Yes I totally agree, we in England went into lockdown too late and we have come out of it too soon, I fear. Don’t get me started, I fear a second wave. Be safe and hope to see you for a hug when this is all over 💜💜 whenever that might be 💜

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