How to Safely Move Your Blog from to

In the six years I’ve been blogging, I’ve often read success and horror stories about moving a blog over to a self-hosting platform.

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After leaving a recent comment on one of my blog posts, I stumbled upon a blog post written by Debby Winter (who left the comment) on how to safely move a blog to (self-hosting platform).

Whilst I have no intention of moving my blog from to a self-hosting platform, it’s one of the best posts I’ve come across that explains the whole process of moving to a self-hosting platform.

Not only does Debby explain the whole process in an easy to understand format, she also includes plenty of screenshots (which I’m a big fan of).

I left Debby some questions on her post. These questions are centred around what I’d come across when reading some of the nightmare stories people had when making the move to a self-hosting platform.

You can check out Debby’s post by clicking the link below.

Blogging Tips: How To Safely Move Your Blog from to

Debby is an SEO consultant, content publicist and link building strategist. While there, check out some of her other posts too. Not only have I found them interesting, but I’ve learned a lot too.

Check out Debby’s About page by clicking here.

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