Crack #flashfiction

April 30, 2020, prompt: In 99 words (no more, no less), write a story that features long boards. They can be used in any way you imagine, including a name for sporting equipment. How are they used and who is using them? Go where the prompt leads!

Image credit: Charli Mills

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Rolling his heavy body towards the spot where Clarice had disappeared, Doug rubbed his hand over the long, bare floorboards. A crackling sound of static made the hairs on the back of his hand tingle.


Two floors below, Mike looked down at himself and took a deep breath. Pushing out the air hard, he aimed it towards the long boards just below where his other-self lay.

He watched as the boards started cracking.


Terrified by what the woman had yelled at her, Sophie’s shielded her face as the long floorboards underneath the woman began to make a cracking sound.

You can click here to read the first part of this story and follow the links back to this part.

Written in response to the 99-word flash fiction challenge hosted by Charli Mills at the Carrot Ranch.

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Copyright © 2020 – All rights reserved.

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28 thoughts on “Crack #flashfiction

        1. I agree, Norah. It wasn’t something I could have fitted into the story. Let’s hope I can fit in Charli’s next prompt. My fingers are crossed.

  1. Maybe a collapse of the floors will bring evrryone together though given the way you think they’ll end up in three separate dungeons! Charli has a lot to answer for with her prompts

    1. As soon as I saw the prompt, floorboards came straight to mind, Charli. Having missed last week’s prompt, I didn’t want to let fans of this story down, so I got to writing it straight away.

    1. Neither do I, Donna. Last week’s prompt totally stumped me, but I had ideas straight away when I read this week’s prompt.
      I’m glad you’re still enjoying this continuing story.

  2. You are amazing me over and over again how you manage to keep your story going using the prompt word and it always works out and makes me want to know more.

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