Earth #WordlessWednesday #photography #EarthDay50

Wordless Wednesday – Allow your photo(s) to tell the story.

For Sunday Stills – Theme ‘Mother Earth.’

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40 thoughts on “Earth #WordlessWednesday #photography #EarthDay50

  1. Seems the earth and nature are celebrating their most beautiful time of existence in decades. The sun shines, nature is still. The universe breathes.<3

  2. What beautiful nature photos, Hugh. Nature is amazing. That’s a cute little dog in the picture.

    I just saw a happy video of a shelter in Florida that has cleared the kennels. All of the employees are so happy that the dogs have ALL been adopted. They still have some cats but are hopeful they’ll be adopted soon. An unexpected silver lining.

    1. That’s Austin (one of our dogs) in the last photo, Lea. He looks so small in the photo and sneaked into it at the last moment.

      I’m so pleased to hear the news about the animal shelter in Florida. Let’s hope they find homes for those last remaining cats too.

    1. That sunset is actually a sunrise, Jacquie. I took it during the winter when our sunrises are more spectacular.

      Our two dogs often have the whole beach to themselves, especially now. It’s like one big playground for them.

  3. Maybe Mother Earth needed to just breathe and show the universe who is boss! Nature has its way in spite of us tiny humans. Wonderful images that depict our global residence, Hugh! I’m watching the morning news and hearing how carbon emissions are down and animals are freely roaming the planet. Hopefully the pandemic will teach us some lessons. Happy Earth Day!

    1. That’s great news about the reduction in carbon emissions and the animals roaming freely, Terri. I think Mother Earth is teaching us all a lesson.
      Enjoy your Earth day. Mother Earth and Mother Nature have given us a beautiful sunny day today.

    1. The middle one was taken from the guest bedroom window, Liesbet. Although, I did open the window to take the shot. I love the sunrises here in Swansea, especially the winter ones (when the photo was taken).

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