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    1. I’m not so sure about it being healthy, as it included lots of sugar in the recipe. However, others who have left comments have said that the sugar can be replaced with things like honey, or that the sweetness of the banana will make up for the loss of the sugar. It’s something I’ll have to try out sometime.

    1. I hadn’t considered cream cheese on Banana Bread. It’s also been suggested I try peanut butter on it. Now I’ve two new things to try out on the next batch (when I can next buy some flour).

      1. Toasted in the oven with butter is also excellent. Cream cheese is a favorite. I hope you can keep stocked on flour. Stay safe and stay well.

    1. I would have loved to have carried on with some more baking, Mabel, but now I can’t buy any flour. All the stores seem to be sold out of it. It’s now a waiting game until I can bake again.

        1. Isn’t it amazing what job we turn too when we’re forced to stay at home, Willow? This week, I gave our dustbin and recycling bins birthdays by giving them all a good clean. Now they look brand new again.

      1. Thanks so much Hugh. Wow, go figure, no flour, but plenty of TP, lol. Now I must go check my flour stock as there’s a chance I’ll be popping out tomorrow and passing the health food store with plenty of flour. Maybe you should try your local healthfood store? ❤

        1. That’s an idea, but as far as I know, health food stores have had to close here, Debby. It’s only the big supermarkets that are open, plus the local corner shops. I hope you find some on your outing out tomorrow. I’ll try again next week, as I have another food delivery booked. I’ve been lucky in being able to find some local delivery slots. Still, at least we have plenty of toilet paper now. 😀

        2. LOL yay on the TP and delivery slots. I’ve given up on them and go out usually once every 10 days, but this will be a double outing tomorrow lol 🙂

    1. It was mouthwatering, Mary. I surprised myself with how it turned out. But now I’ve run out of flour and can’t seem to buy anymore from anywhere. The baking is currently on hold.

  1. I would like to reach over and grab a piece and slather it with peanut butter, my favorite way to enjoy banana bread. I’m no cook or baker either Hugh. I usually just buy treats – the baking gene totally skipped over me!

    1. I did ask my partner if we should add butter or some jam (or both) to a slice of the bread before eating it, but he said he wanted to taste it on its own first. The recipe I used did suggest adding frosted icing to the top, but I gave that a miss. We rather enjoyed it plain, but I do like the thought of some peanut butter on top, Linda.

      1. I’ve never tried banana bread with frosted icing Hugh – it would be a miss for me as well. I like it plain too – try the peanut butter; you’ll really enjoy it if you’re a fan of peanut butter. I personally could eat peanut butter on everything. 🙂

  2. Congrats looks great. Next time try adding a little honey instead of sugar. My daughter bakes and knows all these tricks. She makes an apple bread that is to die for. I am so glad you did this. To us Baking is fun and tasty

    1. Adding honey instead of sugar sounds like a great idea. I’ll certainly give it a try. Thank you for the healthy-tip.

      I’ve never heard of apple bread. That’s a new one on me. Sounds just as delicious, though.

  3. Congrats, Hugh! It looks delicious. I made my first sugarless banana muffins last month. They were very good, too. Thank you for sharing the recipe.

        1. That’s interesting, Natalie. As somebody who has a ‘sweet-tooth’, I wonder if just the sweetness of bananas would be satisfying? I’d have to taste first before attempting to bake the banana bread without using sugar. Another suggestion was to add honey in place of sugar. I’d probably try that first and work my way down to adding nothing sweet. Considering I managed to stop adding sugar to my tea and porridge, I’m sure it would be just a case of getting use to it.

  4. We used to make banana bread but now I eat them all before they get ripe. Yours looks great – much better than my oatcakes. We can’t get flour either. It seems they are only used to supplying large quantities and don’t have small bags for supermarkets.This virus is certainly getting us to try new things. I have a jigsaw I want to do but nowhere big enough to hold it that we don’t use for meals!

    1. I’m glad I found this recipe, Julie, as I usually end up with too many bananas and don’t like them so much when they start to ripen. Now I have the perfect recipe for them.

      I gave my father and Step-mother a 1,000 piece jigsaw for Christmas. For the last three weeks of lockdown, that jigsaw has helped fill their days. They tell me that they’re quite a team when it comes to finding the right pieces.

    1. There’s definitely a banana theme going on here, Aimer.
      I bet they tasted great. I only ever seem to eat muffins when in North America. Time for a trip – when the pandemic is over.

    1. I was surprised that the recipe I used had a teaspoon of salt in it. I only added a pinch of salt, but it still tasted brilliant. I also added sour-cream but found out that I could have used low-fat yoghurt. I know for next time.

      Thanks for the link for the recipe for soda bread. I was going to buy myself a bread-maker, but I may save my money and try baking it myself. I love the smell of freshly baked bread.

      1. And it lasts for days. I just wrap it in a clean tea towel and leave it in a basket in my (cool) kitchen. You could add herbs and/or cheese or add a small amount of raisens or sultanas for a sweeter taste. Let me know if you make it and how it turns out. (If it stickes to your hands while you’re mixing it, add a little extra flour).

        1. I’ll certainly let you know. I’m not able to buy any flour at the moment. It seems to be out-of-stock every time I shop.

          And thank you for the tip on the sticky dough.

    1. And it tasted good too. I shocked myself in how it turned out, especially given that I failed all my home-economics exams at school. And there I was, one of the first boys in Wales to take home-economics at school.

    1. I’m intrigued by how you manage to make banana bread without an oven, Liesbet. But, there must be a way. After all, I see lots of recipes here and on social media that have ‘no-bake’ in their title.

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