Resting #WordlessWednesday #photography

Wordless Wednesday – allow your photo(s) to tell the story.

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20 thoughts on “Resting #WordlessWednesday #photography

      1. Yes, I like that a lot. A different scenery and also (depending on the area) you can see so much “sea life” appearing in low-tide.

  1. What a great photo Hugh — it’s just brought back many great memories of being in Spain last year, and Croatia before that. And I look forward to the days when we can holiday again, I’m going stir-crazy, as are many others, being stuck indoors.

    1. Thanks, Caz. I’m always looking at photos because they are a great source of bringing back great memories. I especially like looking at old photos and remembering the times when they were taken. I just saw one of a queue of people outside a cinema all going to see the first Star Wars movie in the 1970s. I remember being one of those people. It only seems like yesterday. I’ve just tweeted the photo.

      Yes, I’m sure many are getting ‘cabin fever.’ Fortunately, I have two dogs to walk, although I don’t stay out for too long. The fresh air helps, though.

      Stay safe.

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