Twitching #flashfiction

March 19, 2020, prompt: In 99 words (no more, no less), write a story about a rabbit on the roof. Or many rabbits. Why are they there? Explain the unexpected, go into any genre. Go where the prompt leads!

As Sophie walked towards the figure of the woman, she noticed the front cover of the book in the woman’s hand. A rabbit on a roof. But was she dreaming, or was the rabbit’s nose twitching?


As Mike looked up at the ceiling of his room, the tapping noise he heard sounded like a rabbit he’d once seen hopping along a newly tiled roof. Particles of paint dust falling from the ceiling forced his eyes to twitch uncontrollably.


Two floors above, Doug’s eyes twitched on Clarice’s face. “Run rabbit, run. Doug, did you know there’s a gun?” she asked.

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Image credit: Charli Mills

Written in response to the 99-word flash fiction challenge hosted by Charli Mills at the Carrot Ranch.

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30 thoughts on “Twitching #flashfiction

  1. There are a few twitchy rabbits in this story. Or is it the same rabbit? Are they all in the same story? Obscure, Mr Roberts, obscure.

      1. I watched it twice to get it. It is mostly dreams, where they try to reach down into the subconscious to extract information. Very complicated story.

    1. I’ll try and promise not to end it too soon, Donna. I guess it depends on the upcoming prompts, but I don’t want the story to keep running if readers get tired of it. My fingers are crossed that none of you will.

    1. I’ve not seen that episode, Terri. However, I have a boxset of the Twilight Zone episodes from the 1980s to watch. I don’t think I ever saw them when they were first on TV. In fact, they may even never have been shown on British TV. We’re still waiting for the new Twilight Zone episodes from last year to air, but there are no plans for it to be shown in the UK 😫

    1. ‘Run rabbit run’ was the first line that came into my head when I saw the prompt, Liesbet. This week’s episode was slightly more challenging to write, but I think I got there.

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