Day Trip #WordlessWednesday #photography

Wordless Wednesday – allow your photo(s) to tell the story.

Also published for SundayStills – Theme: Near and Far.

Copyright © 2020 – All rights reserved.

38 thoughts on “Day Trip #WordlessWednesday #photography

      1. This makes so much sense. It looks like a setting for an Agatha Christie movie. And I can only imagine how inspiring it must be for an author… how many stories did you write there?

        1. Oh, I wasn’t staying at the hotel. They wouldn’t let me in! Not even for a coffee. It’s a very exclusive hotel for paying guests only. I’m glad I got the photos, though.

    1. Thanks, Terri. Taken with an iPhone. The weather was perfect for taking photos that day. I was amazed by how many ‘near and far’ photos I had. I thought these were the best ones to showcase.

    1. It’s Burgh Island, Cathy. The hotel is famous for Agatha Christie. It’s said that she wrote some of her books while staying at the hotel. They would not let us in (we only wanted a coffee and to look around). It’s a very exclusive hotel. You have to wear black tie every evening for dinner.

        1. They wouldn’t let me in, Cathy. And I only wanted a coffee and maybe a tour of the room Agatha used to write her books. However, later that day, I actually got to walk around Agatha’s real house. Now owned by the National Trust, it was a lovely tour. 😀

        2. I think that was very mean but I’m glad you got to go round Agatha’s house. I’ve only passed it on a river cruise but a visit is on my bucket list.

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