The Road To Where? #flashfiction

February 27, 2020, prompt: In 99 words (no more, no less), write a story that includes the open road. Where will the trip lead? Who is going, and why? Follow the open road wherever it may lead!

Thank goodness nobody else was in the room, thought Mike. Putting the gun away, the sound of meowing from the other side of his hotel room door startled him. He hesitated before moving towards it.


Having decided to follow the meowing cat, Sophie was shocked by what she saw as she turned the corner of the hotel corridor. In front of her, an open road with a cat running towards the horizon. Should she follow it?


Two floors above, Doug’s dream continued. Rainbow, the cat, reappeared, only this time somebody was following the feline. “Don’t follow,” he murmured.

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Image credit: Charli Mills

Written in response to the 99-word flash fiction challenge hosted by Charli Mills at the Carrot Ranch.

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Copyright © 2020 – All rights reserved.


34 thoughts on “The Road To Where? #flashfiction

  1. Yes! I think you’re setting a record here, Hugh, by continuing this story for multiple episodes. Whenever finished, it would be great to be able to read the entire story all at once. I think you have plans on doing that whenever you explain your writing process in a separate post. I just love how your characters (and the prompts) are encouraging you to continue this tale!

    1. I’ll certainly put the whole story together when it comes to an end, Liesbet. Who knows? Maybe it will become a novel? It does very much depend on the prompts, and when I feel the story needs to end. I don’t want to string it out just for the case of doing so. It would become boring if I did that.
      Thanks so much for continuing to read the story. A few of you seem to be hooked on it. That’s a good enough excuse for me to carry on with it.

  2. Ah, gee. I can’t leave a comment because I already used Ken Kesey and Timothy Leary in a comment. What an open road this prompt has proven to be.
    Is anyone ever gonna die already???? Hope not soon, this is too fun.

    1. Thanks, D. Given that only about 10 minutes have elapsed since the first part of the story, I think there’s still plenty more time for somebody to die. However, it does very much depend on the prompts Charli has lined up for us all.

    1. Thanks, Jacquie. This is a new way for me to write a piece of fiction. I had no intention of making the story of Doug, Sophie and Mike into anything other than a 99-word piece of flash fiction. They insisted I continue.

    1. I’m glad you’re enjoying it, Willow. This is a totally new way for me to write a piece of fiction. Usually, authors are in total control of what they write. With Charli in control of the weekly prompts, I don’t feel in total control, but I’m excited by that.
      I’m always happy with a cup of tea. I much prefer it to coffee.

      1. I prefer coffee too strong and black. I am , and have been for two years now , writing a story using Sue Vincent’s Thursday Photo Challenge #writephoto. It is totally out our control isn’t it but as you say very exciting 💜

  3. I’m so bad at flash fiction. These are fantastic, though. What an interesting (and strange) direction it took. I’m going to try this challenge soon!

    1. I only really got into flash fiction by participating in writing prompts like the ones Charli publishes on her blog every Friday. I don’t participate every week, but over the years I’ve participated I’ve had great fun writing them and have met some great bloggers who also participate. I hope you do join us at the Carrot Ranch soon. You’ll be made to feel very welcome.

      1. Oh, I most certainly will. Expect to see me there! I just took a quick visit and realized I needed to stay longer. Flash fiction prompts will help with my verbosity. I just can’t help it! I love words too much.

        Thanks again, though, Hugh!

    1. It’s a real challenge, Ritu. Not only am I only allowed 99 words, but I got to include the prompt as well. However, the prompts are taking the story in a completely different direction. I’m having great fun with it.

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