Floods #WordlessWednesday #photography

Wordless Wednesday – allow your photo(s) to tell the story.

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59 thoughts on “Floods #WordlessWednesday #photography

    1. I saw the news of the floods after the fires in your part of the world, Debbie. And now we have the coronavirus to add to the mix. I can see why many people are getting concerned about what is going on in today’s world. My brother-in-law thinks it’s the end of the world, but I’m not all doom and gloom like him.

  1. The floods have been terrible, with two named storms one after the other, I feel awful for all those affected. Your photos capture it perfectly Hugh. Glad to read you escaped the flooding. Let’s hope Mother Nature gives us a break soon. Roll on Spring! 😊

    1. Quite a lot of homes and businesses got flooded, Terri. The cleanup is well underway, but there’s no knowing if we’re going to get any more Atlantic storms like the last two. One person lost their life.

      Mother Nature is undoubtedly upset that many of the human race is not taking any notice of her. At least the spring bulbs have flowered, although they look kinda sad in the wind and rain. No signs of a long dry spell here in the UK. I only wish we could share some of the rain we’ve had with those parts of the world that need it.

      This time last year, the UK recorded it’s warmest February day on record. I can remember seeing people out having picnics and wearing summer clothes. We were even able to sit in the garden during the day and evenings. No such luck this February.

  2. Oh! I am so glad you are all safe. We were flooded out 35 years ago up past my knees in my our home , we lost nearly everything but we got ourselves sorted , it was apparently a one in one hundred years occorance . I have actually wept for some people recovering from storm Ceira only to be hit by Storm Dennis. Stay dry and safe Hugh 💜💜

    1. That must have been a horrible experience, Willow. I keep hearing about these one in one hundred years occurrence quotes, but it’s now happening a lot more than once every 100 years. Two storms in two weeks have been devastating for many communities. Let us hope that the first signs of spring will be with us soon. We’ve spring flowers out in the garden, but they look very sad in the wind and rain.

      1. I know Hugh, we all need to see an end to this wind and rain. The TV and radio bring all those old feelings back as if it were yesterday. I pray everyone stays safe and dry.💜

  3. Oh my goodness, Hugh! It is always so unnerving to see water raging and flooding areas that aren’t normally used to anything close to that much water. Hoping things settle down very soon. Cher xo

    1. I can imagine how frightening the people who live near the river must have felt, Cher. I usually walk the dogs in a meadow across the other side of the river. It’s still underwater today. Fingers crossed that the weather will break soon.

      1. Yes, it must be terribly frightening, Hugh. I’ve got my fingers crossed as well. The boys will no doubt be (as will you!) happy to see the meadow again, and hopefully soon! Cher xo

  4. Hi Hugh – thanks for posting … good to see another angle. About 50 years ago I was trying to get back to Northants via Abergavenny … and a lorry driver flagged me down – ‘saying you won’t get through luv’ … so turned round and went on a long drive map reading to get back. The weather is really dreadful at the moment for many and for farmers … stay safe and dry – cheers Hilary

    1. Hi Hilary, you probably know the bridge between Llanfoist and Abergavenny then? On Sunday morning, it was almost underwater, but the water level had peaked and then started to drop. The bridge finally reopened yesterday, but with more rain forecasted the threat of flooding remains. Two significant storms just a week apart have really taken their toll. I’m safe and dry and preying there are no more major storms this winter.

    1. Yes, me too, especially those who didn’t have home insurance. Many communities are coming together to raise funds and are also donating a lot of stuff too. It’s at times like these that people really show how much they do care.

    1. Thank you, Donna. We’re lucky, as we haven’t been flooded, but many people have lost a lot in the floods. It’s been one of the wettest autumns and winters on record, with more rain forecasted. Fortunately, no more signs of any storms in the next few days.

  5. Hope you are dry Hugh, had to call off my twice monthly drive from South to North on Sunday because of the flooding in Mid! Luckily I am on a hill though could see a bit of flooding further off in the Vale of Glam.

    1. I’m pleased to report that despite only living a 1/4 mile from the river, we’re dry and safe. Some of the properties next to the river were flooded (including the local pub). The bridge only reopened to traffic yesterday. Although the water level has dropped, there’s now another 60-80mm of rain forecasted to fall over the next two days. Not out of the woods yet, but hopefully no more storms like Dennis.

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