How To Remove Duplicate Photos Using The Remo Duplicate Photos Remover App

Like many people with a smartphone, I have hundreds and hundreds of photos taking up lots of valuable space.

Strangely, for whatever reasons, some of those photos are duplicated.

With so many photos to go through, it can be time-consuming going through them all and deleting all the duplicates.

That’s where the Remo Duplicate Photos Remover app comes in handy. With just a few clicks, I was able to delete 129 duplicated photos and free up to 14MB of space on my iPhone.

Here’s how I did it.

  • In the search bar of the app store (the app is also available on Android) type in Remo Duplicate Photos Remover.
  • Download the app. At the time of writing this, it’s free to download.

Let’s get started.

  • Press the Scan button.
  • The app will start scanning your photo library.

When the scan finishes, you’ll be informed how many duplicated photos have been found and how much space will be freed up if you delete the duplicates.

  • Press the OK button.

You’ll be shown a list of all the duplicated photos the app has found. They will be presented to you as sets of duplicates.

  • Check the list and put a tick in the box of the sets of photos you want to delete.
  • Alternately, you can click on the menu button in the top righthand corner of the app and make a selection of what action you want to take. In my case, I chose to Select All.
  • The app will ask you if you want to delete all the duplicated photos you have selected. To proceed, click on the Delete button.
  • After deletion has taken place, you’ll be informed how many photos were deleted and how much space has been freed up as a result of the removals.
  • You can, if you wish, do a rescan.

At the time of writing this review, the Remo Duplicate Photos Remover is free to download.


This is a fantastic little app that did the work of removing duplicated photos from my iPhone photo library quickly and effortlessly. It also has an option of showing you photos that are similar and which you may, therefore, want to delete.

I highly recommend this app to anybody wanting to get rid of duplicated photos on their mobile phone or tablet.

Give it a try and leave me a comment letting me know how you got on using the app. Please also feel free to leave me details of any apps you’ve found useful.

This review is my own. I have not been rewarded by the developer of the app for writing this review.

Copyright © 2020 – All rights reserved.

82 thoughts on “How To Remove Duplicate Photos Using The Remo Duplicate Photos Remover App

  1. I’ve got to link to this on my next post about organizing photos. But right now I’m linking it to my Sunday Stills because I have something for you, Hugh.

        1. Only to enjoy photography, and ensure you delete those photos you know you’ll never use. Otherwise, you’ll have too many to sort out.
          And when adding images to your blog, give them names so you can easily find them.

        2. That’s great advice, Hugh, but how do you know you will never use them? Do you fill out all the alt information for each picture in WordPress?

        3. I go with my gut feeling, Marsha. I’ve been having a cleanout of my photo library recently. Have deleted over 500 images since the beginning of the year, and I’m still deleting them. It gives me a great feeling of getting rid of all the clutter.

          Yes, I always fill in the ‘alt’ information on all images I use on my blog posts. If you use keywords in that box, it can attract SEOs to the post. Leaving it blank is a no-no.

        4. You are amazing, Hugh. I am not so diligent. I do name my pictures, but I don’t take the time to fill out all the alt information on all the photo challenge pictures. It takes me so long to write each post, that is where I cut corners.

        5. Some of my posts are not photo laden. That’s a great idea, though. Hugh. Cee says I don’t need to use as many photos for a challenge. And it does seem like my posts are a little photo-rich. But I NEED THEM!

        6. I recommend you add details in the ALT box of any image (regardless of whether it’s a photo or not) you add to a blog post. It all helps drive traffic to your posts if you include keywords. SEOs don’t like blank boxes.

        7. Thanks for the link, Marsha. What you said in it all makes sense to me. I’ve learned most of this stuff over the 7 years I’ve been blogging. There is a lot to take in, and I stick to most of the stuff I have learned. And, as I mentioned before, I always add text to the Alt Text box. Your article also mentioned something fundamental – filling in the information is especially helpful to people who are blind or have poor eyesight.

        8. Yes. Thanks for reading. I think you are probably one of the most conscientious blogger on the planet. You learn and practice blogging skills. I am much more comfortable with my skills now than when I started blogging nine years ago. I had to learn everything at once. Now, it’s a tweak here and there. I’m sure you are the same way. I had gotten lazy when I came back to my blog this March.

  2. Great review Hugh, love the pictures and have just downloaded Remo. It’s currently scanning in the background 15000 and counting.
    A couple of questionsyou may know the answer to. Once it’s scanned and sorted the duplicates, I read on the app store that is saves the best copy and the rest would be diplicates. I wonder if you’d know what ‘best’ means? Is it the largest file size for that image?

    Once deleted, are they then deleted from iCloud and photo stream please.

    I have nearly 200gb of photos and this needs trimming!!

    Many thanks,


    1. Thank you, Neil.

      I’m not entirely sure what it means by ‘best.’ However, I’ve found that the images that it has marked as best as excellent quality. I’ve never come across an image the app has recommended that I’ve not liked.

      Yes, any images you ask the app to delete are also removed from your iCloud account.

      I hope that helps? Good luck with using the app. It’s one of the best I’ve used for freeing up space and ditching duplicate photos.

      Best wishes,

  3. Hi Hugh,
    I have so little space on my phone in large part due to excess photos. If I did have duplicate photos on my phone, wouldn’t I see them? I am reluctant to download an app I don’t need.
    Thanks for the helpful tips as always.

    1. It would depend on how many photos you have on your phone, Janice. I have over 1,000 and have no time going through them all to hunt out the duplicates. This app did the job for me in seconds, plus it freed up a lot of space on my phone.

  4. Good for those who need help with this but I have never had duplicates on any of my iPhones in the past nor my current iPhone XsMax. Check your settings and you won’t have to worry about it duplicating.

      1. Under camera settings you will see Smart HDR and Keep Normal Photo. Make sure Keep Normal Photo is turned off.

        1. I checked, and I already have that setting turned off. Maybe the duplicates were created before I upgraded my phone from an iPhone 6 to iPhone XR? Nonetheless, for now, I’m still going to check every now and again that no more duplicated photos show up using the app.

        1. I’m not sure it will work on a laptop, Carol. I believe the app is only meant for mobile phones and tablets. However, try ‘Photosweep.’ It’s a piece of software I know I can get on my iMac. If you use ‘Windows’, I’m sure they have something similar.

  5. Hugh
    I love your discovery.
    Duplicate photos just occupy space and slow down your gadgets – you end up not knowing which is the latest. I am going to check it out today and will be back to give my verdict.
    What a helpful tip!

  6. Hi Hugh. This seems to be an awesome app to try it. For sure something I will try out, as I am positive that I will also have many duplicates on my iPhone. Thank you for sharing at B.O.S.S. Tweeted as well

  7. There’s one technological mystery solved, Hugh. (Only 8,439 left.) I find it ironic that we need to get an app to get rid of duplicate pictures to create more space. I feel like a frog that sticks out his tongue to nab unsuspecting flies when they fly by without knowing what I’m doing half the time.😎

    1. There are so many useful apps available to us now, Pete. How we coped before them, I’ve no idea. I’m happy with anything that saves me time in doing something and which also frees up space on my computer – especially when it does not cost me anything. 😀

    1. That’s fantastic to hear, Donna. And thank you for confirming the app is available on Android. I’d read that it was (and mentioned it in the post), but wasn’t able to check it out on an Android device.

  8. Seems like a useful app, Hugh! I have a premium Dropbox account and Google photos. Phone pics magically sync with those cloud accounts. I generally delete the phone images once they’ve migrated over to those. My problem is too many photos in my camera uploads that are probably duplicates or similar. Manually deleting is the only way I know…now I wonder if there is an app for cloud image duplicates! Always love your tips! Thank you.

    1. When I used this app, I was delighted that it also deleted the duplicates from my photo iCloud library, Teri. You can imagine how thrilled I was with that. I’m not sure what system you use, but another commenter mentioned ‘Photosweeper’. It’s something I know is available to me on my iMac as I have used it. It may be worth checking out as it may do the job for you. If you don’t use Apple, then I would expect ‘Windows’ to have a similar tool like Photosweeper.

  9. Many thanks for the tip, Hugh. I’d not heard of this app but have downloaded it and run a scan. I took the option of choosing which sets to delete, rather than ‘select all.’ It didn’t take long, and was very effective.

  10. Thanks for this great review. You are a brave man hitting “delete all”!! I get nervous when that kind of screen appears. I found an app – PhotoSweeper – that I downloaded to my MacBookPro last year. It worked well! It does a scan of all photos or only the folders/files you want scanned. There is an option of previewing everything since they match by whatever degree of tech detail you want. I had ended up with duplicates and then triplicates when I imported an old iPhotos library. It was ridiculous. This app was helpful and actually saves the “deleted” photos in a folder temporarily if you change your mind. Which you can then go and permanently delete right away if you want.
    (An unrelated question, but in case you know: is there a reliable place that would convert blogs/posts to a printable format? – my online research only came up with problem plagued ones). Thanks!

    1. I did check all the sets of photos before hitting delete. Fortunately, I didn’t have a lot to check, but I can imagine it taking a little longer if you have lots of duplicates. I know I’d deleted some of the duplicated photos before, yet they kept reappearing. My fingers are crossed that the duplicates I’ve deleted won’t come back after using this app. I have heard of ‘Photosweeper’ but never tried it. I’ve also used an app called ‘Duplicate Detective’ for checking for duplicated files. All very useful.

      I’m afraid I don’t know of any reliable place that converts blog post to a printable format. When I’ve copied short stories from my blog to a Word document that is the master copy for a book, my formatter has been the one who has done all the work so that the book can be published on Amazon. I did try it myself but didn’t have enough patience with it. He did the job in a few days and at a great price.

      Have you thought of asking the question on social media or on a site like Quora? I’m sure somebody will be able to give some advice.

      1. Thanks! I’ve been copying to Word and you’re right, it takes a lot of patience…and time! Social media is a good idea – however I’m not on any at this point. I really appreciate your feedback!

    1. I don’t know where all the duplicates come from, Cathy. I’ve got rid of some of them manually before, yet they keep coming back. Hopefully, the ones I’ve deleted with this app will never reappear.
      Thanks for letting us know you’re already using the app and are finding it very useful. I’m glad I found it over on Flipboard.

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