Somewhere In Time #WordlessWednesday #photography

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25 thoughts on “Somewhere In Time #WordlessWednesday #photography

    1. I thought the reflection looked like a vintage photo, Terri. To me, it looks like a photo from the 1970s (from what I remember). However, I’m not so sure the garden lights in the reflection were around back then.

  1. This is a fantastic photo. The lamp reflects the buildings so well. What a great photo. I just can’t take photos.


    I am holding a blogging party this weekend, if you want to pop over for a little bit. It is the first party i have ever held. would be lovely to have you there and share your great blogging tips as there will be a few new bloggers there – I hope. It would be good to have your expert blog post there for them.

    1. Until I started to blog, I always thought I couldn’t take good photos. Then I participated in a few blogging photography challenges and really got to enjoy taking pictures. Have a go. I bet you’ll be surprised by the results.

      Thank you for the invitation to your blogging party. I’ll definitely keep a lookout for it and come along.

        1. All looks good to me. Will you be moderating all comments before they appear? It may be a good idea to do so, as it will stop spammers and trolls leaving any comments. These parties used to attract a lot of attention, although I will be honest and say that I no longer see many of them taking place. It’s a little like the ‘Weekend Coffee Share’ posts that were once very popular. They seem to have had their time, as I never see anyone writing and publishing them anymore. Then again, maybe I’m looking in the wrong place?

        2. Yeah these blogging parties have died a death… but, can I moderate just this post. I wasnt planning to moderate . I have so many new bloggers following me who have great blogs. I thought it would be nice. Believe me this a once off I only wanted to do it on sunday, but it the superbowl on sunday..

        3. No, it’s not possible to only be able to moderate comments for just one post. It’s all or nothing. You could turn them on for a few days and then revert back to not moderating, but I’ll leave that up to you to decide.

        4. Thanks Hugh. I have moderation on for those who I haven’t approved before. So will leave at that. Then on monday I will take this post down cause I like to leave comments open for all my old post because I still get comments old posts.

          I think that is fine.

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