How To Check That Your WordPress Blog Is Mobile-Friendly

As more and more people read blog posts on their mobile phones and tablets, anyone who publishes a blog post should ensure that their blog is mobile-friendly. 

Is your WordPress blog mobile friendly?

Fortunately, most WordPress themes are mobile-friendly, but it’s worth checking if the theme you are using is mobile-compliant and displays correctly on mobile devices. Failure to do so can result in fewer visitors, likes and comments on your blog. 

The easiest way to check your blog is mobile-friendly is to look at it on a mobile phone or tablet. If it’s not mobile-friendly or not displaying correctly, there are a few options open to you. 

Let’s get started

  • In the dashboard of your blog, click on WP Admin
Click on ‘WP ADmin’
  • Click on Appearance. 
Click on “Appearance’
  • Click on Mobile
Click on ‘Mobile’

The screen that opens will show you which theme you’re currently using and whether or not the theme is mobile-friendly.

Is your WordPress blog mobile friendly?

As you can see from the above shot, the theme I use is deemed to be mobile-friendly, so I checked it out on my mobile phone and iPad. I’m pleased to say that it displays correctly.  

  • If you’re told that the theme you are using is not mobile-friendly, or it does not display correctly, click on ‘YES‘ next to Enable Mobile Theme
Is your WordPress blog mobile friendly?
  • Remember to save any changes you’ve made by clicking on the Update button.
Click the ‘Update’ button

Your blog should now be mobile-friendly. Check to see what it looks like on your mobile phone or tablet.  

If it’s still not mobile-friendly or not displaying correctly, then you will need to change the theme of your blog to one that is mobile-friendly. 

To choose a new theme, go to the dashboard of your blog and click on Design and then on Themes.

Click on ‘Design’ and ‘Themes’

With hundreds of free themes, it can be fun choosing a new one. However, don’t spend too long choosing a new theme. It can use up many hours of your time. Once you find one you like, check it’s mobile-friendly and, if it is, stick with it.  

Don’t miss out on the chance of ensuring or making your blog mobile-friendly. If it’s not, your blog could be missing out on thousands of new visitors and followers.

My thanks to Caz at Mental Health From The Other Side for asking me a question about mobile-friendly blogs, which gave me the idea for this post.

Do you have any questions about this post? Please leave them in the comments section.

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73 thoughts on “How To Check That Your WordPress Blog Is Mobile-Friendly

  1. For those, who are too lazy to open up their mobile phones and used to work with desktop/laptop/notebook and the likes, there’s one easy and quick Google way to do this: Just copy and paste your WordPress URL into this Google tool:

    And Google itself will let you know if your WP site is mobile friendly or not.

  2. Given I use the .com and not .org service (I’m at a stage in my life I’ll pay for certain services so not as to tinker myself even if I know what I’m dealing with, CMSes are one of those), I already know my new blog is mobile friendly. Still trying to find that niche thing to write about, but given I don’t plan to make money off of it (yes I paid for everything but plan to make it only a hobby, some of still do that), I can do whatever what I hope is to be a new hobby as I please to do.

    1. Absolutely. I’ve never made any money out of blogging (and have never intended to), but I enjoy blogging so much that I don’t mind paying for the business plan I have with WordPress. It gives me complete peace of mind knowing that there is somebody at WordPress at the other end of the site that will be able to help me with any problems I encounter with my blog. If you enjoy something, then I see no reason why paying something towards it is of any problem.

      1. OMG the business plan is far too much for me to afford, and other than wanting VideoPress to eventually host videos, the Personal plan, allowing me my own domain while making sure my visitors aren’t subjected to ads (I even have a widget displaying this), is enough. I could host my own blog, I’m competent enough, but I no longer wish to deal with backend issues. The “restrictions” I have with the .com on the Personal plan I’m good with. Can’t say the same for my phone’s, I need my Android for the userability. 🤓

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