Street Party #WordlessWednesday #photography

Wordless Wednesday – allow your photo(s) to tell the story.

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45 thoughts on “Street Party #WordlessWednesday #photography

  1. Love this STREET PARTY #WORDLESSWEDNESDAY #PHOTOGRAPHY! Words so unnecessary here. It says everything. Evokes memories of the expat “street parties” we had in the compound in Sultanate of Oman, a very special time. I suppose it’s not often a writer says “words unnecessary” 🙂

    1. That’s what this photo challenge is all about – pictures, no words necessary. Allow the photos to tell the story.

      Those street parties in Oman sound amazing. Shame, we don’t see street parties anymore.

  2. This old street party photo reminded me of back when it was a big deal to have a photo taken. Like I read that your grandfather was to the back and not in the photo –
    And nowadays we might take a pano – or three pics and slice them together – or get love video

    And of course it was also a different time for how we socialized – and not always better – pros and perks – of course – but not always the dreamy picture perfect social scenario when any set of people are involved – eh?

    1. Oh, I remember the days of how excited everyone got at having their photos taken. I remember too, the excitement when the developed photos were returned (usually weeks later).

      One thing that does strike me is that I never remember anyone being lonely back in the 60s and 70s. Nowadays, I see and read so much of folk who go weeks without talking or even seeing another person. I think the modern times of the internet, social media, and mobile devices, have made the problem of loneliness much worse. That’s just my thoughts, though.

      1. Well people can be lonely in crowds – and loneliness has existed since antiquity – and in my view I think introverts have more access to social connections and likeminded friends –
        I also think we blame stuff on social media that is more of a human condition –
        But one thing I do think is off with social media is the highlight reel.
        I have felt it much worse this last year where in certain circles – people are sharing their amazing travels and just almost boasting – blah….
        The hubs and I just read a Christmas letter (it came late and even tho folks don’t send them that much – not like the 90s in our circle) this lady hit the high points and thrown asked us some questions about empty nesting – she was so out of tune with where we are – but that is not the point – the point was my husband said that for some people – social media use becomes sharing their highlights —daily or weekly —as opposed to once a year in the good old holiday letter.

        1. I agree. The age of the internet means that we can now send messages instantly and not have to wait for a particular event before sending them. Likewise, there’s no need to go out and meet people to socialise anymore, because the internet provides instant access to people. At least when out and about and amongst other people, there is still a kind of human contact person to person. I can go out, sit in a crowd, and home in on lots of conversations which go on to form ideas for blog posts and some of my fiction.

        2. yes – but the kind of honing in that you do when out and about is not necessarily any better – it is just different – and it is actually passive.
          Sure – you do get to share energy fields with people and have that – but often there is more interaction with some online socilaing – or there can be.
          and maybe I missed it – but back in the day people refer to – where were folks going out to get this great socialization?
          (often cold and becoming a big social game with fronts and perosnas)
          but the contact can be often distant, cold, and is not always dreamy or connected – even if honing in attentively – even if one has a loving heart to give and receive with others.

          so re:
          “Likewise, there’s no need to go out and meet people to socialise anymore, because the internet provides instant access to people.”

          1) we don’t always have instant access with folks online – that is a huge generalization and might apply to some who check their phones and apps 1,500 times a day – but not all are that way – and not all online outlets are that way – – we have some peeps we have to wait and hear back from.
          and dialogue and conversation can take place over periods of time.
          it it not necessarily better or worse – it is different and comes with the same ol stuff that humans have to deal with….
          2) we also get to select who we connect with – and so in real world settings we are limited by geo factors – but online – I can smoothly move away from toxic (hopefully) and open more networks with those who inspire and who we want to connect with.
          instant access night not have anything to do with the matter.
          it is still interacting and it can often be connecting from the heart and mind.
          I know some folks are online for different reasons

          and with that said – thanks for your replies – and your thoughtful input because you really do bring a kind heart and wise mind to the blog world – and I have seen your name and blog for years and glad to finally get here to comment chat a bit….
          really appreciate your replies

    1. My grandfather is in the picture, but the rest of those people are neighbours, Terri. My father told me that he was sat at the opposite end of the table, so he’s not in the photo. I’m glad the family rediscovered this photo. I was going to use it in this week’s Sunday Stills, but it didn’t make the cut. Wordless Wednesday seemed like the perfect place to show it off.

        1. It is rare now, probably because of the lack of society. Even the royal wedding a few years ago attracted far fewer street parties than when the Queen had her Silver and Golden Jubilees. I remember those parties well.

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