H2O #flashfiction

“They’re just stones.”

“I know, but I’m sure one of them has moved.”

“But stones can’t move on their own. Something or someone must have moved it? The instruments onboard the ship did pick up a small tremor last night.”

Moving towards the nearest stone, Miles bent down while pointing towards the ground to the right of the first stone.

“Looks like something either pushed or pulled this stone. If the ship’s camera had been working, I’d have the proof that this stone is nearer the ship than it was yesterday. Mission-control is taking too long figuring out what’s caused the camera to fail.

Shaking her head, Hilary bent down besides Miles and examined the ground.

“It must be alive,” cautioned Miles. These marks in the ground clearly show it has moved. Yet there’s no evidence to say that someone or something has moved it. I thought you said there was no evidence of life on this planet, Hilary. Without any signs of H2O, you said nothing could survive here.”

Consisting of at least 50% of water, the human visitors had no chance when the stone struck. Not even their spacesuits helped protect them.

As the other stones slid slowly towards the bodies to feast on the liquid nectar they needed to survive, the dusty, dry planet started to become alive again.

While decomposing flesh helped plant life grow instantly, the sound of a ‘click’ from the ship’s now repaired camera sent back the first image of a beautiful, welcoming, new world.

Written in response to the #writephoto challenge hosted by Sue Vincent at Sue Vincent’s Daily Echo. Click here to participate.

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46 thoughts on “H2O #flashfiction

  1. It’s 7:30 in the morning here and this post was better than a punch of caffeine. I’m definitely awake now!
    Great ending. I can see the credits roll on suitably eerie music 🙂

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