The Power Of The Blogging And Writing Communities

The power of the blogging and writing communities is something I’ve never underestimated.

Ask for some support or help, and it’s guaranteed that the blogging and writing communities will gather together and help.

Needless to say, I’ve never been let down when I have asked for help or support on a writing or blogging matter. I’ve often been overwhelmed by the amount of help and support offered to me.

On December 9th, 2019, I launched my fifth annual Christmas charity appeal to the blogging and writing communities. I asked bloggers, authors and writers to leave me links to their blogs, blog posts, author pages and books. For every link left, I would donate £1 to Battersea Dogs and Cats Home.

I’m delighted to announce that bloggers, authors and writers helped me raise over £250.

During the last five years, bloggers, authors and writers have helped me raise over £1,250 for charity.

On behalf of Toby, Austin and myself, thank you very much for helping us raise money for charity over the last five years.

#dogs #pets #corgis #animals

Do you have any examples of the power of the blogging and writing communities? Share them with us in the comments section.

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98 thoughts on “The Power Of The Blogging And Writing Communities

  1. Hugh, what an awesome, and meaningful organization to support.
    You and your blogging friends did a wonderful job! Somewhere out there you (and your blogging friends and supporters) have saved lives, and made lives better for precious animals.

  2. I have been wanting to get into the blogging community for awhile (or just the writing community, in general). Unfortunately, I’m INCREDIBLY shy and have to force myself to engage. This post, however, is very encouraging. Thank you for the kindness.

    1. You’re welcome. I think many bloggers and writers are introverts so they can be shy in leaving the first comment. However, both the writing and blogging communities are really friendly. Not only have I made some great new friends through blogging, but I’ve been overwhelmed by the help and support both communities offer.

    1. There are lots of free blogging tips posts full of information to help new bloggers here on WordPress. You’ll find my blogging tips posts under ‘Blogging Tips’ in the menu bar of my blog. Check them out. I hope they help.

  3. This is so inspiring… I live in a part of the world where blogging is still mostly treated as a casual hobby and one of my personal missions is to get people to notice all the wonderful things one can achieve via blogging communities


  4. Fantastic, Hugh! And you are the one to be thanked, creating this amazing initiative each year. Every donation – whether by you, others, or ourselves – to animal charities makes me smile.

    The blogging and writing community has been there for me in ways of encouraging and supporting me throughout the writing process of my memoir and by leaving useful information and tips to improve my road to conclusion and publication.

    Happy 2020 to you and yours (furry and otherwise) and I hope the new year will be as pleasing, productive, and special for you as 2019 was.

    1. Well, that’s so very kind of you to say, Liesbet, but I could not have done it without the support of the blogging and writing communities. Everyone who supported me is, in my eye, a hero. Together, we’ve made the lives of some of our four-legged friends a little more comfortable.

      If 2020 is anything like 2019 was, then I won’t be complaining. Happy New Year.

  5. The blogging community is filled with special people, like yourself, Hugh! I’m so glad your charity was boosted over the holidays and my heart is filled with the knowledge that dogs are being looked after and cared for with help from generous folks! Congratulations on reaching your goals for the charity. A happy new year to you and I will see you back in the blogosphere next week!

    1. Thanks, Terri. Without all of the support of the blogging and writing communities, I’d never have reached my target. A big thank you to all of you too.

      Looking forward to your return from your blogging break. I hope you’ve had a great time while on vacation.

      Best wishes for 2020.

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