Why We Should Be Wary Of Round Objects #SundayStills

Have you ever wondered why some objects are a particular shape? For example, why is a boxing ring square-shaped? Is a clover clubbed shaped, or is a club clover-shaped? Does water have a shape?

But let’s not digress. Today, our subject for Sunday Stills is the word ‘round.’

Round‘ – I’m not talking here about circles, but objects that have a definite round shape. 

Here’s an example.

Were your eyes drawn to the round objects on the ground? What about those round objects above the ground?

Did you know that round objects have a purpose?

No? Well, let me fill you in on the details.

For centuries, some of the human race (including myself) have grown, produced, and used round objects to store particular objects and emotions.  

Here’s a list of some of the items I’ve placed in round objects. 

  • A cat flap for a submarine
  • A blowup dartboard
  • Handbrakes for a canoe
  • Waterproof teabags
  • A wooden frying pan
  • A rope-less skipping-rope
  • Peepholes found on doors made mainly from clear-glass
  • Diet water
  • A paperback book that claimed to contain the most epic ‘YouTube’ videos ever
  • A warning sign at the bottom of the battery compartment of my TV remote-control that read ‘The Batteries have Been Removed.’
  • Meatless meatballs
  • A snowball maker
  • Shoe umbrellas

You get the picture, yes?

All those objects would be useless to the majority of the human race and our planet would be more cluttered if it were not for the round objects they can be stored in.

Did you know that insects are more attracted to round-shaped flowers and plants?

But it’s not all about funny, meaningless, useless objects.

Round items have also been used to store other objects.       

Some of these objects may smell, look and taste good, but some hold secrets that, if released, can destroy the lives of those we love or those around us.

Take, for example, the flowers inside this object.

I put them in there for a good reason. Once I got them inside, I had to make sure they could never get out. That’s why the vessel that holds these flowers is round. With no edges, there is no way of them getting out or anybody getting in. 

Does size matter?

Well, it depends what object you’re thinking about, but the tiniest of round objects are used as vessels for storing thousands of forbidden, dark secrets.

Raindrops contain secrets that desperately want to be set free

If you come across tiny, round objects like the ones in the above picture, don’t be tempted to break any of them open. You may just live to regret it.

And what about one of the biggest round objects known to mankind?

I wonder if the round object in the above picture was created to keep danger from getting in? Or was it created to stop any threat from getting out?

Fancy a challenge?

How many round objects can you spot in this photo?

Go on, have a guess by leaving your answer in the comments section. The winner will receive a mention in next week’s Sunday Stills post!

Thank you to Terri Webster Schrandt for asking me to host this week’s Sunday Stills challenge. Click here to find out the themes for upcoming Sunday Stills challenges.

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47 thoughts on “Why We Should Be Wary Of Round Objects #SundayStills

    1. Wow! That’s the highest guess we’ve had, Sam. Thanks for having a go. I can’t imagine how long you must have been looking at the photo to come up with that figure. Well done.

      I’ll be over to check out your post for this week’s Sunday Stills. Thanks for participating.

    1. Thanks, Jonna. Whenever I host Sunday Stills, I always like to write a post that gets the reader thinking and maybe looking over their shoulder.

      Thanks for the guess. I’ll reveal the answer in next weeks Sunday Stills post.

  1. 43 spherically challenged items is my guess, but there could be rounds inside circles inside globes. After all you are known to be trixy Hugh. I popped from Esme’s new link share pleased to tweet. X

    1. Thanks for having a guess, Ellen. Yep, you know me. Whenever I set a challenge, there’s usually a trick in getting the right answer.

      Thanks for coming over from Esmé’s new blog link share. And thanks for the tweet.

  2. This is great, Hugh, and poses many thoughts for round objects. Your list is hilarious and reminds me of some useless objects Steve Martin mentioned in his 1979 comedy album….gasoline powered turtleneck sweater and fur sink to name a couple 😏. Thank you for hosting Sunday Stills these two weeks. I had a few moments of wifi before we head out to Nevada’s Valley of fire park this morning. Lots of round objects there!

    1. I always enjoy hosting Sunday Stills, Terri. It really gets my mind into an overactive mode that seems to produce some bizarre results. If you could see the original and final versions of this post, they are so wide apart. That’s why I like to give posts time to rest in the draft folder. Each day I come back to them, I have more ideas to add, as well as many edits to do.

      I hope you’re having a great vacation. Don’t go picking up too many round objects. The odds are that you’ll find at least one that contains something either useless or frightening.

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