Are You Making This Mistake When Leaving Your First Comment On A Blog Post?

Within the comments section of my blog posts, I’m often told that the comments are just as interesting as the blog post itself.

Given that many ideas I get for blog posts are born from the comments left on my blog and the blogs of other bloggers, I believe that to be true.

It’s why commenting is one of the key ingredients to becoming a champion blogger and having a successful blog. However, it’s not just any old comment.

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If you’re a blogger, leaving good quality comments on the blog posts of other bloggers is an excellent way to get you and your blog noticed.

However, as much as I enjoy getting comments left on my blog posts, there is one situation after a comment has been left that often has me scratching my head.

It’s not the empty comments that add no value or do not strike up a good conversation about the subject of the post, it’s a comment that could have gone on to be the catalyst of great discussion if only the person who left it had not made a run for it.

Can you spot the difference?

What am I talking about? Have a look at two images of the same comment I recently left on a blog post of another blogger. Can you spot the one difference between them?

Yes, it’s the tick in the little box in the bottom left corner of the comment on the second image. That’s the box to tick if you want to be notified of new comments via email.

Can you think of any reasons why anyone who leaves a comment would not want to be informed that their comment had been answered?

We all want a response to our comments, don’t we, so why do some readers not tick that box?

Nobody likes to be ignored, do they?

I often come across times when my response to a comment goes unanswered. In these cases, I’m talking about a response to a comment where I ask a question (or questions) to the person who left a comment, and I get no response back from them.

I’ve left responses offering free codes to download pieces of software I’ve reviewed, or a free book, yet don’t receive any response back.

These are the head-scratching moments I referred to earlier.

In my blog posts ‘Is Now The Time For WordPress To Remove The Number Of ‘Likes’ From View On All Blog Posts‘ and ‘How To Make Your Blog Post Standout From All The Other Blogs Out There‘, there were a number of my comments where I didn’t hear back from people who left comments.

Even though I’d ask them for more information or asked them a question, it all seemed to fall on deaf ears. I got no response from the people who’d left the comments.

Why would somebody not reply to a response to their comment?

There could be several reasons for this.

  • They don’t have the answer(s) to any questions(s) they’ve been asked.
  • They don’t have any further information.
  • They simply don’t want to respond.
  • They forgot/didn’t tick the ‘Notify me of new comments by email’ box so didn’t know a response had been left.

However, in my cases, it made me feel as if my response to their comment was being ignored. Interestingly, I also noticed that in most cases it was happening with certain bloggers.

Don’t make this mistake.

The mistake I am talking about in the title of this post is not ticking the box next to ‘Notify me of new comments via email.’

Without ticking that box, how would we know our comment had been responded to?

I suppose we could try and remember to keep going back to the post to check if it has been answered, but isn’t that wasting time when a more straightforward method is available?

For me, not ticking the ‘Notify me of new comments via email’ box is like opening a door, shouting a comment, and then slamming the door and making a run for it.

Image by mohamed Hassan from Pixabay

Some people may say that they don’t tick the box because, if they do, their email box will get filled up with all the responses and comments of anybody else who leaves a comment on the same post.

That’s true, but there is an easier way to stop your email box overflowing than leaving a comment, making a run for it, and having somebody think you’re being rude because you didn’t respond to their questions.

Take a look at what I have pointed out in the response I received from Renard to the comment I left on his blog post.

Yes, there is an ‘unsubscribe’ link on all comment emails which you can click at any time to stop receiving further emails.

Whenever you leave your first comment on a blog post, make sure you tick the box next to ‘Notify me of new comments by email’ so you at least have the chance to respond back to the author of the post.

Who knows, they may ask you a question or want some information from you. You may be offered a code to download a book or piece of software for free or even an opportunity to write a guest post.

You could be missing out on lots of opportunities from other bloggers for ignoring the responses to your comments.

Not responding is as bad as not responding to the comments left on your own blog posts.

Once you know the conversation between you both has finished, by all means, click the ‘unsubscribe’ link so that your email box stops receiving further notifications of comments.

However, remember what I said at the beginning of this post. Comments left on blog posts can often ignite ideas for future blog posts. They can be a fantastic source of creativity.

Do you always tick the ‘Notify me of new comments via email’ box? If not, tell us why you don’t tick it and what you do instead to ensure you see the responses to your comments.

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  1. I dont usually tick the box also like Ms. Janice because i don’t want to be flooded. But maybe that is the perks of a website that don’t have their own creating account. But still i love sharing my thoughts on what i have read on any blogs. Somehow your still right. Thanks anyway.

  2. Really fascinating Hugh.
    I NEVER tick the box. I will tell you why. I don’t want to read all the replies. I get them all when I tick the box. So far, you have 162 comments here. If I was first and ticked the box, would 162 responses have flooded my email box?
    I know you said to Unsubscribe from the comments. I thought the Unsubscribe you pointed to would unsubscribe me from your future emails which I still want to get.
    Also, and more importantly, doesn’t WordPress notify me when you reply? You reply to my comments. I read them in my WordPress notifications and I’ve never ticked the box.

    1. Hi Janice,

      Thanks so much.

      Yes, you would have received the email notifications unless you ticked the unsubscribe link. I tick the unsubscribe link often (once I know I don ‘t want to receive any further notifications). I’ve never been unsubscribed from blogs for doing so. Notifications for new posts still come through.

      You’re right that notifications also appear in the WordPress notification centre, but not all do. I’ve come across some occasions where I get an email notification but no notification in the notification centre. It mostly happens with self-hosted blogs where WordPress does not notify me that my comment has been responded to.

      Have a great week.

  3. You make many great points here, Hugh. WordPress has been making it excessively difficult for me to make any comment at all, and it’s been going on for over a month. If I seem to be absent from so many blogs these days, it’s because I now can make one comment in the same amount of time I could have visited and read three blogs… I feel guilty about that, but that’s just the way I am. 😉 Hugs on the wing.

    1. I’m sorry to hear you’re having problems leaving comments, Teagan. I haven’t heard of anyone else experiencing the same issue so it may be worth speaking to WordPress about it. Sometimes, these problems can just be related to one account rather than affect a lot of other bloggers. I’ve had one recently affecting the captions I put under images. It was only affecting me, but WordPress fixed it pretty quickly.
      Have a lovely weekend.
      Hugs to you.

  4. Excellent point, Hugh! And while I blog specifically to interact with other bloggers, I never thought about what could be gleaned for checking that box. Great topic!

  5. Hi Hugh, I found your blog because you hosted Sam’s post about almost leaving blogging, which I loved. I also love how one good connection leads to another and I look forward to poking around your blog for more. This particular post is meaningful to me and I have often wondered if some bloggers just want to make an ‘appearance’ then run for the door when it comes to commenting. I realize that not all content in engaging, and sometimes a LIKE feels like sufficient support, but, if you leave a comment of relevance, check the box! My other pet peeve is not being supported in the comments by the host when writing for their blog. That happened to me a while back and it made me feel unappreciated.

    1. Hi Suzanne, thanks so much for coming over from Sam’s blog. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Sam a couple of times at some blogging events. She’s featured on my blog a couple of times because she always leaves such interesting comments that I know will make fantastic blog posts.

      Commenting can be a funny business. They come in various forms, and I often do wonder what it is that triggers somebody to leave a comment that has me scratching my head as to why it’s been left. Those comments that add value to a post and respond to questions are, for me, what blogging is all about. For me, one of those comments is worth one hundred ‘likes.’

      I’ve hosted several guest bloggers on my blog, and I don’t get involved in the comments on their guest posts unless I have to. Of course, I’d help out if asked, but I prefer to throw the floor open for the guest blogger. As I moderate all comments before they show on posts, I’d block and delete any comments that contained bad language or that attacked the guest blogger (or another blogger) personally. It has happened to me, so it’s why I now moderate all comments before they appear.

      Thanks again for coming over and for the follow.

        1. I can understand that. I would have contacted you and asked you if you needed any help. However, whenever I email somebody regarding a guest post, I always tell them not to hesitate to contact me if they have any questions or need any help or advice once the post goes live.

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