5 Things I Discovered During My Blogging Break

Time is even more precious than I thought it was.

Photo by Andrey Grushnikov on Pexels.com

We all know how precious time is, but how often do we have to remind ourselves about it?

Time is precious. Savour every second of it.’

Marjorie Bowker

The above quote was said to me a few years ago during a phone conversation I had with an aunt of mine. She sadly passed away in October 2018, but her quote resurfaced during my blogging break. Why? Because it got me thinking about how much time I had wasted not just during the years I’ve blogged, but over much of my life.

Should wasting time be a crime?

I believe so, yes. There’s not much I can do about the time I’ve wasted in the past, but there’s plenty I can do about the time I am wasting while blogging. I now have an action plan in place and will have even more time to enjoy. Thank you for the guidance, Auntie Marjorie.

New directions will open new doors.

I’ve taken up more exercise during my blogging break. I’ve walked a lot and taken in my surroundings much more than I used to. It’s been much better than spending most of my days sat in front of a computer screen.

Life is a gift, not something we have the right to own.

Hugh W. Roberts

Although I’ve cut down on the amount of time I spend in front of a computer screen, it did not stop me from discovering something I’ve never done before. As somebody who has difficulty with reading, I took the opportunity to try binge-watching.

#bingewatching #Rodserling #Twilightzone

I’ve not watched them all yet, but what I have seen has helped kick my creative mind to go in a new direction; a direction which has opened new doors for me. If I hadn’t taken a blogging break, those doors would have remained closed.

Online security should never be taken for granted.

My online presence also benefited from my blogging break, with me giving it some of the time I freed up. I firmly believed that I was doing everything I could to protect my online presence. How wrong I was.

7 MacOS Privacy Settings You Should Enable Now

I probably would never have read the above article if I had not been on a blogging break.

Now I feel safer.

People are still stealing my work.

Image by Mustafa shehadeh from Pixabay

Thanks to a reblog from Chris (The Story Reading Ape), I discovered from a blog post, written by Kevin Morris, that my first collection of short stories, Glimpses, was being sold illegally on a website named ‘Kiss Library’. I filed a DMCA against Kiss Library to have my book removed. Within hours, it no longer appeared on the site.

I also discovered the books of many authors who visit my blog being sold illegally on the same site. Are your books being sold unlawfully on Kiss Library?

Click here to read Kevin’s post, and take action if you find your books on Kiss Library.

I can slow time down.

For me, life seems a lot more fast-paced than it did a few years ago. Although we surround ourselves with time-saving devices and software, life still seems busy as we try and pack more and more into it. How many times do we ask the question “Where did time go?”

Although I thoroughly enjoy blogging and writing, there’s other stuff I enjoy doing too. The trouble was, I thought I never had enough time to enjoy it all.

There was stuff I should have done months ago but never got around to doing. My blogging break helped me get my ‘to do’ list completed. Now it’s ready for me to add new stuff to it.

All photos – Copyright © 2019 hughsviewsandnews.com – All rights reserved.

One of the best feelings I had during my blogging break was crossing things off a list that I’d had sitting on my desk for years. That may not sound very exciting, but it had me floating on cloud nine for days.

I even earned over £500 on eBay by selling some of my unwanted items. That’s money I would not have seen had I not taken a blogging break.

I discovered that it’s possible to slow time down when you’re enjoying yourself. And when you slow it down, it seems to expand and multiply. Creating time isn’t magic, it’s something we can all do (if we put our minds to it and it’s something we want to do).

Blogging breaks not only help me take a stocktake of time, but they always help refresh my creative mind. It’s one of the reasons why I intend to take more breaks from blogging in the future.

Have you ever taken a blogging break? If not, why not? What did you discover while on your blogging break?

Copyright © 2019 hughsviewsandnews.com – All rights reserved.

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140 thoughts on “5 Things I Discovered During My Blogging Break

  1. That quote about the precious nature of time resonated with me. I was posting on a related topic about recently – my habit of ‘saving’ some books for some ‘rainy day’ in the future. It seems ridiculous because what if that rainy day never comes? I could easily go to my grave never having read the very books I most want to read. Meanwhile I will have ‘wasted’ time on second rate books….

  2. So wonderful to hear you took a blogging break, Hugh. Sounded like time well spent. Definitely good to spend less time sedentry in front of a screen and walking around in summer must have been quite pleasant for you (I hope) 🙂

    That is terrible you found your book being sold illegally. Good that you managed to stop them from doing it anymore. The internet is such big space, and a space where people can steal your work – and even claim it as their own.

    I took a blogging break earlier this year. Enjoyed it so much that when I came back to blogging, I made it a point to blog less and blog when I feel like it. Didn’t realise how much time blogging took until I went away, and the free time I had I picked up crocheting and really just had more time to myself to unwind each day.

    1. Like you, I’m also blogging less than I used to, Mabel. I now only publish one new post a week, and it may not be every week that I will publish something. I don’t want to publish anything just for the sake of publishing anything. Given the number of views and comments I have had on the blog posts I have published since coming back from my blogging break, my new plan seems to be working. You’re right in that blogging can take up a lot of our time (if we allow it to). I certainly feel more relaxed and am enjoying other stuff outside of the blogging world. I’m glad it’s all working out for you too.

  3. I’m so glad you benefited so much from your blogging break, Hugh. I find I can’t sit at long stretches on the computer, it actually makes me feel ill. There is so much more to life than sitting in front of a laptop screen. I’ve needed to take writing breaks too, my brain is constantly processing and for me, that’s an important part of writing, but I can get so burnt out. Taking time out is the best thing, I find, to boost our creativity especially with a fresh approach. Nothing like all that sea air and lots of good walks. Gorgeous pics. I look forward to hearing more about your new direction. And thanks for the heads up about security, yikes, that’s awful. So glad you were able to take care of the problem. I love the Twilight Zone, big fan. We used to watch back to back ‘re-runs’ back in the States shown at holiday times. Pre-box/binge sets lol. I actually find binge watching very theraputic. Also a great way to analyse scene writing… 🙂 So glad you’ll be taking more breaks, but you are always missed. Welcome back, Hugh! Hugs 🙂 xxx

    1. This was the most rewarding blogging break I’ve ever taken, Sherri. I’ll be sharing some of my new approaches to blogging in upcoming posts. They won’t be to everyone’s liking, but we have to do what works best for us. Finding that perfect balance can be tricky, but it’s something we should all do. And, as I found out, that balance can also shift. Be prepared for it.

      I’ve enjoyed my binge-watching and am still doing it. After watching season one of ‘The Twilight Zone’, I went on to buy a book that includes some of the scripts Rod Serling wrote. They do make fascinating reading.

      I’ll certainly be taking more breaks from blogging and hope they will be just as rewarding as the one just past.

      1. Look forward to reading about your new approaches, Hugh. Yes…the ebb and flow of blogging. So glad you’ll be enjoying more breaks, which I’m sure will be every bit as rewarding as the last one 🙂

    1. I didn’t spend anywhere near as much time in front of my desktop computer while on my blogging break. It was more about getting some fresh air and being outside a little more. In turn, it helped me sleep a lot better. It’s still working today. That extra hour’s walk I put in most days is helping me relax and sleep better too.

  4. Hi Hugh,
    I blogged on my blogging break! I had to get ahead. School is starting. My husband paid for unlimited internet for me on the cruise. It feels good being productive.

    1. Hi Janice,

      I guess we will all have different ideas for the term ‘blogging break.’ For me, a blogging break is time spent away from publishing new blog posts, although I did read and comment on a few blog posts that caught my eye while I was away.

  5. Sounds like it was productive. I should take a break, blogging and writing a novel plus reading.. it’s alot .. plus working and small kids. At the moment though i will keep going. Great you made so much on eBay. Lovely photos! Welcome back! #sensisal

  6. I’m glad you came back to the blogosphere, Hugh. What gorgeous pictures. I feel refreshed just looking at them.
    You are so right about the preciousness of time! I find myself trying to slow the progression of each week! 🙂 Hugs on the wing.

    1. Part of my blogging break was spent in Cornwall, Teagan. A lovely part of the UK, although I didn’t participate in any cream-teas that it’s well known for. I did, however, bring back plenty of Cornish fudge.
      Hugs to you.

  7. You certainly did a lot on your blogging break. I tend to now blog while having my early morning cuppa. I try not to spend the day on my lap top. During the day I go to the gym take the dogs for a walk or beach and park play. I volunteer at an Op Shop two days a week so no computers while there. My friend who shares the house with me plays darts on Wednesday and Friday nights. Im home so I might start to write a blog post then. Of course when I travel I don’t blog. No time lol. Hence why it can take me months till I have blogged about the travels. Then when I get home I just can’t get my head around writing. So it could last 6-8weeks. I think your right we do need breaks from blogging actually a few things in our life. #SeniSal

    1. I also take mini breaks from blogging during the day. Part of my new blogging plan is to only publish a new blog post once a week. That way, I know which days are going to be my busiest responding to comments etc. I’m only two weeks into my new blogging plan but, so far, it’s working to my advantage. Like you, I also never publish any new blog posts while I am travelling or on holiday. For me, getting totally away from blogging while on a blogging break works best for me.

      Thanks for visiting from #SeniSal.

  8. Thanks for sharing what you learned with us. I have only been blogging for about a year, so I have not taken any significant breaks yet. I was amazed at the amount of time required to run a successful blog. It’s much more social than I expected and I can see why you need to take a step back now and then.

    1. Indeed, Laurie. Sometimes (as our blog grows) it can become somewhat overwhelming. I’ve been blogging for five and a half years and have taken three blogging breaks during that time. The one I have just come off was not only the most extended break (six weeks) but the most rewarding. From time to time, we all need a break from certain parts of our life. I can highly recommend taking breaks from blogging.

  9. I too spend too much time at this computer. I have – literally – stacks of boks waiting to be read and the garden is high with weeds. I’m going to have a computer-free day every week. Who knows, if the world doesn’t end, it might even stretch to two.

    1. Your ‘computer free day’ sounds like a great plan, Cathy. I’m now only publishing one blog post a week. That way, I now know which days are going to be my busiest responding to comments. It has freed up a lot of time for me.

  10. Thanks so much, Hugh! My Heart Stone Chronicles was also there on that site. I did get it removed. Since then, I’ve discovered that many of our blog posts have also been pirated on strange sites. It’s truly a bad situation. ❤

    1. Sorry to hear you found your book on Kiss Library, Colleen. The thought of somebody stealing my blog posts terrifies me even more. I’ve also had a couple of WordPress bloggers steal some of my posts! The process to get them to take the posts down was very easy to follow and worked for me. I’m sure there are many other copyright infringements out there. It’s just finding them.

      1. So true. They took my book down also, Hugh. My second book, I never gave away for free and I’ve not had any problems. That tells me we should not give our books away for free. I’ll not make that mistake again. ❤️

        1. I think you’re on to something about free book loads, Colleen. I’ve never offered More Glimpses for free, and it did not show on Kiss Library. However, I offered Glimpses as a free download for five days last summer – and it appeared on Kiss Library. No more free downloads from me.

  11. Welcome back, Hugh! I think one of the best things about your blogging break is all those moments of reflection, which you managed to portray so well in this post. I agree with all your observations!

    Yes, I’ve taken one blogging break of a month about a year ago, for the first time in twelve years of blogging. I really enjoyed it, but my saved time came mostly from not interacting on other blogs. And, the main reason I took the break was because I wouldn’t have “easy and frequent” internet available to me. Since I’m heading into Canada for a while again this summer, I might have to take a break again.

    You and I blog about different things and for different reasons. One of my reasons is to keep track of (and share) my adventures and travels. Not doing that for a while, gives me the weird feeling of not having lived those weeks, just like what would happen if I’d skip a day in my diary. 🙂

    Taking a blogging break is healthy and I enjoy doing it, but that’s mostly because my time is filled with travel, hiking, and sightseeing. Not “worrying” about that weekly post and the time needed, makes life on the road easier and more enjoyable. Unfortunately, blogging breaks don’t mean more time to read, relax, or reflect. Too much other things to do, like… work on my memoir and making as well.

    1. One of the decisions I took while on my blogging break was not to create any more weekly challenges, Liesbet. For a few months before I went on my blogging break, I started a Saturday music challenge where other bloggers could share their favourite pieces of music and songs. However, I soon realised that having to write that weekly post got me into a panic when Saturday morning arrived and I had no post ready. Kudos to all those bloggers who publish weekly challenges week after week. However, I wouldn’t hesitate temporary hosting a weekly challenge for someone (like I did for Terri Webster Schrandt during two weeks in June). I’m always happy to help fellow bloggers out.

      Sorry, you didn’t get to relax as much as you’d like during your blogging break. I guess everyone treats a break differently. I did a lot of work during my blogging break, but I also found plenty of time to relax. I won’t be hesitating in taking another blogging break (probably during the Christmas holidays).

  12. Hugh, great to see you back! Blogging break success and all. You might say I’ve been on a blogging break for a long time, writing a book. It’s in the hands of my editor, and I’m looking forward to the rewrite stage. I do make comments on blogs, but no blog posts. Time is precious! We need to use it wisely. 📚🎶 Christine

    1. Like you, I did read and leave some comments on a few blog posts while I was taking my break, Christine. However, the blog posts titles had to be eyecatching for me to even consider clicking on the link and reading on. It’s something I’ve adopted after coming back to blogging.

      I’m so pleased to hear you’ve been busy writing a book. It’s good to hear you’ve been doing something very worthwhile while away. I wish you much success with the book and look forward to hearing the news of its release.

      1. Totally agree, Hugh! I screen blog posts for interest before reading. Thank you for your comment about my book. I have another in mind after final editing and publishing this one. I do think it’s worthwhile time being a writer. Happy weekend coming up! 📚🎶 Christine

  13. Welcome back, Hugh. It sounds as if you had a splendid break. Nothing beats walking for exercise and you see more of the beauty in our world. How disturbing to find your work stolen. We do everything we can to protect ourselves but a committed predator will always find a way. I’m going to share this post because it’s an important reminder to people to take the time to review their security options.

    1. It was a fantastic blogging break, Rob. I learned a lot while away and now have an action plan running so that I do not slip back into any bad blogging habits. Fingers crossed that I don’t.

      Thanks so much for reblogging this post and for also sharing it on Twitter. It’s much appreciated. I hope many people benefit from the advice I’ve included in the post.

  14. It’s lovely to see you back Hugh and to hear how beneficial your blogging break has been! Well done on the exercise program and new creative ideas 🙂 I agree with you, a break is always good for us in many ways.

  15. What fabulous accomplishments from having your break Hugh! I’ll be looking into the Mac security thing for sure and It’s crazy how you found out about the ‘naughty’ people illegally selling your book – Grrr! Awful! Look forward to hearing about your new directions of creativity 🙂 Glad you had a good break Hugh

    1. Thanks, Sam. I certainly learned a lot while on my blogging break. It’s incredible what’s out there waiting for us to discover and enjoy. Some of which has actually helped and improved my lifestyle too. I’ll certainly be taking more blogging breaks in the future.

  16. It is so incredibly lovely to see you, dear Hugh! I completely understand what you are saying about a break. I’m in awe of all the brilliant things you accomplished during your break! I was extremely upset to hear about someone illegally selling your book. Good thing you took care of it immediately.

    The exercise you are getting will no doubt be re-energizing. There is a pool in my condo building that I’ve been frequenting more often. However, yesterday after a swim I noticed that the chemicals in the pool turned my hair a delightful shade of green! After a bottle of lemon juice to the rescue, I’m not going to give up the newly acquired exercising!

    Keep up the wonderful work, dear Hugh (in whatever fashion it suits you: blogging to walking and everything in between!) Big hugs, Cher xo

    1. Thank, you, Cher. All the extra walking I have been doing during my blogging break has undoubtedly helped me sleep better. During my break (and since getting back to blogging this week) I’ve been getting the best nights sleeps ever! I’m continuing with my walking programme because it’s obviously having a significant effect on my health and wellbeing. I’ve taken an hour off the time I used to blog and now walk during that time. It’s a win/win situation.

      Sorry to hear about what the chemicals in your condo did to your hair. Maybe a swimming cap is called for? Glad to hear it hasn’t put you off from continuing to swim, though.

      Enjoy the rest of the week.

      1. Hi Hugh! That is such good news! I’m so happy that there has been a significant difference. Oh yes, is definitely is a win/win situation. Do you find that you sleep all night, Hugh? You mentioned that you are getting the best night’s sleep ever! I tend to wake up a lot during the night, leaving me very tired the next day.

        I have a swimming cap on order! LOL Thank you, Hugh! I certainly don’t know why I didn’t think of it so thank you! No, I really love swimming and I’m a bit embarrassed that I hadn’t thought of a cap. The green hair must be in style somewhere, so perhaps I was in fashion, but just not here in Chicago! LOL

        It’s so great to see you, Hugh! Thank you and the same to you, your partner, and the boys!

        Cher xo

        1. Yes, I’m sleeping right through the night, Cher. As soon my head touches the pillow, I’m in the land of nod until at least 06:30. The only time I wake is if one of the dogs distributes me when he’s dreaming or decides to howl during the night. It doesn’t happen much, but occasionally the howling gives me quite a fright.

          Do you know if anybody else’s hair suffered the same change of colour fate as yours after using the pool?

        2. Wow Hugh, I think that is brilliant! And if one of the dogs sleeps all night then you do as well! Oh yes, I can well imagine. I know sometimes the sound of a siren whizzing by the building at night startles me.

          That’s a great question, Hugh. I think I’ll start asking around about that, as I don’t want to have to resort to lemon juice on my head (*grin) each time I swim. Perhaps someone else has a tip or two to share!! Cher xo

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