Why You Should Never Look Over The Edge (For Too Long) #SundayStills

Have you ever looked over an edge and seen them? If you have, you’re lucky. Once they know you’ve seen them, they will usually never come after you again. You’ll know that you can continue to enjoy life while looking over the edge (but not for too long).

#SundayStills #Edge #photography #photo
What do you see when looking over the edge?

Many of us think of looking over the edge (or being on the edge) as a terrifying place we’d rather not find ourselves. Of course, it depends what you see when looking over the edge, but don’t forget that being on the edge can sometimes bring excitement (or give us that push we were looking for).

#SundayStills #Edge #Photography #photo
Only some of us can see what’s looking back at us from over the edge.

Who or what are ‘them’?

Some of you may be wondering what or who I was referring too when I mentioned ‘them’ in the first sentence of this post. Yes, I’ve seen them, and they have tried to capture me many times, but I’ve always managed to escape them.

They are tiny, horrible looking creatures that have lived on this planet for millions of years longer than the human race. Often invisible to the human eye, they feed on wether you think you’ve seen them, even for a split-second. Do that and it gives them the chance of pulling you over the edge.

Can you see them peering back at me in this photo?

##SundayStills #edge #photography #photo
Can or can’t see them? Either way, they’re waiting for their opportunity.

Now that I have told you about them, they’re likely to follow you everywhere you go. In the hope that you’ll remember reading about them, they may decide to pull you over the edge where you can join their world. But, remember what I said. Don’t look for too long.

#SundayStills #edge #photography #photos
She saw them, but was lucky. Will you be as lucky as her?

Warning: This is what you should avoid.

It’s not only when looking down that they see you. They see you when looking or being at the edge in the other three dimensions too. And let’s not forget about the fifth dimension. That is when they are at their deadliest.

I’m delighted to be hosting Sunday Stills again while Terri Webster Schrandt takes a break. Click here to check out the themes for June 2019.

Here’s what you need to do to join this week’s Sunday Stills challenge.

Write a brand new post and share your photos, stories, poetry, or thoughts, about being on or looking over an/the edge. What do you see when looking or being on the edge of something? Describe what’s there and tell us if it’s friendly, a foe, or if it makes you feel excited.

If you’re brave enough, tell us about the creatures I talked about in this post. Have you seen them? What did they look like to you? Were they friendly, or did they scare you?

Don’t forget to create a pingback to this post so that other participants can read your post.

Special note: Due to ongoing problems with pingbacks not all working on WordPress, I’d recommend that you also leave a link to your ‘Sunday Stills’ post in the comments section of this post.

Entries for this challenge can be posted all week (not just on a Sunday).

I look forward to looking over edge with you. Have fun!

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66 thoughts on “Why You Should Never Look Over The Edge (For Too Long) #SundayStills

  1. Fabulous interpretation Hugh. Great photos & takes me back to when I was there looking over that amazing edge of the Grand Canyon. Eek didn’t stay too long though to check out what was looking back 🥴

    1. Those creatures only need a split-second, Sam. 😀 You may not have seen them, but they probably saw you looking down at them.
      The Grand Canyon is a stunning piece of our planet. I enjoyed every moment of my time there.

  2. My fear of heights makes me queasy just looking at these photos. I love the scenery…from a distance. Could never go to the edge..:)

  3. Your lovely for hosting Terri’s show Hugh. Spectacular photos. I have many from my own visits and never tire of looking at them. ❤

    1. I was so pleased that Terri asked me back to host Sunday Stills, Debby. The Grand Canyon is such a beautiful place to visit. I would have liked to have done the helicopter tour and landed at the bottom of the canyon, but my partner was having none of it. 😀

  4. I don’t like looking over the edge, even of a five foot wall! I get dizzy. Happy Sunday Hugh. No link from me today – too busy getting caught up.

  5. I have the 100-foot rule. No closer to any edge than 100 feet. (It does become a problem in an 80 story hotel where the room is less than 100 feet from the door to the window.)

    1. Lol, yes, I guess it does, John. Looking out of a hotel window from high up brings me out in a cold sweat. I didn’t seem to have the same problem when looking over the edge of the Grand Canyon.

      1. I get the sensation that someone is pushing me from behind. I once sheck into a hotel in Atlanta and the clerk said my room was on the 70th floor. I didn’t think too much about it until I walks into the room to discover there was floor to ceiling glass. I had to crawl to the curtain pull and shut them. What a feeling.

        1. I can imagine, John. I think I’d have asked nicely for a room on the first or second floor. However, it usually depends on who is on reception when you put in your request.

  6. So happy to see our SS regulars have found you, but irritated at WordPress for not getting this stuff together for pingbacks and posts! Heading to the airport soon and will have a chance to read some, Hugh! Thanks again for hosting, and by the way…this is quite scary. Love the photos of the Grand Canyon, a place I was miles from but couldn’t get there. That edge will tempt and haunt me until I do, but after reading this I will be fully prepared. Love where your imagination takes us, even on the edge!

    1. They have indeed, Terri. Hopefully, many of them will have remembered me from when I hosted in January. I’m sure that some of them also used to participate in the weekly photo challenge I used to run.

      My mind always runs riot when I do a Sunday Stills post. It seems to bring out the dark side of my writing. I like that it does that.

      I loved the Grand Canyon. I didn’t do the helicopter tour, but walking out over that glass-bottomed walkway was terrific.

      Wishing you well for the upcoming week, Terri. Have a great journey back home.

      Take care.

    1. Sorry, your pingback did not work, Shelley. WordPress has been having problems with pingbacks working for many weeks. I thought they had sorted out the problem, but it seems to have come back this weekend.

      The Grand Canyon was a spectacular place to visit, although I did not do the helicopter tour. For some strange reason, I prefer heights when nothing is stopping me from falling over the edge. It must be the ‘superhero’ inside of me. Who knows?

      Thanks so much for leaving the link to your entry.

      1. That’s okay – I appreciated you stating in your post that there might be a problem with them. It’s so weird how they work for some, and not others. I linked to Tina’s blog and yours, and the pingback worked right away for Tina’s. So strange.
        The Grand Canyon is gorgeous – living in the US, I should really make an effort to get there some day! I’m not a huge fan of heights… Way to go being a superhero and liking them! Thanks again for the opportunity to play along with Sunday Stills!!

  7. Pingback: Kamerapromenader
  8. Argh! Thank you Hugh that’s just improved my day no end. Well I have had encountered these little devils before. They have more than once tried to pull me over the edge …they won’t get me No! What… No, no help hel………..

      1. Hello Hugh, I tricked them , I back now and I slammed the portal shut behind me! I am sure we are all safe, for now! I couldn’t risk missing the Bash could I .😃💜💜💜💜💜

  9. Thanks so much Hugh! I’m now off to bed here in Australia and will have nightmares about the creatures as well as being terrified of heights and edges!! Great post which took edges to a whole new level 🙂 I wrote my post earlier today and revisited the many edges of Iceland from our trip last year. As suggested I’ve created a pingback and the link is here: https://hughsviewsandnews.com/2019/06/02/why-you-should-never-look-over-the-edge-for-too-long-sundaystills/

    1. Hi Debbie, thanks for attaching your link. When I originally published the post, it did not go onto the WP Reader, so WordPress has advised me to republish it again. 🙄 Which I’ve just done. 🙄 Those creatures almost took me over the edge with what has happened. I’m afraid you may have to resend your comment (if it does not appear on the new post).

      And sorry about those upcoming nightmares. 😈 I get so carried away with these posts when Terri asks me to take over. 😈 Sweet dreams. 💤

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