Look Over Your Shoulder #WordlessWednesday

Wordless Wednesday – allow your photo(s) to tell the story.

#wordlesswednesday #photography

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45 thoughts on “Look Over Your Shoulder #WordlessWednesday

      1. I’m certain we have always had at least one ghost or spirit in our house and while Ari has always looked at the same places, it was a bit of a shock when my grandson was smaller and stared at the same places.

        1. I’ve heard it said that small children can also see things that we grownups don’t see. I hope that ghost or spirit is a friendly one, Kat. It would be interesting to know who it is.

        2. I’ve heard the same thing. We have never had any problems with spirits, just a presence that remains consistent over the years. The house is about 65-70 years old and we are the 2nd family to own it. That’s about all we know besides it was previously farm land. As long as we are all friendly, I’m okay with it! 🙂

      1. We went there Hugh and were going to take Ruby on the beach . It was pouring with rain and the carpark fee was £5 so we drove off to Three Cliffs by the time we arrived the sun was out and we had a great day and picnic. We never got to see Oxwich Bay . You Certainly have wonderful beeches Hugh.💜💜

        1. I think they start charging for car parking from Easter until the end of Sept. We go there occasionally because many of the other beaches ban dogs between 1st May and end of Sept. We’re blessed with so many beautiful beaches, but they can get rather busy especially when the schools are out. During the summer, we take the dogs to a nearby local park because it’s very quiet as everyone else is on the beach. We’re rather spoilt for choice, Willow, but that’s one of the reasons why we love living here.

        2. We found a beautiful park called Parc le Breos. There is a Neolithic burial chamber there . It was so peaceful there and we walked for over two hours and we didn’t see many people at all. You are lucky Hugh you have beaches, woodland walks, and glorious parks and history 😁. We visited Rhossilli, Arthur’s Stone, The Mumbles, lots of woods and the parc le Brecos . We stayed on a working farm they rent out cottages so it was very relaxing 💜

  1. A lovely thought. It is always good to look over your shoulder, metaphorically or in reality or both. And, I do agree, doggies do see things we don’t see, they are almost always aware of things we haven’t begun to think of. They are incredible sentient beings and love without reward. They understand human ineptitude and unstable emotions without judgement, they are mature in ways we are not.

    1. Yes, I do agree with you that dogs see stuff that we humans do not understand. My two dogs often bark at something that all I see is an empty space. They are loyal and give so much love. I would not be without them.

      1. Hugh, thank you and I have always had doggies, little ones. When my last little darling died (she always called me mommy – she could talk and she died at 12 years old from cancer) and her last word to me was mommy and she looked at me with such sad eyes and she was scared. It nearly killed me, and I can never have another doggy. Katie Bell was like a child to us. As you can tell…I still grieve about her, and she died 9 years ago, March 5, 2010, at 3:30 PM.

        1. Yes, Hugh…please do enjoy every moment, because they are like children and often they have a greater insight to human behavior than do humans and they always love you, feel compassion, joy, and loneliness too, I am quite sure you know all of that. Karen 🙂

    1. Yes, we get a lot, Jacquie. Plus, we get lots of bits of really old pottery washed up too. There used to be a pottery factory back in the 18th/19th century, and a lot of the pottery that got smashed or broken was tossed into the sea. I have a few bits in my coat pocket.

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