How To Add A Slideshow To Your WordPress Blog Post Using Gutenberg

While I’m still experimenting using the new Gutenberg editor on WordPress, I’ve come across the ‘slideshow’ block which many people asked me about in one of my previous posts.

Today, I’m giving it a go and wanted to share with you how to create a slideshow on a blog post. Please note that this is for WordPress.Com users. It may be different for self-hosted bloggers.

  • On the ‘draft post’ screen, click on the ‘add block’ symbol in the top left of your screen.
Click the ‘+’ symbol
  • A new menu will open.
  • Look for the ‘Jetpack’ box and click in it to open it.
  • When the box opens, look for the ‘slideshow’ block.
  • Click on the ‘slideshow’ block.
  • A new block will open.
  • Either drag and drop the photos and images you want to add to your slideshow to the block, upload new ones, or select them from your WordPress media library.

For the purpose of this post, I’m dragging and dropping the photos I want to add to the slideshow from my own photo library.

Click on the side arrows to view the photos in the slideshow.

  • If you want to add captions, add the photos to your WordPress media library, click the edit button, and in the caption area of each photo add your caption.
  • You can also change the size of each photo by clicking the edit button just under the photo.

As you will see, my photos now all have a caption.

If you watermark your photos and images for copyright purposes, like I do, ensure your captions do not overlap the watermark on any images and photos that are in portrait mode. You may have to place your watermark elsewhere on your photos and images. The watermarks I use are small, so they don’t interfere with my short captions.

Any questions?

Leave them in the comments section and I will get back to you.


Check out another tutorial from Nancy Ducey on adding a slideshow to your blog post using Gutenberg. It covers a few more things I’ve not mentioned in my post. Click here for full details.

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103 thoughts on “How To Add A Slideshow To Your WordPress Blog Post Using Gutenberg

  1. Thanks for putting my linky party in your sidebar. I’m looking for how to add a colored block in Gutenberg. I can’t remember. Can you send me the link and I’ll bookmark it?

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