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    1. I’ve never heard that song before, Molly, so thanks for introducing it. Did you buy the record when it came out? Sometimes, ‘nonsense’ lyrics make a tune even better.

      No one’s ever late to the party here, Molly. You’re welcome to join in at any time.

  1. Oh this brings back memories! Loved this and totally remembered all the words, amazing really considering I haven’t heard in so many years. Not seen the cartoon before – so funny!

    1. I don’t think the cartoon show The Archies appeared in was ever screened in the UK, Sam. I certainly don’t remember seeing it on TV. Then again, I may have been watching one of the only other two TV channels we had at the time.

  2. Oh, I may know all the words to this one, Hugh! I loved this song as a pre-teen and voraciously read Archies comic books, too. I used to try to figure out which singer was Betty or Veronica when the short “girl” parts came up. Also, I knew something must have happened to your post when I got three email notifications.

    1. I don’t think the show that The Archies appeared in ever came to the UK, Terri. I don’t remember it anyway. Somebody else mentioned that it was created by the same studio that produced the Scooby-doo cartoons. That’s one I do remember.

      I had problems with publishing this post on Saturday. It didn’t show up on the WP Reader, so I had to republish it and delete the original post. Unfortunately, WP doesn’t know why the first one didn’t show up on the reader, or why two emails were sent out when I first published the post. It’s a mystery.

      1. I’ve had a glitch or two with Gutenberg changing the time on me even after I saved it for publishing, but that was early on.

        The Archies was a cartoon (of course), but I was more familiar with the comic books, Hugh. Netflix has a show called Riverdale which is a very dark version of The Archies. I’ve been watching it. Actor Luke Perry, who just passed away from a stroke, played Archie’s dad, so they will need to reconcile that in this series. You would enjoy it. Thanks for the sweet walk down memory lane 🙂

        1. Happened to me again on a post I published on another blog I contribute to, Terri. This time, however, when the scheduled publishing time came, the post did not publish until precisely an hour later. However, at least it showed up on the WP reader.

          I only knew The Archies was an animated TV show because of another comment from somebody who watched the show. I don’t think it was ever aired in the UK. Thanks for the recommendation for Riverdale. I’ll add it to my list. On Netflix, I’m currently watching ‘The Mist’. I’ve also added ‘Black Summer’ to watch.

    1. I had terrible problems with publishing this post on Saturday, Debby. Without going into the boring details, it took me several attempts to get it published correctly. Thanks for telling me about the sharing buttons. I had to contact WordPress about them. It seems I didn’t click the ‘update’ button when I republished the post, but they are back now.😀

    1. Oh wow! That’s you and Linda who have said the same thing about ‘Sugar, Sugar’ being your first record, Donna. What great memories for you both. I’m glad my choice of song bought back happy memories.

    1. I remember buying my 7inch singles at Woolworths. They were 49pence back then. The only thing I didn’t understand about their record selling policy is that they only sold singles that were in the Top 40. Therefore, Woolworths could not help those artists with a new release or who failed to make the top 40, Linda.

      1. It was like that here as well Hugh. WKNR (“Keener 13”), the local radio station listened to by all teens/young adults, published a weekly flyer that was free and in a tray next to the singles, so you knew what the top 40 hits were, so you would not expect to see anything else at this corner of the store. Also coming out of my small allowance was buying those yellow plastic record inserts to spin the 45s on your turntable. Songs like “Sugar Sugar” were called “bubblegum music” here in the States and they still use that term today.

        1. Another reader used the term ‘bubblegum music’. It’s not a term I’ve heard before, Linda. Then again, my knowledge about music isn’t particularly very good these days (says he who used to be a DJ back in the 1990s). 😀

        2. It’s a popular term for that type of music listened to by “teenyboppers” maybe another term not used in the UK, even with you being a DJ back in the day.

      1. We do have satellite radio stations on our DirectTV and I do sometimes listen to their 60’s station. There isn’t a good public oldies radio station around where I live though.

        1. It seems to be happening everywhere. With so much choice, TV and radio stations have to battle for their audiences. The days of watching live TV have indeed almost disappeared now that everything is on demand.

  3. The Archies were seen as a cartoon on American TV. It was a show developed from the comic book. Not sure the real group doing the music ever achieved any notoriety. Thanks, Hugh.

    1. I found this video of the group singing the song, although it’s not very clear, John.

      I don’t know why, but the animated group remind me very much of Scooby-doo and his gang.

      They only had one other top 10 hit in the U.S.A. A song that went by the name of ‘Jingle Jingle’. That song reached number one in Canada.

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