Haunted House – #WordlessWednesday

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52 thoughts on “Haunted House – #WordlessWednesday

      1. I was thinking the old metal two swings and a see-saw people used to put in their backyards 🙂

        An abandoned playground? Your next short story? 🙂

        1. I know the ones. Maybe this house and garden used to have one? Who knows?

          As for the abandoned playground, it’s rumoured that some local residents have seen and heard the ghosts of children playing on some of the equipment during the night. It’s not a place I want to frequent, but I may venture forth one night.

    1. Well, that’s what Wordless Wednesday is supposed to be all about, Liesebt. Allowing an image or photo (not words) to tell the story. I love reading all the comments in these posts as they tell so many different stories.

  1. You couldn’t drag me in there LOL. BTW, loved the book and reviewed on Amazon Uk and .com. Will have it up on my Sunday book review in a few weeks. ❤

    1. Thank you so much for the brilliant review you have written for More Glimpses, Debby. I’m so pleased you enjoyed the book. Are you sure you’re not only saying your favourite story from the book was ‘The Jump’ because of the guest post Jane Collins wrote for your blog? I know her post was rather strange, but I’m sure she likes you, lol.

      As for the haunted house, it may the one Jane owns in the UK. Who knows?

      1. Lol exactly! That’s why I won’t go near that house! And you never disappoint Hugh. You happened to pick the perfect story to showcase on my blog. 🙂 I was delighted to write the review and point out some of my favorites. I’m glad I got the reviews up on the Amazons and Goodreads and in a few weeks I’ll post it on my Sunday review to give you new eyes again. ❤ xx

        1. That’s so very kind, thank you, Debby. Tomorrow I’ll be unleashing another character from More Glimpses on an unsuspecting blog. That’ll be it then, until May. We can all rest in the knowledge that nothing from the book will be coming to get any of us. 😀

        2. Lol, you’re so funny. But that is comforting! I look forward to finding the ‘unsuspecting’ blog, lol. 🙂 xx

        1. I hope it comes to the UK, Debbie. As of yet, there is no news on whether any UK TV or streaming stations are going to pick it up. I may have to revert to YouTube if that is the case.

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