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  1. This is a catchy song, Hugh! I was 4 when it debuted and I’m sure my mom didn’t listen to this genre of music. I love the female drummer—a’la Karen Carpenter. Speaking of amazing drummers, I recently watched a 2017 Def Leppard concert on TV. I loved this band back in the early 80s and probably would have left my then husband for Joe Elliott, LOL! I’m sure you know the whole story of drummer Rick Allen’s car accident which left him with one arm. He still successfully plays to this day. The band members all look good as they approach age 60. They’ve stood the test of time. Here is “Photograph” I never knew I would love photography

    1. I admire Rick Allen and his determination to carry on doing what he loves doing despite the awful accident he was involved in, Terri. Like you, I’m always amazed at how some pop stars from the ’60s, ’70s and ’80s still look, especially given that rock and roll were always linked to drugs and too much alcohol back then. When Rick Astley brought on his ’50’ album to celebrate his 50th birthday a few years ago, I was gobsmacked by how he still had his ‘boyish’ looks from the ’80s.

      Thanks for sharing the track. One that indeed tells us about your love of photography.

  2. Hello Hugh, I came over from Norah’s blog to visit you. I remember loving the song the first time I heard it. I had the same surprise you did when I saw the group had a female drummer. Back then it was more a shock than a surprise! I was full of admiration with a slight overtone of disapproval inherited from the older women around me, at the daring of her to enter a male dominated domain. I was 13 and just about to throw myself into the whole world of teenage angst and women’s lib 🙂 Nice to meet you Hugh, Pauline

    1. Hi Pauline, thank you so much for coming over from Norah’s blog.

      I must admit that when I first saw the video, I was shocked to see a female drummer, but only because the video and song were from 1964. I can’t imagine what Honey (the drummer) must have gone through back then with comments from people saying how wrong it was that she was a drummer in a male-dominated band. But, good for her. I’ve also read that many saw it as a bit of a gimmick. However, the band were successful with their music, so well done to all of them for producing something a lot of people enjoyed.

    1. I know, Marje. She’s certainly a great talking subject. Given the time when she was a drummer, in The Honeycombs, I’m not the least bit surprised.

      Thanks so much for reblogging and sharing the post.

    1. I know, Rob. I was so surprised to see a pop group from the 1960s have a female drummer. The group were quite successful, but I wonder what people at the time thought about her playing the drums?

      1. 1964 saw the release of Bewitched, an American sitcom based on the premise if an all powerful woman who gives it all up to please her man. The humor of bewitched was in Samantha’s failure to control the behavior of everyone else in her family who correctly saw Darwood as an insecure pain. Honey Lantree broke new ground. My guess is she was seen as either odd or avant garde.

        1. I remember watching ‘Bewitched’, a show I liked very much, Rob. You’re spot on with how people would have judged Honey Lantree. Thank goodness there was no such thing as social media back then.

        2. I shudder to think of what might never have happened had we had something like twitter in the 1960’s. Twitter provides an almost perfect illusion of ‘activism’ – I also loved bewitched. I was a child when the show was released. I didn’t realize how weird the premise of ‘Bewitched’ was until my teens when I became part of the effeminist movement.

  3. I always wanted to play drums, only got the triangle when the instuments came out in infants and juniors. I can’t remember ever seeing a lady drummer. Good for her, I wonder how her career progressed?

    1. I only got the xylophone at school. I tried learning to play the recorder, but could only manage the opening line of ‘Three Blind Mice’.

      When The Honeycombs split in 1967, Honey Lantree disappeared from the music scene to raise a family, but in later life returned to playing live with a reincarnated version of the group from the 80s onwards. She passed away last year at the age of 75.

  4. I remember that song, particularly the lead guitar sound that was so unique. One song that surprised me was “While My Guitar Gently Weeps.” I assumed the solo was played by George Harrison, but learned later it was Eric Clapton. Apparently George thought he would ruin the song if he did it himself, but I think he was more than up to the task.

  5. I was surprised back in the day by Honey Langtree as well. I was only two years older than she and definitely had a crush. There is something intriguing about a female drummer.

    1. No, I’m guessing that colour was added to the first one, Robbie. I recently watched some footage from the ‘First World War’ where colour had been added. It really bought the video alive.

  6. Hi Hugh. Thanks for energizing my morning with a great song. (The coffee wasn’t quite doing the trick. …Or maybe it’s just the knowledge that I intend to spend the rest of the day bending and stretching and otherwise torturing myself to paint these walls!)
    Hugs on the wing.

  7. Pingback: willowdot21
    1. I agree. Her name is Honey Lantree. When the Honeycombs split in 1967, she disappeared from the music scene to raise a family, but in later life returned to playing live with a reincarnated version of the group from the 80s onwards. She passed away in 2018 at the age of 75.

    1. Yes, you’re right, Willow. I was surprised to see the drummer was a woman, especially given that I don’t recall seeing many female drummers. Given it was 1964, I think it also makes it more surprising. What a pleasant surprise I got when I watched the video.

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