How To Add A Sub-Category To Your WordPress Blog Post

Thank you to Carol Taylor, who blogs at ‘Retired? No One Told Me!’, for asking me a question about blogging after reading my recent blog post ‘Do You Have A Question About Blogging…’

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Here’s Carol question in full.

I went back to Carol to confirm that what she was referring to was a sub-category being added to a category. It was!

First of all, let me start by saying that it’s essential to ensure that all blog posts are categorised. Why? Because it’s a way of helping visitors to your blog find the information they’re looking for.

Here’s an example. I’ve just read a blog post you published about your Grandmother’s recipe for the world’s best chocolate chip cookies. I want to find out if you’ve published any other recipes, and search for a recipe category. Unfortunately, you don’t have one, or you don’t categorise any of your posts (so they all fall under ‘uncategorised’).

I could search for the information (if you have a search bar on your blog), but I want to check out all your recipe posts, not just one. The only option is to now scroll through all your posts looking for recipes that may interest me. The clock is ticking, and I’ve got lots more to do…

Adding a category to your post is simple to do. In the settings menu of your blog post, you’ll find the place where you can add categories. If you already have categories, you’ll see them there. The following screenshot is taken from my blog.

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For Carol’s question, we are going to add a new sub-category for my new book, ‘More Glimpses’, to the category ‘Glimpses’, which I already have as a category.

The first thing we need to do is create ‘More Glimpses’ as a category. To do this, we need to click on the ‘Add New Category’ link.

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Next, add ‘More Glimpses’ in the ‘New Category Name‘ box.

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Just under the ‘Add New Category‘ box, you will see a ‘Parent Category‘ box. This is where we can turn the new category, we’ve just created, into a sub-category.

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Click on the little arrows in the right-hand side of the “Parent Category‘ box to display a list of all your categories.

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Select the category ‘Glimpses’ and click on it.

‘Glimpses’ now appears in the ‘Parent Category‘ box.

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Next, click on the ‘Add New Category‘ button.

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‘More Glimpses’ now appears as a sub-category under the category ‘Glimpses’.

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Why are sub-categories important?

Let’s say you’re a travel blogger and are visiting the countries in the UK – England, Scotland, Northern-Ireland, and Wales. You could have ‘UK’ as your main category, and England, Scotland, Northern-Ireland, and Wales as sub-categories.

I want to thank Carol for asking her question and hope that my answer has helped her.

Blogger and writer Carol Taylor

Connect with Carol.






Carol’ s early attempts at writing have been published in two separate anthologies. Her new cookbook will be out quite soon.

As her direction in blogging has changed, and now includes healthy eating and waste, she wanted to share the following post which she feel reflects her more at this time.

Healthy Eating …Waste not! Want Not!

Do you use categories and sub-categories on your blog? If you have any further questions about categories or sub-categories, leave them in the comments section.

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86 thoughts on “How To Add A Sub-Category To Your WordPress Blog Post

  1. First of all, Hugh, thanks for sending me this post. Secondly, I love how big your screen shots are. These are much easier to read than when I have taken screen shots. Beautiful. What I wanted to do was to paste a link to the category on my page about photo challenges – For example, if I could put a link to my Sunday Stills category, someone would #1 know that I participate in Sunday Stills, and #2 could check out my entries. I know you can add a link to a category as a menu item. I did that in WP Admin yesterday, but I don’t want a bunch of sub menu items on my menu bar. Does that make sense? I definitely will link to this article on my category post!!! Thanks again, Hugh.

    1. Yes, it makes sense, Marsha. You can add items to the menubar of your blog and not have any sub-menus under then. I have items on my menubar that have no sub-menus.

      The block editor allows you to increase the size of images, but you need to ensure that you reduce the resolution so that the image has less pixels per inch before adding them to a post. Otherwise, they can take too long to load on a page (many readers don’t have patients to wait for downloads) and also take up too much storage space for any blogger who reblogs the post (so it may put them off from reblogging a post).

      1. Yes, I reduce all my pictures before I post them. The problem is that I want several category inks on one page under the heading “Challenges I Like” or something like that. Cee Neuner and Carol from California (forgot her name) and I are doing a zoom call on Friday if you want to join us. Then I will write a post using all of our information probably on Monday.

        1. I’ve just found out that you’re still able to reduce the sizes of photos and images in the new navigation centre. And it’s a lot sleeker than how it was done on the outgoing navigation dashboard.
          What time is your call on Friday? I think I’m about 8 hours ahead of you guys, so I may have settled in for the night by the time you have your call.

        2. We will already have opened our first bottle of wine of the evening by then, so I will take a bow out, Marsha. Thanks for the invite, though. I’ll look forward to reading your post.

        3. First bottle!!! I’m snockered after two glasses! By three I’m giddy and that lasts a few minutes, then I’m not able to hold my eyelids open. Very boring drinker after the first glass, really!

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