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  1. Sorry to read this was so low on the US charts, Hugh, such a cool song! The stuff that passes for music they play on the radio these days that reaches #1 is staggering! Like you I rarely listen to radio, preferring to stick with Spotify and curated playlists!

    1. I sometimes think it’s all about ‘who you know’ rather than ‘who you don’t’ when it comes to whether music is played a lot on the radio to promote it, Terri. I guess that money is also involved. It’s strange how what is popular in one country, is not as popular in another. Sometimes there’s is a huge divide.

  2. Great song, Hugh. I must admit I’m a bit out of touch with recent music. This one’s got quite a catchy tune and interesting piano work.

    1. I’m a bit out of touch with modern music, too, Norah. I only knew of this song because it gets played on my favourite radio station. I’m glad they played it because they usually play music from the 1960s to the end of the 1990s.
      I love the piano in it. I only wish I could play the piano like that.

      1. I’d love to play the piano too. Do you play at all, Hugh? I tried to learn on a little keyboard once, but wasn’t particularly good and gave it away to focus on other things.

        1. The only thing I can play on the piano is ‘Chopsticks’, Norah. I can’t seem to get my fingers to coordinate at the same time. I was never any good at learning to play a musical instrument. The only one I seemed to excel at was the xylophone. 😀

    1. Glad you enjoyed it, Debbie. I love listening to the songs and pieces of music others share in this feature too. It’s even resulted in me downloading some new albums. Join in when you can, there’s no pressure too.😀

  3. Very rare that a modern song makes me sit up and take notice but this certainly did! Good tune, meaningful lyrics and what a marvellous voice she has!

  4. Jess Glynn has a very powerful voice! I had not heard her before. I’m glad you said there was a harpsichord playing as I would have missed it focusing completely on her. The duet with violin, guitar and piano that Brian Dean Powers shared was also beautiful. It made me think about how much I love the violin. I’m going to try to share a link to Joshua Bell playing Mozart’s Laudate Dominum. It is gorgeous and comes from an album he did called ‘voice of the violin.’

    1. Thanks for sharing that lovely piece of music with us, Molly. Such a relaxing tune to listen to, especially on a Sunday morning.

      I agree with you about the song choice that Brian shared. Both pieces of such beautiful music and song.

  5. The violin is probably the closest instrument to the human voice. It can add so much warmth to a song, as in this duet from Dear Evan Hansen. It’s a boy/girl duet in the musical, but here it is reimagined.

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