48 thoughts on “Weekend Music Share – Lady Lynda – The Beach Boys

  1. Great song, Hugh! It takes me back. Mine? The one that makes pull over to the side of the road if it comes on the radio so I don’t crash the car? Shout by the Isley Brothers.

    1. Your version is not one I’ve heard before, Linda. I can see why it would have been played a lot on the jukebox, though.
      Lady Lynda by The Beach Boys is not a very well known song. For some reason, the band decided not to release it as a single in many countries.
      Thanks for sharing your song choice with us.

      1. That’s odd – it was a nice song. A lot of people did not like the Conway Twitty song due to its connotation, but all people named “Linda” got a kick out of it while it was popular.

  2. One song that never fails to please me is Nowhere Man by the Beatles. I think it was a perfect song for the Top 40 era, timed at 2:44. It’s fairly simple, with great three-part harmony and a killer solo by George on a Fender Strat.

  3. GreAt choice Hugh the Beach Boys were just amazing. Many memories of young children and early marriage…and dreams of long golden beaches!
    One of my all time favourites… Dandy Highway Man by Adam and the Ants off of the Album Prince Charming 1981 ..just loved it for the sake of it.

    1. I remember your song choice very well, Willow. I always wondered if he hurt himself jumping out of that tree because it looked so high up. A fun video, but weren’t all their music videos great fun?

      1. Clicked before I’d finger as I was saying, three children hubby working away most of the time dancing round the room with them, one in my arms. Pure fantasy , my eldest used to call our middle lad Dunehead for some reason and he always sang ‘prince Dunehead’ happy days ..maybe not but we had our moments 🌹🌹

  4. Wow, Hugh, I thought I knew every Beach Boys song, being a Cali girl from day 1! Lady Lynda is awesome! My favorite BB song has to be Sail On Sailor, their take on the blues! Gives me goosebumps!

    1. And you’ve introduced a Beach Boys song I’d never heard before, Terri. I can see why it gives you goosebumps when you listen to it. The band certainly has a great range of songs.
      Thanks for sharing this one.

  5. Oh, wow, such a classic that takes me back to days of lightheartedness. 1979 was the year when the family moved to Liechtenstein. Gosh, so long ago. What a song can do… Let me also thank you for the mention in those song posts 😊

      1. I don’t take it for granted and appreciate it very much. Thank you! And I am happy I could inspire you in order that we are gifted with such great pieces of music. Have a lovely rest of your Sunday and a great Monday!

  6. I love that song and the Beach Boys – definitely my era! I hope Bach received a credit as co-writer for the introduction, too! Not just my top ten but in my all time top three is this one. It reminds me of an exciting but complicated time in my life. https://youtu.be/LHuyQZfqIL0

      1. It reminds me of great days in childhood, singing to mirror with a hairbrush as a mic… And I just love the soothing nature of the melodies… 😊

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