View From The Past #WordlessWednesday

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34 thoughts on “View From The Past #WordlessWednesday

  1. What a great photo to find Hugh! I can’t believe how serious they used to be for photos compared to these days 🙂 . Says she with the ‘Debbie Smile’ reputation.

  2. That’s a very interesting question. Photos are a great source of history and history is sometimes holds a lens to the future. Great photo! I winder what they were thinking, what they were doing right before and after this photo was taken.

  3. I love history Hugh. Such a great photo and to know this is your grandmother at 21? Wonderful, just wonderful and what a beautiful young woman she was. What comes to my mind? Who was that lady behind her? What was she thinking? Saying to her friend? What were they going to do after this photo was taken? What was the paper on her lap? Just a lovely photo Hugh

    1. We think it was taken on her 21st birthday, Sam. Back then, 21 was a big birthday and the point at which you became an adult. We’ve no idea who the lady is behind her other than it was maybe a friend. They may have been treated to afternoon tea somewhere, but no big party on the scale they are sometimes held today. The item on her lap could well be a napkin rather than a newspaper or a book.

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